Gulab Jamun by Jyoti Singh

Mouthwatering Monday – Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun by Jyoti Singh
Gulab Jamun

Sweets are my weakness and Gulab Jamun has always been my strongest weakness. Now I have noticed that my youngest, Renne, is also fond of Gulab Jamun. Mind you, he don’t like any other sweets, but when it comes to Gulab Jamun, he don’t know when to stop. 🙂

Here is the easiest ever recipe for making Gulab Jamun. Quick and easy, just the way I want.

Ingredients for Gulab Jamun –

Ingredients for Syrup –

  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1.5 Cup Water
  • ½ tbsp crushed Cardamon seeds


Method for Syrup

  • Boil sugar and Cardamon mix with water on medium heat for 15-17 minutes.
  • Check for one thread consistency.
  • Remove from heat and cool for a bit.

Method for Gulab Jamun

  • Mix all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • Add Ghee and 1 tbsp of Yogurt, and mix well.
  • Keep on adding Yogurt till you make a nice dough.
  • Dough would be a little sticky, but it should not be dry. Add more yogurt if dry.
  • Grease your palms with some ghee or oil, and made small balls of dough.
  • Heat oil in a deep fry pan on medium heat.
  • Fry Gulab Jamun balls on medium heat, till they turn golden evenly.
  • Soak them in Sugar syrup for atleast 2 hours before Serving.
  • You can use Pistachios or almonds for garnishing.

Gulab Jamun can be served hot or cold, as you prefer. They taste delicious always, and with this easy to make, hassle free recipe, you can make them just any-day that your kids demand. 😎


P.S. My cooking is experimental. You will find many similar and different recipes, but the idea is to explore your food and do experiments with it. Enjoy Cooking Experiments and Experiences 🙂

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