Chakra Meditation


We are fooled by the term Yoga(Yog). We do Surya Namaskar and say we have done Yoga. We will do kapaalbhati, Praanayam, a few OMs and we will start preaching ourselves as Yoga Guru.There is nothing wrong in doing all these, but to term them as Yog is like ignoring the big picture. Pardon me for using the term Yog and not Yoga, I just prefer it as this is more apt to its hindi nomenclature, like it is Lord Raam and not Lord Rama. I don’t want to pronounce it Yo-Ga. It is Yog.

Yog in simple plain hindi means – To Add, To Sum,To Join.

It is the Yog of us with our spiritual being. Joining of body with mind and soul.

Yoga, however is the most popularized version of physical exercises which are teachings of Yog, to make your body apt for meditation. Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind; and only a healthy mind can have a healthy soul. This is the basis of Yog. We use Pranaayam, and other type of Yogic exercises to make our body fit. Meditation is used to make our mind distraction free and focused, so we can receive the knowledge of beyond. When this is reached, Yog helps us to reach our highest spiritual self. To be one with The One. This joining of trinity. Mind + Body +Soul.

There are so many ways to practice Yog in your life, like Hath Yog,Raaj Yog, Tantra, Mantra, Gyan, Karm. One of them is Kundalini Yog, which involves almost everything from breathing exercises to mantras, to meditation. Kundalini enlightenment works by awakening our Chakras.

I felt fascinated with Chakra Meditation and Kundalini Yog, as somehow, this is the most scientific and processed form of a ritualistic meditation. It’s not just about making your mind blank, it is about enriching your mind/soul. It works on body, mind and soul simultaneously.


There are 7 Chakras, 6 in our body and 7th on our outer body, just crowning us on top.

Muladhar – Base chakra, or Root Chakra is at the end of our spine. Its representing color is Red and Mantra is Lam. In senses it represents smell. It’s element is Earth. How apt is that when we say – come back to earth, put your foot down, to touch your roots; what we actually means is to be stable and secure, to become grounded; and all these take us to our root which is earth, our Muladhar, our base. This is the Chakra of stability, of the first step. We start from earth. This is our base. 

Svadhishthana – This Chakra represents reproductive organs, and our emotions. Water is its element. Water which also represents emotions, feelings, and reproduction. Have you noticed how much watery terms when it comes to our reproductive organs, like flow, blockage, pipes, swimmers, etc… In senses it represents taste. It’s color is orange and Mantra is Vam. Water over Earth.

Manipura – It is the fire element, and quite suitably denotes our digestive system. This fire is used to digest our food, to burn it. Fire over water. Yellow is its color and Ram is its mantra. Sense is sight. It governs fear, power, and anxiety etc. Butterflies in stomach, feeling sick in stomach… we say all these things when we are anxious or scared.

Anahata – It is the Heart Chakra. It governs circulation, love, compassion, and well-being. All matters related to heart. Its color is green, and mantra is Yam. Sense is touch. Has anyone touched your heart? Its element is Air. Air over Fire. It is the most powerful chakra for emphats.  Person with strong and awakened Heart chakra is full with love and compassion. It is one of the strong point in being an empath.

Vishuddha – This is throat chakra. Visuddha meaning pure. This chakra govern communication and expression. Its element is Ether. Ether is what this universe is made of. Our sound can not travel without this medium ether. Sound which is a part of communication, ruled by throat chakra. Its color is blue, mantra is Ham, and sense is hearing.


These were 5 chakras with elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. 5 elements. Our body is made of these 5 elements, 5 matters. These are those 5 matters. Now, what resides over matter.


Mind over matter.

Ajna – Aagyaa, or gyan chakra. This is our 6th Chakra. Our mind. Mind over all the matter. It is above all the physical elements. Our mind can go beyond this Ether filled universe. Its color is violet, or indigo. Its mantra is OM. It is also called as third eye chakra. It govern intuition. Clarity. Knowledge. Our consciousness. The sixth sense. This is our 6th Chakra giving us 6th sense. This is our inner voice. Its sense is insight.

Sahasrara – thousand petals chakra, also known as Crown chakra is at the crown of our head. It is not inside our body but rather just on the top, where our aura is. This is the final destination of Kundalini shakti, where she unites with her Shiva. Shining like millions of sun put together. The perfect union of Shiva-Shakti. Perfect Yog. This is the place of pure bliss. Enlightenment. Samaadhi. This is where our higher spiritual self resides. To reach there is attainment of Moksha. To attain pure knowledge. To know all. To be all. To be The One. Where there is no difference in body, mind and soul. It’s just a single point. Nothing matters. You are one. Shiva is one with her Shakti. Yog.

This is Yog for me.

Chakra Balancing by Michael Hadfield

Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

 We spent so much money and time in medicines and all alternative healing methods that sometimes we forget to treat the basic underlying problem. What we are really doing is actually just treating the symptoms. When we take medicines for fever or cough or constipation, we are actually trying to cure these symptoms, while the problem which actually causes this problem in the first hand remains untouched and unexplored. Chakra Balancing is one such method which focuses not on the problem but on root of problem and tries to make our body and soul in balance.

We have seven major Chakras in our body governing our emotional, physical and as well spiritual self. Out of these seven Chakras, six are placed in six locations of our body, seventh one the crown Chakra is placed at the crown, just above our head. Each Chakra is represented by seven different colors and seven lotuses of different numbered petals.

Coming to the book, Chakra Balancing, this book started on a great note, exploring on the idea of why western medical science can not treat the illness and other psychological diseases. Why do we need Chakra Balancing science? This book gives a brief description of all these seven Chakras, their location, their color. It also tells you how you can balance an unbalanced Chakra. But, everything this book tells you is nothing new. Any person who knows a little bit about Chakras, knows this much. All this information is readily available on internet.

This book tells you nothing new that you didn’t new before. Only new thing that this book has is where you can purchase every item listed here. It annoys you when you are reading a book and in between you are getting links to buy a particular DVD or a healing mantra audio or a pendulum. This could have been part of a different section in the book.

Nevertheless, keeping these little things aside, I think the idea behind Chakras could have been explored more in the book. Like what are the foods that can boost up the energy of a particular Chakra or a specific Mantra healing of a Chakra. These are not covered in the book. Still, if you are a beginner and do not know about Chakras than you can pick up this read.

Go Read and Get Healed. Happy New Year.

Navratri – Nine Nights of Self Consciousness

Today is Maha-Navami – the 9th Day of Sharad Navratri. The day of the last battle between Devi and Demons and tomorrow we will be celebrating Vijay (Winning) of Devi over the Demon on their tenth day of battle. The literal meaning of Navratri is Nine Nights and still, over time we have somehow constricted … Continue reading Navratri – Nine Nights of Self Consciousness

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Wednesday Words – Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot


Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot

If you ask someone to draw a sketch of an Indian Girl, most probably they will draw any girly face and then draw a Bindi (sort of a red dot), on her forehead. 😀 In reality, if you go to any Indian city, you will be disappointed to see, that not every girl, wears this red dot on her forehead. 🙂

I couldn’t find out, who started this tradition of wearing Bindi? But, I do found out why it started, and what is it’s actual significance?

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
A Girl From Indian Village

Now a days, mostly north Indians women wear Bindi as a symbol of their marital status. A Red Bindi is mostly worn by married women on their forehead. Widowed and unmarried women don’t wear Bindi. Even if they do, they wear a Black Bindi or Sandalwood Bindi. But, these customs are not followed religiously everywhere, and I think it’s for the best, because Bindi is not supposed to show your marital status or your fashion statement, but rather your spiritual self.

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Woman wearing Bindi on her forehead

Before we go about exploring Bindi, lets first see the importance of place where we apply it. Bindi is applied at the center of the forehead just between the eyebrows. Why this place is important?

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Place where we apply Bindi

The position directly behind the center of forehead is of Ajna Chakra, the Sixth Chakra. This is also known as the position for the Third eye. Sixth Chakra is the highest chakra in our physical body. If you remember my several posts on Chakras, the highest Chakra, Seventh Chakra is rather placed in our outer body, also called as our spiritual body, just above our head. Thus our Sixth Chakra, Ajna Chakra, is the highest center of Spirituality in our physical body.

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Sixth Chakra position wrt Seventh Chakra

Sixth Chakra is for command, intuition, intelligence, as it represents mind, knowledge, and also connection between our physical self to spiritual self. Sometimes it is also referred as the gateway to attaining spiritual energy and Moksha.

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Spiritual Awakening

In earlier times, when people used to pray, they used to awaken this Ajna Chakra, through their Kundalini Shakti. In a very simple term, during praying or more specifically Meditation, this place being the gateway for energy, becomes active, and as Kundalini passes through it, it becomes hot. Focusing on your Sixth Chakra also create headaches for some time. To calm this effect, and cool it, people started putting Kumkum and Sandalwood on their forehead, in the form of a Bindi or Tilak. Both of these have a cooling effect.

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Woman Praying

Now a days, it would be very rare if anyone has this capability to awaken their Kundalini Shakti to such a level as to took it to Ajna Chakra. But this practice of putting Kumkum and sandalwood Bindi, just before praying started based on this basic notion. Also, to show importance of this super dynamic place filled with heightened spirituality, we place a mark of respect and devotion. It is also a representation for the Third eye.

Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Me with a Bindi

So more than Bindi, it’s the place where we apply Bindi, is of utmost importance. More power to our Ajna Chakra.


Bindi – More than Just A Red Dot
Ajna Chakra or Sixth Chakra

Keep watching this space because soon we will talk about significance of color in Bindi. Till then Happy Reading, Happy Learning. 🙂


Learning about Pyramids is like Knowing Your Spiritual self

Learning about Pyramids
Learning about Pyramids

When I was first taught about Pyramids, in my school, I was told that they are used to store mummies of Egyptian kings. I believed it till date, until my curiosity took over and I researched through books and internet to learn more about Pyramids.

If you still believe that Pyramids are just made to satisfy some Egyptian King’s larger than life Ego, then you have to read the post below, because the case is totally different.

It’s so unfair to teach our kids a history that is half corrupt and half ill rotten to fill their mind with garbage. But, why?

Maybe, it’s got to do with the regimes who have ruled us and the way they want to portray our history. We always believed that our ancestors evolved from apes and we are actually much more advanced than them. But, what if it’s not true? What if they were much more advanced scientifically, spiritually and humanely than us?

Learning about Pyramids
Learning about Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids have proved all our hypothesis wrong and made a strong point favoring the high intelligence of our ancestors. Till date none of us has come up with a way to replicate a Pyramid. Then how did our ancestors made such huge structures?

Pyramids are not only just a triangular structure erected in the dessert, they were actually build around the civilization of Nile river, in a way that all three largest pyramids aligns with the Orion constellation. It is constructed in such a way to align itself with sunrise and sunset of every new cycle of Sun.

Learning about Pyramids
Learning about Pyramids

What amazes me is that most of the people correlate Pyramids with Mummies and dead bodies, irrespective of the fact that they are never found in them. Their was never a Mummy placed in Pyramids. In fact Pyramids were built to be used as a machine kind of structure to vibrate and resonate high frequencies.

If you look inside of a Pyramid, they are like inside of a machine which uses sound as it’s basic theme and convert all the energy into positive vibes or frequency. Now, what kind of frequencies do they resonate?

Learning about Pyramids
Learning about Pyramids

Our ancestors understood the importance of being one with nature. They were quite advanced spiritually and have understood the true happiness. Just like in Hindu vedic culture our whole body is considered as a temple and is further considered to be represented through Seven Chakra, so does the Egyptian pyramids are built to influence those Seven Chakra through sound and frequency. If you saw the Seventh and the higher most Chakra in our body, it is triangular in shape with three dots joining together to denote Shakti, the ultimate divinity, so are the pyramids. They were considered as a means of communication with the higher self, and to balance the harmony in world.

Learning about Pyramids
Learning about Pyramids

Now, we have lost that touch with our higher self. Our spirituality is now limited to going to temples, mosques and churches. We have forgotten, that fundamental spirituality is actually derived from humanity and harmony. One day will come when we will understand this and maybe that day we will attain the knowledge which our ancestors have already captured in these Pyramids.

Learning about Pyramids
Learning about Pyramids

Till then, we have Pyramids to explore more. 🙂