About Me

Some call me Jyoti (which is my name)

Some as Jyoti Chauhan (which was my name before I got married to Abhishek Singh)

Some know me now as Jyoti Singh (my legal name after marriage)

Some call me Jyoti Singh Chauhan (just to avoid any confusion, maybe)

Few call me as Chunmun (my childhood name, given by my Papa)

Some call me as Chipkali (lizard, as I was very thin, almost underweight as a kid and teen)

Some call me as JC (short of Jyoti Chauhan, this is why my handle is jc is now js – jcisnowjs, Now I have shared my secret)

Only three call me as Mamma (and I love this one the most πŸ˜€ )


That was about my names…. you can pick up any name you want, to call me. I will add it to the list πŸ˜›


I am a Blogger now, doing some freelancing and helping out in a small business endeavor too. I read Tarot cards and also help those who need it, through Prayers and related things. I love learning new things. Recently tried my hands at sketching and gardening too. I have developed a new hobby of doing Crocheting, and I love it. I also like taking Photographs, keeping the memories alive. If you visit my home, you can see it filled with beautiful picture frames all over the walls.

I love Reading. Books mostly of genre thriller, mysteries; started reading few comedies too. But, basically I can read any good written, captivating book.

Earlier, I have not cooked much, but now I am learning that too. Since I moved to US and there is no house-maid to cook for me 😦 So you will see my cooking experiments too, more often.

By education and my work experience I was a Junior program manager, a Tech lead, and a software Engineer, before I left my job to take care of my kids.

Coming to my beautiful kids, My eldest one is Tisha. She is three years old. Then, I had two twin boys, Otu and Renne. They are so handsome, more than their Papa. πŸ˜›

So, in total, I have four, if I include my hubby too in the list, who always behaves like a child. He is The Best thing that has happened to me, though. πŸ™‚

For now, I think this much is enough to know about me. To tell you frankly, I am not an open book. You may read all my posts and pages, and still you will not know about me. I guess in this sense, I am like rest of others. πŸ™‚

Keep reading and keep sharing your thoughts.


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