Light of Snow

Snow is nature’s way of showing her own miraculous dance. It feels like watching magic in front of your eyes. What a miraculous thing it is to see the first snow of the season. Small tiny snowflakes lighter than anything you have ever felt fall from the sky in a natural rhythm one after another on the green fertile grass and suddenly within minutes, the greens start disappearing into the white fluffy blanket of shining diamond-like snowflakes. Everything is shimmering in white light. How beautiful?

What fascinates me most is how gracefully snow falls on the ground. When it rains, you will hear the pitter-patter of raindrops touching the concrete and making that soothing rain noise. You will smell the first drop of rain touching the dirt and filling up your nostrils with that earthy smell that reminds you of a village lost in the past somewhere. But, when it snows, it is just floating and falling without any sound, without any smell, without any taste.

You will not hear it snowing outside your window the same way you hear the raindrops in the dark of the night touching your window glass and noting their attendance to you. You will not smell when you open that window of yours to see the white snowy field in front of your house. Try catching a snowflake in your mouth and it tastes just like a snowflake, just water. Even if you can’t hear, taste, or smell it, the moment you see the snow falling it evokes so many emotions and touches all your senses in ways that can’t be described in words. The sheer beauty of it is so pure and innocent that you can’t help but stop and admire mother nature on its beautiful creation.

How can something which does not have any taste, sound, or smell have such a gorgeous impact on my mind and soul?

How can something which is not colorful fill me up with hope and love?

It is white, just plain white.

While walking down the same path I have walked numerous times, I see a path that had a lot of green grass now turning brown in fall; trees that have turned green to orange to yellow and brown; and a few evergreens still standing tall with all the greens of the world still crowning on their head; just one night of snow and the next morning all the greens, yellows, browns, and greys are gone. It’s all white. There was only this single thought in my mind – All the colors are gone and only white is left and still white has all the colors in it. How incredible this snow is?

All those colors were still there, somewhere under there but white snow is covering it now and suddenly everything is pure. When you are covered in the whites of light no matter what was inside you it does not matter. You are in that pure bliss. Nothing can impact you now. How beautiful this bliss is that when this light touches you all the darkness disappears. You know it’s still there inside but now that light is at the top, you are in a blissful state of love. How peaceful this light is?

Once the afternoon sun shines and you see all snow melting. Slowly, what was hidden under is coming back in the light. All the browns, blacks, and yellow and whatnot, all colors in that murky leftover icy water. Suddenly, the same snow which looked so pure and clean is filled with muck on the sides.

Once the sun shines and you get the true light shining that you realize that pure bliss was not an outside light but it was already in you. All the colors that were in you, all the blacks, greys, browns and yellows and oranges and reds in you; when you see all of them together and accept them all; it all comes together; it is all light. Let the sun, shine on you. Let the light and dark in you find out each other. Let them live in perfect balance. Let them celebrate this magical dance of light and dark. Let there be light. Let there be darkness because the darkness is just light absorbed fully.

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