Tarot Questions and Spreads

Before you send your Tarot Question, please refer to general and ethical guidelines I prefer to follow for Tarot Reading, by clicking here.

If you are not sure what to ask, and how to phrase your questions, select some of the most asked questions by clicking here.

You can also choose spreads of your liking, based on your question.

Few Tarot Spreads to choose from –

  • Celtic Cross (10 cards spread) – recommended for birthdays/anniversary or once in 6 months.
  • Past, Present, Future, Guidance/Outcome. (4 cards)
  • Problem resolution – past and present of problem, suggested solution, action item
  • Relationship spread -how you see each other, past, present and future of the relationship, and advice
  • Month/Week Ahead(includes Relationship, work, health, spiritual health, obstacles, and advice)
  • Options spread – if confused between two or more options
  • New Year Spread – Recommended for New Year time only
  • Purpose of Life – advice, and goal for life
  • Full Moon spread – done on/near to, full moon. includes growth advice and obstacles
  • To heal a broken heart – includes a positive lesson to deal with a broken heart
  • Family Problems and resolution


These spreads are flexible and can easily be modified as per personal needs. Mail me your preferred choice at emailtojyoti@gmail.com
DisclaimerYou must be 18 years of age to use this service, or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. A Tarot reading is never a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling. These Readings are for entertainment purposes only. I can assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my Tarot readings. Please use your own discretion. There won’t be any refunds. You can email me your concerns at any time of reading.