Prayers, Mantra & Magic

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Sometimes when we are going through a tough time, we all need a little push, a little help, a little miracle of will power, confidence and blessings.

Prayers, Mantras, Sigils, Spells, and such little everyday magic are some of the ways to get help from the universe.

Prayers and Mantras are words woven together to bring a wish to fulfillment by repetition and magical activation. Reciting a Prayer put a powerful effect on our thoughts and subconscious mind, in turn, signaling the universe our true desire, so that it can be manifested. Read more here on Wikipedia – Prayers & Mantras.

Sigils are another way to turn a desired prayer into a graphic symbol or drawing. This Sigil after activation can be used anywhere hidden from the world or in plain sight, like written on your arm, or hidden in clothing, or as a painting on the wall. Read more here on Wikipedia – Sigil.

Spells are another way to achieve the desired outcome. They are more or less like Prayers and Mantras, but usually, they are used once and forgotten after that. Tarot Cards are also used in spells to visualize motion towards the achievement of the goal. Read more here on Wikipedia – Spell.

Other than these there are everyday use magical tips which help in making life more positive and beautiful. Also, note that magic works with your actions. Without your right intentions and corresponding actions to match those intentions, even God can not help you, let alone any kind of magic.

There is a common misconception about spells, magic and related such things that, they are bad, and should not be used. In my opinion, be it magic or anything else in this world, it should be used for the betterment of society and human beings; and never to hurt. However, the same knife can be used to cut fruit to feed someone; or to kill someone. Both have their own rewards and consequences.

All the requests and discussions here should be used for betterment and to heal or help. 


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