Frequently Asked Tarot Questions

Before you send your Tarot Question, please refer to general and ethical guidelines I prefer to follow for Tarot Reading, by clicking here.

Below are some of the questions which are frequently being asked.

  • I want to start a new job/business, what is blocking me in doing so, what will help me in doing so, what should be my next step to do so?
  • What will help me to get a new job within 2 months?
  • What does he feel for me? How does he see our relationship?
  • What should be my next step in this relationship?
  • What should I be doing to get onshore travel? How can I expedite this process?
  • What is the current work issue? What should I do to resolve them? Where am I headed if the current situation does not change?
  • What is the base of this relationship? What is the blocking energy for this relationship? What I need to focus on to strengthen this relationship?
  • What is the basic underlying problem affecting my family and what can I do to resolve this?
  • What is going wrong with my life right now? How can I resolve it? What should be my next step to make my life better?
  • What should I focus on to improve my career? What should be my next step in my career? Should I be changing the job? What is ahead?
  • How can I help my son to have a better future? What I should do to help my daughter have a good career? What I need to focus on with respect to my kids?
  • What you should know about your parents’ health and well being? What you should do to take care of them?
  • What is making you this anxious? What you can do to resolve it? What will make your life peaceful?
  • Why your marriage is not getting finalized? What is blocking your way? What you should do to resolve it? What should be your next steps for getting married?
  • What is going wrong in your current job? Who/what is trying to bring you down? Who/what can help you? What you should do to stay in your current job?
  • Why do I feel this emotional, and short-tempered? How can I help control it? How can I be more in peace with my emotions?


You can choose one of these questions or write your own. Mail me in case you are confused about how to write it. We can discuss your problem and come up with a question that will give the desired insight.


DisclaimerYou must be 18 years of age to use this service, or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. A Tarot reading is never a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling. These Readings are for entertainment purposes only. I can assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my Tarot readings. Please use your own discretion. There won’t be any refunds. You can email me your concerns at any time of reading. 


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