Strange World Of Man’s Deodorant

All the ads that you are watching on your television set are over the top (literally 🙂 ), but if you specifically focus on the Deo ads for men, they are so (over) exaggerating.

I am even afraid of getting one for my hubby, what if he will go out wearing one of these Deodorant, and semi nude girls starts jumping on him all over the place. It would be a hell of a sight though. Just don’t tell my hubby, what if he decides to shop for himself 😛

Their is a new ad that is coming on tv for a famous Deo, where a girl who incidentally is quietly flying a kite on rooftop, gets distracted by smell of a man/boy who is at-least two or three houses away from her. She lost her kite and herself too, as shown in the ad in, so not subtle way. So, she asks a kid (presumably his little brother, flying kite alongside her), to go downstairs, and she herself climbs and jump roofs to reach the cute looking boy. Poor soul, he didn’t even have any dialogues. Okay so this girl unties her hairs (this is the extent to which Indian ads can go 🙂 thankfully), and cut loose boy’s kite. That’s it. Meanwhile, it was also shown that boy has sprinkled himself with a butt-load of Deo.

Strange World Of Man’s Deodorant
Strange World Of Man’s Deodorant

Now, first thing first, why would any man would like to use a Deo, which will smell from two buildings away. Won’t he will be sensible enough to know that it’s the biggest turn off if a man is smelling (doesn’t matter if it’s a pleasant smell) from such a distance. No girl would prefer to go out with a Flower Garden.

Other thing that is puzzling me is, why did she asked the kid to go away and not watch what she was about to do? I mean she didn’t do anything other than to cut the boy’s kite. Maybe she didn’t wanted the kid to learn bad manners. 😛

One more takeaway from this ad boys, If you will use this Deo, girls will come to you from two blocks away, but as soon as they will reach you, they will destroy something of yours, and will leave immediately. No, they are not going to stay with you to play girlfriend-boyfriend.

As long as these ads are here, I don’t feel the need to switch to any comedy show. 😛

Now, I am off to buy a Deo for my hubby, would just put a sticky on his back saying, “Taken”.

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