Idealistic Hypocrites

Wednesday Words – Dedicated to Idealistic Hypocrites

Idealistic Hypocrites

In my life I have got the privilege(yes, I would like it to call it privilege), to meet lots of and different variety of Hypocrites. It’s fun to meet such people, for the sheer point that they are the idiots who keep fueling humor into our dull lives. I love hypocrites; they give me something to talk and laugh about in social gatherings.

Idealistic Hypocrites

Don’t take it the wrong way, but I am a hypocrite too. Just to give you an example I may hate/dislike you but still wherever I will meet you, I will give you a warm welcome and say hi and all the formalities; inside I just want to walk away from you the first moment I can. If I really would have hated you, I won’t even talk to you…. plain. This much of hypocrisy is what we all do. Actually, we have to do, otherwise, we won’t e talking to a lot of people around us. Right??? 😉

Idealistic HypocritesWait, but this post is not dedicated to hypocrites. This one is dedicated to that breed of hypocrites who pretend to be idealistic. This one is not centered around one person, but as they say, “if the shoe fits, be my guest”. 😛

I have also mention, one of my hypocrisies here too…. lets see if you find out which one 😀

Idealistic Hypocrites
Do not Preach….

Recently, I have got the privilege of experiencing the world’s greatest hypocrite, who always pretended to be full of Indian values… sanskaar, sanskriti and all. Once, he/she (lets just use ‘he’ everywhere, just for the clarity. It could be a ‘she’ too, remember); so this person was like, “Americans/Non Indians have no moral and cultural values, they have no respect for their elders. They leave their parents and lead their own selfish lives….blah blah blah.” Do you know where this person is now??? LOL…. I know you are smart, must have guessed it all… he has shifted to a foreign land, leaving his parents alone to handle everything on their own. Where are your so called Indian Sanskaar now? Facepalm dear.

Idealistic Hypocrites

Same person, different idealism. “Oh schools in foreign are so bad, there is no proper education system. Whatever, Indian schools teach, it can never be learnt in foreign schools. Our(Indian) education system is best, rest of the world is mediocre….blah blah blah.” He now wants to give his son/daughter the best of education, and thus enrolled him/her into a school, which is….. wait for it….. not in India……… by far. Seriously man, grow up!!!

Idealistic HypocritesOne more idealistic hypocrite – “Oh, we are not into social networking, like facebook, twitter. They are all bullshit, and meant for dramatic people. You know those who like drama in their life and want to show off to the world.” Point taken. Wait, what did I see there…. you are now regularly posting on facebook… pics… daily status…. and all. World is really changing fast. Whoop! 🙄

Idealistic HypocritesWe are the perfect couple, so much in love.” Breaking news – your husband is having an affair, with your friend. What, you don’t believe me. Oh, I am wrong, I just wanted to help you. But you are not hypocrite, your husband, who is so much into PDA, and your so called friends, who laugh behind your back; they are hypocrite. BTW, everybody knows. Take care. 😦

Idealistic HypocritesAgain, same kind of situation, somewhat…. “We are ideal couple on facebook. We will post our mushy mushy pictures daily, and will bombard your timeline with it.” Did I hear it right… you are going through a rough patch and asking for divorce. Take care buddy and just go slow with your social love updates.

Idealistic HypocritesI love my kids. They are the cutest. Infact they are the world’s most beautiful kids. They are my best friends, and I will tell you about them, day in and day out. I will post their numerous pics and if I will talk to you, I will only talk about my kids……” wait, I have kids too, and they are as beautiful as yours, if not more. Why this competition? Hypocrisy, because you think, only your kids are beautiful. (well, I guess we can not call it hypocrisy, it’s called motherhood) 😐

Idealistic Hypocrites

I am so good with people. I have done only good deeds. I have never hurt anyone in my life. Why does everyone hates me? …..” you don’t know why? Ask me. Because you are so full of s&%t. Seriously, grow up. First be a good person, don’t show, that you are good, be one. You have always pretended that you are good. In reality, you always talk negative of others. You enjoy, if something bad happen to people around you. That’s not done.

Idealistic Hypocrites

“I am so naive and sweet. I speak like a doll. I am so polite. I am like idle bahu, or shall I say, bholi bhaali ladki, sweet and simple….. ” no dear, you are not. I have heard you so many times screeching at the top of your lungs. You are only polite when you are talking on phone. In reality, you have a totally different accent/voice/mannerism whatever you may call it. But you are a different person when you are on phone. Please don’t talk to me like this. I feel like I am talking to a dumb barbie doll, who only says haanji (yes and no) everytime.

Idealistic HypocritesI wanted to write so much more…. but control. Control yourself. I am sounding more and more like I am bitching about people. I am a hypocrite too. I am writing about all the things, which I do not want to see in people, but still I am enjoying writing about it. I am like biggest of all. I am a Hypocrite and I am a proud one, because I accept, what I am, publicly. Full-stop now.


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