Frolic Friday – Don’t Kill Me Mamma

My Journey So Far....

Tisha Singh Tisha Singh

Girls are Drama. Little Girls are Drama Queen, and when it comes to my Kiddo Tisha, she is The Queen of Drama Queens. 😎

She is her Papa’s Princess, as every daughter is, but she really behaves like a Princess. She decline to walk. You can either take her in your lap or she will travel in Car. But, no walk. Not even to the Park. Infact before she steps out from home, first question she will ask is, “Are we going by car, or walk?” 😮

She is fashionable and pick her own clothes. Get dressed herself, that too, five times a day. Above all, she thinks, she doesn’t have enough clothes. This is when she has more clothes, than her two brothers have, combined. :mrgreen:

Tisha Singh Tisha Singh

Well, this post is not about confirming her Diva status, but a recent incident which made…

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