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Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids

Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids
Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids

Aamir Khan is trending. He is everywhere; Twitter, Facebook, News… everyone who has an opinion, is sharing their thoughts on Aamir Khan’s recent controversial comments against Intolerance.

Yes, Intolerance is also a very famous topic nowadays. Infact more famous than Aamir himself. Shahrukh and Aamir combined are not bigger than Intolerance. That’s a real bummer.

I do not wanted to write on this topic but it is so damn tempting, so, please God help me.

Focusing solely on Kiran and Aamir Khan’s dinner table conversation of leaving India and go to some other countries because of rising Intolerance and a growing fear for the well-being of their kids; I would say she is right in choosing this option, it’s just that her reasons are all wrong.

I can imagine them worrying for their kids and their want to give them a better and peaceful world to live in. Only problem in their statement is the elephant in the room – Intolerance.

Let me give you some scenarios on why they would discuss on leaving India in relation to concern for their kids safety.

Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids
Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids

What is a possibility is that a kid can get killed in a random road accident with driver fleeting the scene and no bystander coming to help that small kid or take him to hospital; until and unless some celebrity is involved.

What could happen is that a kid can get raped, regardless of being a girl or boy, or of whatever age. It doesn’t matter if he is 3-year-old or 30. it doesn’t matter where this take place, it could be his very own home, raped by a cousin or maid; or it could happen in his school by his teacher or school janitor/sweeper. Damn, it could happen in a moving bus.

A child could be molested by his school bus driver. He could be physically or sexually abused in his school bus. He could be pushed from his bus at his drop point, even when bus is still running.

A kid could be hurt in his day care center, where he could be given a drug to make him sleep whole time. His baby sitter could shake him so hard that his brain will stop functioning normally. He could be pushed by his care taker or just beaten up, because he was crying too much.

A child can be kidnapped easily, specially if he is a fair/gora sweet chubby beautiful one; just because they sell well. Yes, someone can kidnap and sell your kid.

A child could contract a serious disease because a wrong blood is transfused in his body. He could easily have asthma or bronchitis seeing the pollution level around. Surprisingly even a mosquito can kill the child. Dengu, you see.

Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids
Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids

Point being there are so many things to think about when you are concerned about your child, and these were just from the top of my mind. If we start making list, I can guarantee that this list will be longer than Dhoom 3.

Ironically, our kids are not safe anywhere, be it any country. There is no guarantee that your kid will be safe when you stay in some other country. This is the world we live in. Problem is we can not leave this World. It’s easier to blame our country.

Why Aamir and Kiran are confusing all these issues with Intolerance is unclear to me. But, considering this point also, let’s say an in-tolerated person or group try to attack that innocent family.

Now, as I would see it this is a crime and that would be considered a terror attack.

This will be a terrorist activity, no less than that.

And, terrorism has no Religion.


Why worry then, Aamir? What is the worry when you know very clearly that there is no religion specific group after your child? I can not even imagine that anyone is in this whole wide world would have given even a thought to hurting your cute little child. 

Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids
Why Kiran & Aamir Khan are worried for their kids

There are worst things to worry for your child than rising intolerance in your country.

So, you (specially Kiran), sounded pretty silly when you just for the sake of talking about latest hot topic of Intolerance, created this mayhem with your points.

It shouldn’t have hurt that bad if these things wouldn’t have come out of the mouth of most sensible khan of the film industry.

Shockingly you seem to lose all your credibility by this one statement. I could give you a benefit of doubt because it was Kiran’s opinion and not yours. So, I will still try to picture you as the sensible one.

Just take this as a hint of what your nation’s mood is – it’s intolerant to silly comments.