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Why I don’t find Hema Malini guilty much?

One accident involves a celebrity, and whole nation talks about it… while so many common people die daily in such kind of freaky accidents and no one blinks an eye.

I think it’s good when a celebrity gets involve in these things, not that I wish it on anyone; but it do help in bringing the focus to some basic safety and precautions.

Before I jump into safety, guilty, victim and humanity stuff; let me first tell you what prompted me to write about it.

Last week, our very own famous celebrity and politician, Hema Malini, who was traveling in her Mercedes car, collided with an Alto car, killing one small child of four-year. The family of five in Alto car lose their girl child to this accident, while Hema sustained injuries on her nose and back.

What provoked reaction was that after accident Hema flees/taken to the Jaipur‘s fortis hospital while the Alto family waited and then later taken to local hospital.

People are arguing about how Hema Malini, did not stopped and helped the Alto family? Why didn’t she took the family with her for fast treatment? Why a celebrity is attended first? What if the child could be saved, if taken to Fortis in time?

Every question make sense, right?

Yes, in a perfect world.

Now, read this story once again.

Two cars collided in Rajasthan state, killing one little girl of four-year old. One victim has suffered a broken nose and is rushed to Fortis. Rest of the victims are taken to nearby hospital for treatment.

Now, just ask all those questions again. Did you expect one car victim to help other car’s victim? Did you expect from a victim to stay back at accident site and see if someone else needs help and then go to hospital?

Let us again tweak this scenario and say that Hema Malini stayed back and went to see the other car’s survivors.

She belonged to Mercedes car, and her Mercedes rammed into Alto, a much much smaller car. Seeing as in every accident the general perception is that ‘It must be the fault of bigger car’, she would have been certainly seen as the main culprit.

Now imagine, what will you do with that person who just crashed into you and killed your daughter, specially when you are in India where everything is emotion driven? I recently read a news report where angry crowd beat the hell out of a corpse, yes a dead body, because they couldn’t catch and thrash that person alive. So they assaulted a dead body.

What would have happened to Hema in that angry crowd?

Leave this fact that there would have been anyone angry, and everyone was just an accident survivor in pain.

When you are involved in an accident, no matter you are hurt or not, you are in such a shock that your whole life gets turned upside down in matter of seconds. You are not yourself, and clearly you have no sense of right and wrong. How can anyone expect from a person with such a state of mind to help others?

First rule of every accidental situation is to help yourself first and then help others. Even if you are a mother you are told to first help yourself and then your child. This is what real life demands. This is not a Bollywood movie where hero will not die even after he was shot and saved 20 people before fighting with goons for full on 20 minutes.

My last point is that if you read the news, it is stated everywhere that Hema Malini was taken to a hospital. She didn’t drove herself. She was not in a state to flee. She was taken by her staff, or her bodyguards, or some well wishers to the hospital. She may or may not even know where she was taken to.

All I want to say is that being a celebrity and a politician does not make you a hero. It is us who have made these people Hero and God in our mortal eyes. They are as humans as we are. So, cut her some slack.

She did something which was practical, it may or may not be humane, but it sure was right for her.

PS. I am not pasting any of ‘her images’ from the accident site, because it is not humane. Respect others.