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Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?
Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

Ramadan is here and so are Iftar parties, one after another. In fact there is a race among Indian politicians to invite as many as their political counterparts as possible and broadcast their secularism to the minority of the nation.

Sonia Gandhi is giving an Iftar party. Arvind Kejriwal is also on the same bandwagon. President is also supposed to throw a lavish Iftar party. More or less every political party and big leader is throwing a party in the name of Iftar.

It is not a new thing but this practice is going on for years…. infact as far as I remember it has become more prominent since the time all political parties pretended to be more secular than the others. Secular as in more minority favorable parties; and by minority here, I do not mean Sikhs, Jains, Schedule castes or girls in India.

Media is also after this event as if it’s an Oscar party. Who attended whose party? Who clicked pic with whom? On that note did you saw Arvind kejriwal’s happily ever after kind of pic with his arch-enemy Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung. See the power of Ramadan.

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?
Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

Did you also notice in all the pics almost every non-muslim leader is wearing a skull-cap. That is also a great symbol of secularism. It is now a days a fashion statement of politicians who are Secular. Normal/common people who wear this cap may be wearing it for non fashionable reasons but how could they know that a mere cap is more than enough to turn a hypocrite into a Secular.

Do you also know that common man who fast on Ramadan usually breaks his fast with eating dates and drinking water. His Iftar is neither a lavish and grand party nor so much media seeking event.

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

This much talking about Iftar has made me hungry but before I go and eat my home cooked humble meal, there is one more thought that I would like to share with you.

So, I was just thinking, or kind of dreaming, what if these same politicians also do ‘Mata Ka Jagran’, or ‘kanchka – where they will feed little girls ‘kanyas’ and also give money to them. how empowering that would be? Or If they do Nanak Prabhat Pheri in the early morning hours, singing devotional songs. Or, if they throw thanksgiving parties to all the voters who voted for them and gave them power to rule for five years.

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?
Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

It was quite hilarious – that dream that I had.

Just imagine reading news about, ‘Sonia Gandhi has invited every political leader to her Mata ka Jagran event. She was herself dressed as Mata Durga, whereas Digvijay Singh was dressed in a Singh’s (Lion) costume. He was dancing keeping his tail in mouth.

Rahul Gandhi was seen dancing in full devotion to the tune of “beda paar karegi janpath vaali (oops jhande vaali) Maa”.

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

When Rahul Gandhi was dancing we saw Lalu Yadav and Mulayam shovering 10 and 20 rupees bills. Lalu also danced to his favorite devotional song ‘khushhaal karti, maala maal karti, sherowali maa apne bhakto ki nihaal karti’.

Narendra Modi arrived late, accompanying L. K. Advani by his side. While Modi was seen doing a shastaang pranam to Mata Durga (Sonia Gandhi dressed as Durga) and later giving a two-minute speech on acche din; Advani took mic in his hand and sang full song ‘Mata Sherawali bharde jholi khali’.

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?
Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

Kejriwal was wearing a red duppatta over his head and swinging his head in 360 degree. We later came to know that Mata Durga herself came in Kejriwal’s soul and blessed him. That was the reason of his head swinging, and not because he has lost his marbles.

It was great and blissful night when all the politicians joined together to pray to Maa Shakti Durga, and were blessed with good wisdom and honesty, if that’s possible.

Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?
Why Iftar? Why not Mata ka Jagran?

PS. In no way this Jagran was a secular event.

Why I don’t find Hema Malini guilty much?

One accident involves a celebrity, and whole nation talks about it… while so many common people die daily in such kind of freaky accidents and no one blinks an eye.

I think it’s good when a celebrity gets involve in these things, not that I wish it on anyone; but it do help in bringing the focus to some basic safety and precautions.

Before I jump into safety, guilty, victim and humanity stuff; let me first tell you what prompted me to write about it.

Last week, our very own famous celebrity and politician, Hema Malini, who was traveling in her Mercedes car, collided with an Alto car, killing one small child of four-year. The family of five in Alto car lose their girl child to this accident, while Hema sustained injuries on her nose and back.

What provoked reaction was that after accident Hema flees/taken to the Jaipur‘s fortis hospital while the Alto family waited and then later taken to local hospital.

People are arguing about how Hema Malini, did not stopped and helped the Alto family? Why didn’t she took the family with her for fast treatment? Why a celebrity is attended first? What if the child could be saved, if taken to Fortis in time?

Every question make sense, right?

Yes, in a perfect world.

Now, read this story once again.

Two cars collided in Rajasthan state, killing one little girl of four-year old. One victim has suffered a broken nose and is rushed to Fortis. Rest of the victims are taken to nearby hospital for treatment.

Now, just ask all those questions again. Did you expect one car victim to help other car’s victim? Did you expect from a victim to stay back at accident site and see if someone else needs help and then go to hospital?

Let us again tweak this scenario and say that Hema Malini stayed back and went to see the other car’s survivors.

She belonged to Mercedes car, and her Mercedes rammed into Alto, a much much smaller car. Seeing as in every accident the general perception is that ‘It must be the fault of bigger car’, she would have been certainly seen as the main culprit.

Now imagine, what will you do with that person who just crashed into you and killed your daughter, specially when you are in India where everything is emotion driven? I recently read a news report where angry crowd beat the hell out of a corpse, yes a dead body, because they couldn’t catch and thrash that person alive. So they assaulted a dead body.

What would have happened to Hema in that angry crowd?

Leave this fact that there would have been anyone angry, and everyone was just an accident survivor in pain.

When you are involved in an accident, no matter you are hurt or not, you are in such a shock that your whole life gets turned upside down in matter of seconds. You are not yourself, and clearly you have no sense of right and wrong. How can anyone expect from a person with such a state of mind to help others?

First rule of every accidental situation is to help yourself first and then help others. Even if you are a mother you are told to first help yourself and then your child. This is what real life demands. This is not a Bollywood movie where hero will not die even after he was shot and saved 20 people before fighting with goons for full on 20 minutes.

My last point is that if you read the news, it is stated everywhere that Hema Malini was taken to a hospital. She didn’t drove herself. She was not in a state to flee. She was taken by her staff, or her bodyguards, or some well wishers to the hospital. She may or may not even know where she was taken to.

All I want to say is that being a celebrity and a politician does not make you a hero. It is us who have made these people Hero and God in our mortal eyes. They are as humans as we are. So, cut her some slack.

She did something which was practical, it may or may not be humane, but it sure was right for her.

PS. I am not pasting any of ‘her images’ from the accident site, because it is not humane. Respect others.

Even Modi has Wife Issues

Even Modi has Wife Issues
Even Modi has Wife Issues

Modi and his estranged wife’s story is making rounds in political arena, reason is clear, everyone wants to know everything about you, when you are famous, specially in Politics.

Now, coming to point, why I am writing this post? Yesterday, I read an article of The famous Shobha De (his controversial articles are the only reason that she is famous), where she pointed out, why no woman would like to marry Narendra Modi?

She wrote, that she asked a lot of woman including herself that “Do you want to marry Narendra Modi?

Answer from everyone was – NO.

Then she explained in her own tone, why no woman would like to marry Narendra Modi. Reasons were given like, he is too loud, he don’t listen to anyone and he always talk about himself,  no fun, too strict and possessive, would always keep an eye on you and blah, blah, blah……

I just want to tell Shobha Ji, that actually, she has asked the wrong question to all the women.

Instead of asking, “Do you want to marry Narendra Modi?

She should have asked, “Do you want a Son like Narendra Modi”?

Even Modi has Wife Issues
Modi with his Mother

I bet she would have gotten far more Yes this time. Any woman would be proud to have a son like him, who is devoted, determined and passionate for his Motherland. A man who has sacrificed everything that he could have had, for a cause that is bigger than any family, any marriage and any relationship.

A soldier when leave his home to fight for his country, is never asked, “Why he left his wife at home?, Why did he left her devastated”? Then why are we asking so many questions about Modi’s marriage problems? He is as much Victim here, as his wife, Jashodaben. Both of them, were forced into a marriage (child marriage, I suppose), he tried to come out of it, and he deserved every right of doing so. I have seen girls who were not even old enough to go to college, married off and sent to their sasuraals. We all sympathize with Balika Vadhus, but what about Balika Var?

Even Modi has Wife Issues

Even if marriage would have been a legal, real age, or shall we say, normal marriage; don’t they have any rights to live separately in matters of discord. We should have been worried, if Jashodaben was forced to live in an unhappy marriage, or if she was a victim of domestic violence, or if her partner was having an extra marital affair while still married to her. They are two adults living separately, their own personal life. Isn’t it?

Rahul Gandhi mentioned that he just stated a fact and no personal comments, that Modi has not declared his marital status in the past. A little fact that he forgot to mention was that Modi have never said, that he is unmarried, too. A new rule for filling of election nomination form now makes it mandatory to declare your spouse’s details, that is why Modi has to write his wife’s name now. Over the years if he has not done so, it had actually helped Jashodaben to maintain her dignity away from media’s crooked eyes.

Even Modi has Wife Issues
Modi with his Mother

Just think for a second, a woman who is separated from her husband, for years, and still she is fasting and praying for the Husband’s success; think of that unspoken love and respect between them. This respect and love can not be one sided, Modi must have treated her with respect over the years, hiding her identity from media, keeping her safe, taking care of her studies and financial matters. He has earned respect of not only Jashodaben, but every woman, for being a man who loves woman of his life, his Motherland, India.

Delhi Election 2013: Best thing that has happened to congress so far.

Delhi Election 2013
Delhi Election 2013 – Sonia Gandhi

Elections for five states are over, results are out, and what a performance…..

BJP: Pass,

AAP: Distinction;

Congress: Fail (actually, if there can be anything worse than failure, then that).

Celebrations, sorrows, amusement, anger, disappointment, excitement; so many emotions are there on social networking sites. If we leave Mizoram results behind then it’s a really poor performance by the congress party. Lost 3 ruling states Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Delhi, with a big margin to opposition and couldn’t even shake the throne of Shivraaj Singh Chauhan from Madhya Pradesh. Most intriguing were Delhi’s results, with AAP ( a completely new party/ideology) emerging second largest after BJP.

Delhi Election 2013
Delhi Election 2013 – Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas

I am not really comfortable calling AAP a party, it’s more of an ideology. Ideology of Anna, which was hijacked and then carried forward by Arvind Kejriwal. People have voted not for AAP the party but for the ideology that AAP stands for, for the values that AAP has shown, and for the honesty that people were craving for in the political system. It’s a whole new world. Who could have thought that a party which is actually just a year old will rattle heavyweights Congress and BJP with their marvelous victory of 28 seats. I bet, even Kejriwal hadn’t thought of winning by this much. But, this is not an easy road, It’s easier to talk about good and honest governance but it’s a totally different ballgame to actually provide one. With rumors of re-elections, it is not clear whether AAP or BJP will form the government in Delhi. But, my wish is to see AAP as the ruling party. I don’t want Kejriwal to sit in opposition and call out media conferences every time they do not agree to ruling party decisions. I want them to rule, and deliver every promise that they have made for winning election. I want them to provide transparent and good governance. I want them to prove that they are not just an ideology, but party with a working and practical ideology.

Delhi Election 2013
Delhi Election 2013 – Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Our very own party with difference:BJP, is gaining momentum with each passing day, courtesy none other than Mr. Modi. But, if the current election results are any indication then other than Modi there are two major factors that are favoring BJP. These factors are poor governance of congress on national level and good governance of BJP in BJP ruled states. It was the good governance of Shivraaj Singh Chauhan in MP, which has proved once again that there is no other alternative. It was the anti incumbency voting in congress ruled states, which has translated into success for BJP. To top it all, BJP has a charismatic leader. A leader who has proved his governance, his decision making abilities, his motivational and inspiring persona and above all a leader who is not heir to a popular dynasty but rather has risen from somewhere within us. Narendra Modi. Right now, he seems like the only leader who has the vision and a will. But, is it enough for BJP, enough to come to power? I am not very sure. I do believe that there is a “Modi Lehar” but BJP will need a “Modi Aandhi” to actually sweep away all the big and small obstacles (regional parties) and come to power in center. Till then “Dilli abhi door hai”…..

Delhi Election 2013
Delhi Election 2013 – Narendra Modi

Coming back to from where I started – The Congress. Oh my dear Congress, what can I say about you. It looks like that you have seen the worst in Delhi elections, but believe me this is the best thing that has happened to you. Why I am saying this? Well, to start off, you needed it, you needed that big jolt, a thunder lightning or a “zor ka jhatka”, just so that you can see the reality. Just so that you can see where are you headed to. This is the best thing happened to you, because now you can open your eyes to see. Look around, you are surrounded with parasitic Yes-Men.

Delhi Election 2013
Delhi Election 2013 – Rahul Gandhi

I feel amused when I hear some of them asking to declare Rahul Gandhi as congress PM candidate for coming elections. Why? Do you want to end his political career? It’s too late now, there is no option other than defeat, then why do you want to make Rahul Gandhi a face of failure. Spare him this time. Think about what you can do to minimize the margin of your defeat. Make some changes, drastic one. Do something, or at least pretend, that you are doing something. Exercise your PR, not through media but through social media. We all know media is paid, we don’t believe in journalists as much we believe in trolls on twitter. If you can’t do anything futile, at least try to be humble, show some respect to voters. India does not live around 10 Janpath anymore. Shifting is in progress, you better book your movers and packers. See you at the other side……