Wednesday Words – Let Them Suffocate In Closet

Let Them Suffocate In Closet
Let Them Suffocate In Closet

Recently I came across a news where a wife filmed his husband in homosexual acts, which lead to arrest of the guy, as under section 377 in India, homosexuality is a criminal act. Why this caught my attention, is because in this case both parties, husband as well as wife, both are victims and still both are at fault too.

The couple married a year back but recently they started living together. That is when wife came to suspect his hubby’s lack of interest in her. So, after failing to take him to see a doctor and resolve marital issues; she decided to install hidden cameras in her home. Which lead to wife confirming her doubts of marrying a gay man.

To bring someone to the extent that they have to install hidden cameras and arrange proofs of infidelity, it is sad.

Wife is a victim in this case, because she married someone thinking him to be the person who will love her, and only her, throughout his life. She wanted a straight guy, loving husband; instead she got a man who can not even confide in her and tell her in simple words – “I am Gay”. What could have been great if he could have had the courage to speak out these words, before he got married to a female.

Let Them Suffocate In Closet
Let Them Suffocate In Closet

Maybe if he could have come clean with his wife earlier, he could have been free. Free to commit this so called criminal act of homosexuality, within the safety of his home, without any peeping security cameras hidden in a corner. He could be doing this crime, without ever being caught.

But, is it that easy? No. I don’t think so. In a society where homosexuality is treated as a taboo and a crime by everyone around you, including family and friends; it is hard to live peacefully. It could be that his parents forced him into a marriage thinking that marrying a girl will turn him somehow to a straight guy. As if it’s a disease, and with a right combination of antibodies, it can be treated.

Let Them Suffocate In Closet
Let Them Suffocate In Closet

It could also be that being a coward, he said nothing to his parents and thought by marrying a girl, their question regarding his personal life, will stop. So, he decided, that marriage is easier than answering your parents worried questions. Great!! what about wife? Oh, women are always submissive, she will quiet down after some time.

It’s not like that they come from uneducated background. Both parties are working in high reputed firms; are independent; and educated. Maybe that’s why, wife decided to not lay low and get her life ruined. She did wrong, by invading the privacy of her husband and filming him, but what option was left for her.

She did tried to convince parents from both sides, that something is wrong. But, as happen normally, she was asked to be quiet and compromise for a happy married life. What would you have done?

Let Them Suffocate In Closet
Let Them Suffocate In Closet

I seriously feel pity for the husband. His only fault, that I see, is ruining a girl’s life by marrying her in false pretenses. Ironically, he is condemned and arrested for his Love towards another man, and not for his infidelity. 😦

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