The Melodrama Called AAP

The Melodrama Called AAP

The Melodrama Called AAP
The Melodrama Called AAP

I have always believed that real life is much more fascinating and captivating than any TV Drama Series or Soap Opera; AAP has once again proved it right.

Make no mistake AAP here is not a new Drama series starting on your cable, but it is recently emerged Indian Political party which has created shock-waves across by winning Delhi elections with huge majority.

But, it’s not the winning which creates interesting news; it is the way you handle your winnings, is what matters. Believe me when I say that AAP was not as fascinating before as it is now, with its ongoing internal party drama.

Infact daily I visit news articles hoping to see some new twist and turn in AAP, and it does oblige me with something new unbelievable twist in the story. To name a few of its dramatic turn of events – leaking of audio tapes of one of Arvind Kejriwal cursing his fellow party leaders, or just trying a negotiation for horse trading; or leaking of internal emails where party leaders are showing discontent with each other; high point was expelling of two key members in a highly inappropriate and anarchistic way; and then their press conference which was topping all the reality drama television. It was like perfect drama – better than any Roadies, or Big Boss, or The Bachelorette.

You may ask but what is so special about all this? Isn’t every political party is like this?

Yes, you are right. Every party is like this and every party has its own internal dramas, but why AAP stood out more in this political mess is because AAP was created with the mindset that every political party is similar, and nation wants a new system/party which is more transparent and reachable to common men. It was the sacrifice, struggle and crusade of so many honest Indians against corruption which gave birth to AAP.

The Melodrama Called AAP
The Melodrama Called AAP


Now those same honest party volunteers are asking their donations back. Clearly, the trust is broken. Trust that they had on their leaders to provide them an honest alternative in today’s times of dirty politics; but alas; when it came to Power, every party behave in same way. Infact AAP has left behind other parties in its showcase of drama and anarchy.

Question which should be raised to these so-called honest party leaders is that – Why now? Why they didn’t expelled or reported dirty politics before elections? Why only after they won the election and now wants a share of Power, that they started pointing out the problems in party leadership? Problems which were not new but started about year back.

Why now?

Kejriwal was always presumed as an anarchist, who prefers to have his way, be it right or wrong. He wants to be high command. He prefers having ‘Yes Man‘, and not voice of differences.

Yadav and Bhushan have invested so much in this party, be it their time, money, ideas, efforts, actually everything. Now, they want equal standing in the party. They want an equal say. They are not wrong in this demand, although their timing is suspicious.

The Melodrama Called AAP
The Melodrama Called AAP


If yadav and bhushan were that honest, why didn’t they reported the atrocious things going on in their party? Was winning Delhi elections, more important than keeping your party honest to its basic vision? Didn’t they were fooling their party workers/volunteers and people of Delhi who voted for them.

Looks like in this party everyone is same, just like in any other party.

To end, a Quote from Abraham LincolnNearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

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