You are just a Mom

You are just a Mom

You are just a Mom
You are just a Mom

Phew! I am writing after a very long time. Well, I was writing a lot of other stuff, but it’s been long since I wrote on my blog. Feeling a little jittery here.

Bear with me if you find any faults… just treat is as my first post… which most of you didn’t read actually 😦 Now, I am feeling bad.

Let me leave all these silly thoughts behind and directly come to the point.

As you read the title of this post, ‘You are just a Mom’, you willΒ realize that this is also one of many posts about my kids. Yes, it is. What can I do, I have nothing else to write other than my silly conversations with my kids.

So, it so happen that Renne, my youngest, he likes to watch cartoon, just like the other two. Only thing, he likes to watch it from up close. If I am not near, watching him, constantly, as I love to do; he will be there just in front of TV within minutes. It is like every 10 minutes I have to peek from my kitchen to check on him. He never disappoint me. He is always near it, and as soon as he will hear me coming, he will jump and run towards couch in the same speed as flash, his superhero would do.

I have a very nice and soothing yelling voice, my kids and hubby won’t agree to it, but even my nightingale voice have a limit. So, instead I prefer giving them time out.

With Renne situation too, when I got tired of telling him again and again to watch TV from distance, I gave him a time out of 10 minutes.

Now, you must think how heartless I am, depriving my kid of watching cartoon for full 10 minutes. Yes, I am cruel, and you are not the only one who thinks this way.

Renne started crying, but he had no other choice, so the defeated soldier retreated to his time out zone.

When someone is in trouble, who came for rescue – Knight in shining armor.

In Renne case, it is his big brother, Otu.

You are just a Mom
You are just a Mom

To freshen your memory, Otu is just 1 minute elder to Renne. Both are twins. But Otu feel that 1 minute is enough to make him guardian of Renne. In fact he says that Renne is his baby, and not mine. Parenting is not that easy kiddo.

So, Otu Singh, came to rescue. Seeing his baby brother crying and not been able to watch cartoon, he came in kitchen to face me, with his hands on sides, just like a boss ready to confront his worst employee.

Otu: Why you punish my Renne?

Me: Because he was not watching TV from a distance.

Otu: You are just a MOM.

Otu: He is my baby. You can not punish him. Tell you that – You are just a mom.

Me: I am a Mom, and I can do anything.

Otu: No. Moms can not punish their kids. Moms only love kids. They don’t make kids cry. You can not punish him. He is my baby.

Ok, by now, I was speechless, and convinced too, that I am just a Mom.

A Mom of three kids, who are courageous enough to fight with the supreme leader of home (me), for the sake of each other.

Happy to be ‘Just a Mom’. Β πŸ˜›Β 

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