Cat, which don’t want to be saved….

Good thing about living in an area with lots of trees nearby (other than the view) is that you got to see so many visitors (wanted/unwanted) from the wild. Yesterday, while I was downstairs checking my mail, I saw one cat, all covered in black puffy hairs. All black and beautiful. She had bright eyes, bright as fire. Kind of scary for me. Too scary, but beautiful in a way.

Cat, which don't want to be saved
Cat, which don’t want to be saved

You must have guessed what I would have done after seeing that beautiful cat…. No, I didn’t hold her and loved her… on the contrary I ran. I ran away and close my doors as fast as I can.

Yeah, I am frightened of cats. Actually, I got scared of everything that walks on 4 or more legs. 😦

I don’t hate them, it’s just that I would like to keep my distance. I love them, till no touching is involved.

So, I left her on my doorstep. But, she never left me. :O

At night, when my hubby arrived from gym, she was still there. Still waiting at our door. My hubby, he appears to be very rough and tough but when it comes to helping others he is all heart. Sometimes, I hate this habit of him, but to tell you frankly(don’t tell him) I love him for this. Muaahh.

So, he was not willing to close the door on her in this cold weather. He was afraid that she might die of cold or can become food of some wild animal. Thus, we started our rescue mission. First thing that we thought of, was to provide some food for her. So, I put some milk and bread for her to eat. But, she was behaving just like my kids. Won’t eat, no matter how much you pursue her. Stubborn.

Cat, which don't want to be saved
Cat, which don’t want to be saved

We guessed she must have eaten something and is full. So next thing that we do was to arrange a cushion and blanket for her to prevent from cold. But she refused that too. How stubborn and ungrateful.

We wanted to hand her over to the society office, so that they could put her up in some comfortable place. But, it was already very late in night and there was no one at office. Seeing no other option my hubby finally decided to knock on our neighbor door and ask them if the cat is theirs. (I once saw a black cat in their hands, a different one though).

Our helpful neighbor Mark, also came out to help her. He even offered to put her in his garage till morning, to save her from cold. So finally, we decided to put her in garage and in morning to hand her over to the office guys or to cat shelter.

Mark and my hubby both went down to garage and tried to put that stubborn cat in the garage. That stubborn cat. She did it again. Ran away. Mark also got some scratches on his arm in all this struggle. But, that black cat was long gone in darkness of night.

My hubby was worried that she may not survive the night, but I was sure no one can touch that stubborn cat, not even cold.

And I was right (as always). I saw her today again, on the door waiting to scare the hell out of me. I didn’t even went to go check my mail. 😦

Cat, which don't want to be saved
Cat, which don’t want to be saved

Well, the cat was saved, though. My neighbor told me that he had taken the cat to the society office and they have placed her in a shelter. I was relieved, less for the cat but more for myself. Now, there is no four legged animal, waiting at my doorstep. Peace.

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