What Big Boys Do?

What Big Boys Do?

What Big Boys Do?
What Big Boys Do?

If you are wondering where I was for such a long time…. no posts… nothing. Then I have my reasons. Pretty valid reasons.

My In-Laws were here and that just pretty much sums it up. So, I was doing nothing and still I was busy all the time. Like my husband use to say “Busy without Business”. But now I am hoping that I would break this dry spell of mine and would post more regularly.

So, coming back to this post “What big boys do”, this is a small conversation with my 3-year-old don Otu.

You never know what silly thing you will hear from your toddlers. Most of the time they will surprise you with something intelligent or something so simple that you wonder how do they think in this way.

Otu my three-year old son, is one of the twin boy. Other twin boy Renne is complete opposite of him.

Otu is very observant. He notices everything and has a very curious mind. He is always asking questions and he gives his own explanations too.

What Big Boys Do?
Renne in blue and Otu in mid and Tisha playing with grass


He thinks he is a big boy, just because Renne is somewhat one minute younger to him. So, he always says, “I am a big boy and Renne is small baby”.

He wants to be treated like one too.

So, just yesterday, when I was busy watching Netflix (as usual) and he was bothering me with his list of questions (as usual). Just to send him away I said to him, “Why are you not playing? Look Tisha and Renne are playing in play room”.

You should also go and play in your play room”.

Otu replied back, “No”. “I will not play in play room. Big boys don’t play with toys”.

Enough to throw me off. I was hesitant to ask him further about, what big boys play with, but can’t keep my mouth shut. So, I asked him.

Believe me I was waiting for something funny or shocking, but his reply was way simpler than I have imagined.

I asked him, if big boys don’t play with toys, then what do they actually do?

Otu with his serious look on his face (a look which says you know nothing mamma), said – “Big boy brush their teeth, they sit on couch and then they talk. They just talk. They don’t play, mamma.”

How simple?

What Big Boys Do?
What Big Boys Do?

Don’t be big, my boy. Stay small and play with your toys. I love talking to you but I love seeing you play. ❤ . 



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