When HR is playing you around?

When HR is playing you around?
When HR is playing you around?

HR or Human Resources is a department in an organization whose main task is Employee Management.

Employee management does not necessarily mean being employee friendly. In Fact, HR is never your friend. HR is an organization’s employee, just like you; and his job is to save his employer from any liability coming from employee side.

One of my friend learnt this thing the hard way, but he was soon to correct his ways and gave an apt reply to an arrogant HR.

Have you ever given an interview and then waited for the HR to give you a proper feedback? If yes, then you will surely understand how annoying it could be when you are given a positive feedback after a job interview but still you are not getting any confirmation from HR.

When HR is playing you around?
When HR is playing you around?

My friend, who got selected after vigorous rounds of interviews, was asked by company to join as soon as possible. He was ready too. But guess what, maybe HR was not.

He waited few days to receive further communication, and then called the HR; only to hear, ‘Yes, you are selected, but this position is on hold temporarily, so we will call you soon for further information.’

However, no further communication was received.

After a few months, my friend again got the call for the same job, but this time through a consultant; he enquired again with that particular HR. This time too, answer was, ‘this position is on hold, and we will get back to you’.

He didn’t hear from that job again but he did got one LinkedIn invite from this HR, after a few months.

He asked this HR on LinkedIn board about all the bu!!$#!t that had happened, and now HR told him, that he is no longer working for that firm and he has no answers.

This time it was the turn of the Job seeker to return the favor; and he returned it in a profoundly colorful language, visible to everyone on HR’s page. He even reported this unprofessional behavior of HR to his current employer, and also to every possible contact he can get a hold of.

Here is a short transcript


These kind of things are becoming quite common with HR and Job seekers. Infact most of the times, HR behaves as God and wouldn’t bother to reply back or answer your calls, unless you are involving their superiors.

When HR is playing you around?
When HR is playing you around?

I have personally known few HR who try to sabotage career of employees just because managers are not happy with them. One employee who wanted to file a sexual harassment against his supervisor was shown the door a day before he was planning to go forward with his case. One HR just neglected an anonymous report( which was actually filed by the team anonymously to protect a girl), of sexual harassment of a developer by his business analyst.

When HR is playing you around?

One case where an employee just updated her résumé just to stay on top of it, and HR reported it to Manager. Within a week she was given the red slip.

One HR case I have heard where they asked the job seeker to first show his resignation letter from current company, before they can give an offer. How absurd is that?

Overall, one of the major issue with HR people is that they don’t think they are answerable to employees.

When HR is playing you around?
When HR is playing you around?

It’s true that company is paying them and not the employee, but their job profile includes employee welfare too, along with taking care of the company resources.

What do you think about this case? Don’t you think that HR process should have been more transparent? Don’t you think that a job seeker deserves an honest response? Don’t you think if someone is selected after an interview, he/she should be given a confirmation within a timely manner?

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