When it looks like hate is winning

When it looks like hate is winning
When it looks like hate is winning

Good over Bad. Love over Hate.

These are the beliefs we all believe to live a hopeful life… a life to look forward to. We are taught to lead our life this way. If we do good, we will get good results.

Remember, what you sow, so shall you reap.

But, what if you see hate winning, and winning it like never-before?

What if you can reap exact opposite of what you sow?

Can it be a just world then?

Is it justice?

It doesn’t look like it. It doesn’t feel like it. It feels sick in stomach. Painful. Dreadful. Dark.

When it looks like hate is winning

Here is where I would like to stop you now. When you feel like this just remember that it is darkest just before dawn. We must go through the worst to reach our best. This is a simple rule of life… we must go through it. We must overcome it.

You know why it is said that hate can never win over love. Because, love never stops. Goodness never stops. We keep on loving. We keep on spreading goodness and love. In-fact we should spread more and more love as world now needs a lot of it.

Political scene is changing drastically almost everywhere in the world. This change is neither smooth nor expected. It is an apocalyptic change, and it is happening in every corner of this world. People around the world are bringing this change by their votes, by their say, and by their actions. Be it Brexit or current US election, or stimulated political environment in my home country India. This change is too much. Too much for us to handle and accept, and to adapt to.

We are just not ready.

Problem is not in these major changes but our inability to accept them.

Coming to recent election of Trump as next US President, before we start hating him (more), and declaring him as #NotMyPresident. Do think of certain points.

When it looks like hate is winning

First most, and most important one, he was not elected against a virtuous leader. It was not the fight between good vs evil. It was just bad and worse fighting with each other. You guess which is worse and which is bad. But, it was never a winning situation for USA, no matter who would have won.

Another thing which we need to consider is that, again, as whole world is going through major changes; USA need some major changes too. This election of a non-political and inexperienced leader proves that people want to see someone who is not part of the system, to rule the system. It could turn out disastrous or totally opposite, but we should keep an open mind.

With this election, Americans have spoken very clearly that they want to bring back ‘good old days’. Doesn’t matter if those good old days are going to be good for rest of us or not. They want to go back. They want someone with traditional values, traditional promises. Although seeing the lifestyle of elect president I hardly think he is an epitome of traditionalism.

Losing hope is never an option. If we are given this result, we must be hopeful that there must be something good coming out of it. Give him a chance. He has already shocked all of us; he may surprise us too. Do not lose hope. Instead hope for him to change his ways, his words, and his actions, for the betterment of this country.

When it looks like hate is winning

You win some, you lose some. Just make sure, you learn.

Always. Learn. Love.




7 thoughts on “When it looks like hate is winning”

  1. Hope is the supreme. Just hope that all he said during his campaigns were just to get more votes. Hope that may be he is not that bad a person, and he would actually do some good for the country and its stakeholders.


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