Broken Thoughts…

Is it easy to live life easily?

What we all crave for from inside is a simpler and meaningful life but our every desire every action is to grab more than we need. In such a process instead of having a simpler life, we create labyrinth around ourselves, and more we try to move away from the deeper in its web we get lost. 

How hard can it be to take life and all that comes with it, easily?

Why is it so hard, to do easy?

The first brick of this labyrinth’s foundation is laid the moment we are born and given a sense of identity. We start moving to try to grasp each corner, trying to figure out everyone and everything in our life. There are no walls yet, just foundations of these walls. I can still see you; you can still talk to real me. We play, we dance, we fight, we cry, we laugh, we have no walls between us. This was easy. It didn’t look easy then, but now it looked like simpler times. Oh, our gone childhood.

With each step further, we put more and more layers of identity on ourselves. First, it was just my name which you asked, and we became best friends. Then………….

Today, I was cleaning my laptop. Removing unnecessary files and deleting all superfluous selfies of mine, to make some space for, quite possibly, some new selfies; when I discovered this. I am not writing much nowadays, but when I was, I used to write about anything and just anything that would come to my mind and store it in a temporary document until I get the time to finish it and publish it. This above piece, ‘Is it easy to live life easily? ‘of a somewhat probable future article that I wrote a year back, was lying hidden in plain sight on my laptop and today I visited it while accidentally trying to delete it.

It’s not a big deal. We all do such things when we write something down and forget about it later until we see it again. But, the big deal for me was, that even after reading it and re-reading it, I couldn’t recollect that why and when I wrote it. So, there you see, it is just sitting here in front of my eyes as some unfinished story which I forgot how I wanted to complete it. I have no recollection of how I wanted to end it, or what was the idea behind this piece. I had to read it twice just to make sure that these are my own words… memory is a funny thing, indeed.

man wearing black and white stripe shirt looking at white printer papers on the wall
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I am still perplexed at this thought about living an easy life. Maybe in a day or so, I will be able to remember and get this answer, or maybe its time to find some new answers. Right now, my mind is like too many tabs of a browser opened at the same time. Multitasking and multidirectional. Too chaotic. Too much to process. Too much to complete. So, on second thought, I may let this one slide. Time to close one tab.


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