Behind Every Successful Wo(man)

Behind Every Successful Wo(man)


You must have heard of the phrase “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” Now, in the era of feminism and woman empowerment, we are hearing more of ‘behind successful woman’ quotes as well. I have heard few of them too. Actually, 2-3 versions of them. Something in the line of –


Behind every successful woman is a Loving Father.


Behind every successful woman there is a Family who supported her and not the society.


Behind every successful woman there is a father who trusted her and not the society.


Wow… we seem to have so much support for successful women. So much love and support for the poor woman. Family, and father supporting daughter of the house, so that she can one day be successful. No, I am not being sarcastic. I am happy, really happy to see these quotes. I just have few thoughts.


When you read this quote, ‘Behind a successful man there is a woman’; what kind of woman do you see? I bet she would be a dutiful wife, taking care of kids, doing all household chores, cooking, taking care of everything in and around house; so that successful man won’t have to bother about it, and instead could keep his focus on being more successful.

Now, read the quote, ‘Behind a successful woman there is a loving father, or supporting family’. What kind of father/family you see – This father/family is the one who is giving an equal opportunity to the daughter as they have given to the son. There is nothing more to it.

Behind Every Successful Wo(man)

When we bring these loving father and supporting family in the equation, we are actually negating all the hard work that a successful person(man/woman) has done to reach there. I don’t want to talk about woman specifically, as I think both man and woman want love and support of their family. But, considering it is a lot difficult for women to achieve something in our patriarchal society, lets first talk about her.

Most of the women who are successful, are so, because they wanted to be successful. Some of them had a single parent, specially a strong single mother. Some of them had both the parents but got supported by none. Some of them struggled for their education and career, as their family didn’t approve of it. Out of all successful women, there were a few who got all the support. Who were lucky enough to have a loving father, and understanding mother, forward thinking brother, helpful sister, motivating friends and appreciating well-wishers. Those women are really lucky, but they are few. Rests have fought for their basic rights.  Right to have higher education, right to do a job, to do marriage at their preferred age with someone they want to, to have or not to have children, to leave kids in day care while they work; basically right to make their own decisions. Successful women were not, who had it easy. They are the ones who face difficulty and rise above it.

Even men don’t have it easy. Not every successful man had a loving wife/mother behind him. Some would have had a nagging wife and a helicopter mother; forcing them to prefer work over home life. So, why are we selling this idea of having someone behind us to be successful?

Who doesn’t want a loving father behind them? who does not need support of a family? We all do, right? Men or women, we all need a loving father, a loving mother, a supporting and trusting family; we all need them; but we don’t need them to be successful. We need them so that one day we could share our success with them.

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, or who is behind you and who is not.

Only thing that you need to be successful is You. You are the only thing that matters.

Why are we not teaching this to our kids? They don’t need to believe in others to be successful, they just need to believe in their own strength.

Behind Every Successful Wo(man)

I would never want my daughter to believe that she will be successful one day, because she has a loving father or a trusting family. No. Never.

I would like her to believe in herself.

I would like her to believe that she will become successful, if she would want it hard enough, with all her heart and passion.

She may want us by her side; but she definitely does not need us to be successful.



Sketched after almost 7 months… used some colors this time… hence titled Splash.

Splash by Jyoti Singh

Jungle Book Play by Bal Vihar Students

Jungle Book Play by Bal Vihar Students

Waltham Library is celebrating Jungle Book in this year’s theme; and what could be better than to have kids on stage enacting this popular story in a play format. Students of Bal Vihar School performed the play ‘Going By The Jungle Book’, which was based on the story of Mowgli, written by Rudyard Kipling in his most famous work, ‘The Jungle Book’.

Bal Vihar school was founded in 1996 to imbibe the values of Indian culture, and traditions in our young generation of Indian American. This school teaches not only Hindi language to its students, but also focus on their physical and spiritual well-being. Doing Yoga, reciting Shloka, celebrating each festival with tradition, and taking part in community work are some of their regular activities.

This play ‘Going By The Jungle Book’, was also an attempt to send a unique message of love and selflessness to our society. When I say ‘a unique message’, I want to emphasize on the work of this play’s writers, and also congratulate them, as they have molded this famous Mowgli Story in such a way that it forces you to think if both the villains of this story – Sher Khan (Tiger) and Baldeo (Uncle) representing the animal and human enemies of Mowgli respectively; were not based on the same ideology of Power and Greed. They both believed in power of control and domination rather than equality of law. In this tussle of domination, one thing that both of them failed to understand was, that Power of a Pack, power of a family, power of a like-minded group standing together for one cause, is far greater than any Sher Khan or Baldeo combined.

Jungle Book Play by Bal Vihar Students

Play starts with Raksha the mother wolf, finding a man cub(kid) alone in the forest. Seeing that he could die of hunger, she decides to adopt him and named him Mowgli. Mowgli is raised in jungle as a wolf cub by Raksha, with the help of Baloo and Bagheera and whole wolf pack. On the other hand, Sher Khan see this wolf kid, Mowgli, as a threat to his power, and tries to kill him every chance he gets. Mowgli runs away to a nearby village, where he meets Messua, a kind lady who has lost her son few years back. She takes Mowgli under her care and declare him as his long lost son Natthu; which was not taken well by Baldeo. He sees Mowgli as a threat to his sole inheritance on Messua’s property. His greed for money, takes him to setting a trap for Sher khan too. Mowgli, the innocent boy, who thought that whole jungle was his family, tries to save Sher Khan from the deadly trap, but to no avail. In the end, Sher Khan dies from Baldeo’s gunshot; but Messua do manage to save his son Mowgli from Baldeo’s ill intentions.

Jungle Book Play by Bal Vihar Students

Kids performing in this play send out a strong message that whole jungle is our family. We should preserve our jungles and our animals. We should also draw a fine line on where we need to stop our financial gain so as not to hurt our ecosystem. There is power in strength of numbers. We should stand together, just like a pack. This is the power of a pack.

Play was entertaining and everyone played their part perfectly; from baloo’s scratches, to bagheera’s irritation over baloo’s lazy attitude; from sher khan’s growling to Mowgli’s innocence; from Baldeo’s cunningness to Messua’s motherly love; from Raksha’s shield to wolf cubs Aaaooooo; it was just Perfect. Kids did a tremendous job, but It was also the effort of parents, teachers and mentors here, who deserve all the credit for this cultural and moral education to kids through a lively and entertaining play.

At the end, I just wanted to say that it was riveting to see these young boys and girls spread out the message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Our world will be much safer in the hands of these kids.

See below pics taken from the play.

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Ours is a doomed Civilization

Ours is a doomed Civilization

I am usually an optimistic person, but sometimes ways of this world make me wonder, if we are not doomed or what? We as in, we people of this world, the so called advanced species of this planet earth.

I was watching a documentary on Planet Earth, and then read and researched about some of our ancient civilizations. Specially on how they all ended. One thing is observed so far, that every civilization has an end date. None of our ancient civilizations have survived, no matter how powerful, advanced, or immortal they looked. Be it Mayans, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Egypt, Roman, or Incas.

All our ancient civilizations have either died completely, like Mayans, or they have changed drastically to survive, like ancient Chinese civilization. Few are left in bits and pieces; more like a mix of old with something new and different; like Indus Valley.

Why I am suddenly giving history lessons? I don’t even like history. Well, at least didn’t preferred it in school time.

So, why now?

Most of these civilizations have died of natural causes, like drought, wrong farming techniques, and not foreseeing the future natural calamities, etc. What you cannot see, you cannot control. If you cannot predict that your land is going to be affected by drought or not, you cannot take preventive measures to safeguard yourself; and thus you are in risk of falling  prey to this uncertainty of natural disasters.

Ours is a doomed Civilization

Now, if you will come to think of our current civilization; which is actually a global one. We are not limited to one culture, or one land, as such. We are global. Regardless of our ancestors; we do not belong to one city, or one country too; we belong to this whole world; this whole Earth. If a land is affected by a natural calamity, we have a better chance of surviving it.

We are so advance now that we can predict almost any natural calamity; and can prevent it to some extent too. We are so advanced that we can stop a meteorite on its way, before it touches our atmosphere. We are kind of invincible. We are immortal civilization.

But, are we?

Here lies the irony.

Our ancient civilizations had no foresight; they didn’t even know what was about to hit them. We have that foresight. We have that power. We have that control. We can see. We can predict. But, are we truly seeing what is just in front of us?

We are a doomed civilization. It’s not because some natural disaster will end this world someday. It’s because, we will be the reason of our own end.

We are the ones who will end our civilization by ourselves. We are killing this world. Not slowly, but such a faster rate that, soon we will reach to a point of no return. We are killing our home.

We are killing Earth. Our only Home. 

Our economic development has taken us to such heights that we cannot see how farther down we have pushed our mother Earth to a disastrous end. We are the reason behind Global warming. Increased CO2. Depleting Ozone layer. Increasing water levels of oceans. Melting Ice Caps. Warming weather. Cutting of Trees. Increase of Pollution. This is all our work. We are doing this.

We are responsible for our own doomed death.

Few of the so-called smart and advanced ones among us are depleting the resources of Mother Earth; and few of the Idiots and morons from among us, are killing each other in the name of religion and skin differences.

Rest of us, who are thankfully not so smart and not so dumb, are watching it all happen before our eyes, but not doing enough to stop it.

Ours is a doomed Civilization

We are certainly doomed.




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It was a beautiful morning. Nice weather. A nice morning ride. One hot cup of tea…. And then I connected with the real world. Horrific… too horrific news. It was running on every news channel. 5 police officer shot dead in an ambush attack during a peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protest. Person who did this killing was not a terrorist. He was a 25-year old-young man. He wanted to kill white people. White people who are police officers. Just 2 days back and since last many years, we were seeing the videos and news of police officers killing black people/kids, in their shuffles and interactions.

In Dhaka, some young educated people with gun, were telling their hostages to recite verses from Quran. Those who didn’t obliged; they were murdered.

We are killing people because they have a skin color different from us; or they follow Jesus, Raam, or none; but not our specially anointed God.

Who is killing whom? It is no longer clear to me. Are Muslims killing us? or, white police officers are killing us? or, black people are killing us? I don’t seem to understand here… who is killing whom?

A killer is a killer. Whom this killer have killed – he was a son, he was a brother, a father, a lover, a friend, a human. He had an identity. The person you have killed just now, based on his skin color, or the religion he follows; that person was a human. He had so many other identities than just being black, or white; or Hindu, or Christian, or Muslim. He was a living human, taking breath, air filling his lungs every second. A person. A person with life, with future, with family, with hope. You have not killed his skin color, or his religion. You have just killed his family. His mother. His sister. His daughter. His wife. His friends. His family. You have killed everyone who have loved that person. You are a killer. Not less than that and not more.

You are just a Killer.

No, you will not go to heaven. No hundreds of ‘hoors’ for you. No, you have done nothing to save black lives. No, you are not keeping your community safe by killing a 15-year old black boy.

What you have done is, you have planted seeds of Hate in this community. You are growing Hate. What you sow you will reap. You will get hate only. You are a Trump. You are a Zakir Naik. You are a hater. You will get hate only. And no, you are not helping your specific community. You are pushing them into hatred.

Where is this hate taking you? Don’t go to a point of no return. Spread Love. Not Hate.

Why can’t you look beyond the color of my skin, or my sexual preference, my religion,  or my country of origin? Why would you kill me for a part of my identity? I am much more than that. Much more than anything worth killing for.

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