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So, What Do You Read? Recipe Books?

So, What Do You Read? Recipe Books?

Firstly, I am really sorry for this drought of post from my side. Remember my Curious George problem, yeah, my cute sweet two year old Renne, Yes, he is the real culprit. I can never understand how those cute little small hands can have the power to destroy hard disk of a laptop. Well, Devil has never looked better.

Now when I have just explained why I didn’t write for a week, let me now come back to basic point of writing a post. So this happens at a friends place, where I was admiring their new kindle edition. I blurted out that I want one too. Next thing I heard them say was “Oh, So, What do you read? Recipe books? Cooking?”

Next two minutes I was blurting out all the books name that I have read and saying NO in every two seconds, no I do not read recipe books. I never read them. I read real books. LOL, Real books. What are real books?

On the way home, I was wondering why did I react in this way? Was it because I thought of it as a gender specific comment, like you are a woman, so all that you must be doing is cooking? Or was it because a male asked me this question, that’s why I reacted in shockingly surprise mode? Then I realized, he asked me genuinely and he wouldn’t have had any other hidden agenda than to ask me about my interest in books.

So, why did I panic? was it that bad to read about cooking? No. As long as you are reading something, It’s not that bad. As long as I am doing something interesting with my life, it’s never bad. Maybe, it hit me to be considered as normal, a Normal girl.

To be like a normal housewife who has only one agenda – cooking. I am not normal. I don’t want to be normal. some abnormality is required. Not like few extra legs or hands or maybe a tail or horns. That would be weird, really weird. But something extra, as in, a new skill, new confidence of going out, making new friends out of totally strange people, exploring the world, and cooking too. I want it all and something extra too.

God, don’t ever let me be normal. Normal is boring. Normal is like being a couch potato. I will rather be a carved out pumpkin. A scary devious looking pumpkin. Not Normal. Smile