No Running, No Jumping

No Running, No Jumping
No Running, No Jumping

What is that one word or sentence, that you say most, in your daily life?

It could be anything, just don’t fret about it. I just wanted to share what I say (actually scream) most of the time.

It must have been evident by the title, but still I will say it – It’s “No Running, No Jumping”.

No, I don’t have a monkey at home (as if my hubby will let me have one), but I do have a monkey equivalent. Those who know me, will say “Why only one, you have three?” Those who know me well, will say “Yes, out of your three kids, only one is notorious enough to be considered as a monkey.”

No Running, No Jumping
No Running, No Jumping

We are talking about Renne Singh, my two year old boy. Now that I have told you that he is like a monkey, but it’s not that he has a tail or so. It’s just that he never seems to be still. Now, as far as my general knowledge from Discovery channel is correct, monkeys do sit still for some time. Oh God, now I can not even call him, a Monkey.

Problem with him is that there is no problem that can bind him longer on a single place. He is always Running. If not running, then Jumping. In fact, coming to think of that, I have never seen him walk. He never walks. Well, he does so, when I am holding his hand, so he didn’t ran away. Then he has no other option than to walk with me.

He didn’t even walked when he was learning walking. He was always quick and fast. He was just of 7 month when he started walking (literally) by holding on to furniture. By the age of 9 month, he was running and falling. More falling and less running, but no walking. His twin brother, Otu, while took his time, slowly, and increased his pace with time, almost to his 11th month.

No Running, No Jumping
No Running, No Jumping

Even when he wakes up in the middle of night, he will not come to my room, he will come running to my room. We have to clear out the whole pathway at night (remove their toys from the way), so that he won’t trip over while running at night. He will be running and screaming his lungs out, till he find his mom and sleep next to her.

No Running, No Jumping
Renne with Papa

Daytime, it’s the reverse, he won’t be screaming anymore. He will just be running and I will be the one screaming in every five to ten minutes, Renne, No Running, No Jumping”.

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