Frolic Friday – Sachin Tendulkar Knows You, Maria Sharapova

Sachin Knows Maria
Who Is Sachin Tendulkar?

Oh Maria!!! Poor Maria!!!

What have you done Maria???

You never would have guessed that all hell will break loose on you, the moment you said that you don’t know about Indian God of Cricket – The Sachin Tendulkar. Poor you. I pity you.

It so happened, that a journalist asked little doveSharapova, ‘Sachin Tendulkar was the other person who came in at the same time as David. Do you know who Sachin is?’

And our little dove replied by saying, “I don’t”.

Sachin Knows Maria
Sachin and Beckham

However, she does know, who Beckham is? 🙂

This simple ignorance or should I say lack of general knowledge of hers, has created a mayhem in the Indian Cricket fans groups. Result being, Maria’s Facebook posts and photos are littered with abusive and derogating comments. Not only this, several of her memes are going viral on internet showing fury of Cricket fans. Most fascinating is the trending of “#Who is Maria Sharapova” on twitter.

Sachin Knows Maria

A question to Indian cricket fans here (which includes me too), why does it bother you so much, if a player of another country have no knowledge of a player (goddamn player), of your country.

Specifically, because first –

  • She belongs to Russia, a country who does not play Cricket. India does not play Rugby, and I bet many of you would not be able to tell the names of two or three top rugby players. Leave Rugby, how many swimmers, or athletes or basketball players you know of.
  • There are only a few countries where Cricket is played. Mostly commonwealth countries and few more. Many nations are there, where cricket is not even known to the people. I have yet to see an American playing cricket in my local grounds, however Indians do play there.
  • Do you know the name of Indian Tennis Players? Except Sania?? If yes, how many of them you know of?
  • If Alia Bhatt (Oh I so wanted to point her out in this case. Resemblance is uncanny 😛 ), so if Alia Bhatt, does not know who the Prime Minister Of India is? Then is this her lack of general knowledge or does that mean that she has insulted The Prime Minister of India.

    Sachin Knows Maria
    Alia is smarter then Maria
  • Did she anyhow said something derogatory about Sachin? No. Right? She just doesn’t know him. Accept it.
  • Sachin is God. I agree with that. But is it necessary that our God should be others God too. She is allowed to have a God of her own, and not know anything about other Gods.
  • So, just forgive her. Even you knows, that Sachin The God, also would prefer that. After all, Sachin Knows Maria. 😛
Sachin Knows Maria
Sachin Knows Maria

However, I am too tempted to post some of the funniest memes which are making rounds on poor Maria. So Enjoy!!! But don’t forget to forgive. 😀

Sachin Knows Maria
Who is Maria Sharapova?
Sachin Knows Maria
This one is my personal favorite. 🙂
Sachin Knows Maria
Sachin The God
Sachin Knows Maria
Wanna have a match?
Sachin Knows Maria
Who is Maria Sharapova?
Sachin Knows Maria
The God

5 thoughts on “Frolic Friday – Sachin Tendulkar Knows You, Maria Sharapova”

  1. Oh dear, poor Maria. To be honest, I didn’t know who is was until I moved to India… I didn’t really know who Maria was either until a year or so ago. She lives tennis so why should she be expected to know about cricket lol… silly peoples 😛 xxx


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