Ours is a doomed Civilization

Ours is a doomed Civilization

Ours is a doomed Civilization

I am usually an optimistic person, but sometimes ways of this world make me wonder, if we are not doomed or what? We as in, we people of this world, the so called advanced species of this planet earth.

I was watching a documentary on Planet Earth, and then read and researched about some of our ancient civilizations. Specially on how they all ended. One thing is observed so far, that every civilization has an end date. None of our ancient civilizations have survived, no matter how powerful, advanced, or immortal they looked. Be it Mayans, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Egypt, Roman, or Incas.

All our ancient civilizations have either died completely, like Mayans, or they have changed drastically to survive, like ancient Chinese civilization. Few are left in bits and pieces; more like a mix of old with something new and different; like Indus Valley.

Why I am suddenly giving history lessons? I don’t even like history. Well, at least didn’t preferred it in school time.

So, why now?

Most of these civilizations have died of natural causes, like drought, wrong farming techniques, and not foreseeing the future natural calamities, etc. What you cannot see, you cannot control. If you cannot predict that your land is going to be affected by drought or not, you cannot take preventive measures to safeguard yourself; and thus you are in risk of falling  prey to this uncertainty of natural disasters.

Ours is a doomed Civilization

Now, if you will come to think of our current civilization; which is actually a global one. We are not limited to one culture, or one land, as such. We are global. Regardless of our ancestors; we do not belong to one city, or one country too; we belong to this whole world; this whole Earth. If a land is affected by a natural calamity, we have a better chance of surviving it.

We are so advance now that we can predict almost any natural calamity; and can prevent it to some extent too. We are so advanced that we can stop a meteorite on its way, before it touches our atmosphere. We are kind of invincible. We are immortal civilization.

But, are we?

Here lies the irony.

Our ancient civilizations had no foresight; they didn’t even know what was about to hit them. We have that foresight. We have that power. We have that control. We can see. We can predict. But, are we truly seeing what is just in front of us?

We are a doomed civilization. It’s not because some natural disaster will end this world someday. It’s because, we will be the reason of our own end.

We are the ones who will end our civilization by ourselves. We are killing this world. Not slowly, but such a faster rate that, soon we will reach to a point of no return. We are killing our home.

We are killing Earth. Our only Home. 

Our economic development has taken us to such heights that we cannot see how farther down we have pushed our mother Earth to a disastrous end. We are the reason behind Global warming. Increased CO2. Depleting Ozone layer. Increasing water levels of oceans. Melting Ice Caps. Warming weather. Cutting of Trees. Increase of Pollution. This is all our work. We are doing this.

We are responsible for our own doomed death.

Few of the so-called smart and advanced ones among us are depleting the resources of Mother Earth; and few of the Idiots and morons from among us, are killing each other in the name of religion and skin differences.

Rest of us, who are thankfully not so smart and not so dumb, are watching it all happen before our eyes, but not doing enough to stop it.

Ours is a doomed Civilization

We are certainly doomed.



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