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Drishyam (2015)

Drishyam (2015)
Drishyam (2015)


Story of a film is its first Hero, and movies in which this first hero is strong; they are a winner. Drishyam is one such movie. It has a very good and story line, which will grasp your every thought and make you wonder; what will happen next.

This is a story where you know the crime; you know the person who has committed it; you know the victim; you know everything except what will happen next. Is it possible to cover a crime so cleverly? That too by a person who can hardly be considered a literate? Moreover, hide a crime co efficiently that a hard-hitting IG of Police couldn’t bring the culprit to justice?


But, wait. Did I say story is Hero here? But this story is taken/inspired from someone else. Drishyam, 2015 Hindi Movie is based on 2013, Mohanlal starer, Malyalam movie, with the same name.


Wait, that’s not all.

Even that story is inspired by a 2005 Novel by Keigo Higashino, named ‘The Devotion Of Suspect X‘.

Great. So this novel was the real hero.

Leaving all the inspiration behind, Drishyam, 2015 movie is directed by Nishikant kamat; and stars Ajay Devgan and Tabu in the lead roles. Shriya Saran and Rajat Kapoor plays important supporting cast.

I don’t want to reveal much of the story, just that Ajay Devgan who was living peacefully with his wife Shriya and two girls; falls into a crime trap to protect his family; while Tabu is the one who is fighting to bring justice to the killers of his only son. She is a mother who has lost his kid and don’t even know how or why; and she is the IG of Police who has to uncover the mystery of this crime.

Drishyam (2015)
Drishyam (2015)

Both the lead actors, Ajay and Tabu has performed excellently. Tabu is always a treat to watch and Ajay puts fiery depth in his roles where he has to show more from his eyes and not his muscles.

There are although some silly little-little moments which make you just say, ‘why did you just ruin this movie’?

Ajay Devgan is shown as a calm and composed person, throughout the movie. Problem is one fine day you come to your home and see your family has killed a young boy, and still you are calm. That is too much. There was no change of expression. No fear in Ajay’s eyes. He started plotting to cover the crime from the very moment he see it.

Drishyam (2015)
Drishyam (2015)

Tabu is introduced as a tough Police woman till she realize that her only son might be dead. Understandable, she is a mother who has lost her son, and she shows that emotion beautifully. Problem is she never comes back. From there on she is just shown clinging to her husband Rajat Kapoor. Even when she is interrogating Ajay’s family, and almost beating them to death; she is not that fiery self. She didn’t lose control even when she came to know for sure that her son is murdered by the person standing right in front of her.

What I missed was some face to face conflict between Ajay and Tabu. This kind of never happened. She never confronts Ajay directly much. She did plead to his wife, relating to her as a mother. This was weak and doesn’t go well with her character. Overall it felt like that screenplay writer forgot that they wanted Tabu’s character to be a strong and tough woman.

Drishyam (2015)
Drishyam (2015)

It was a good movie to watch. Afterall you rarely see this kind of fast paced thrillers in Indian cinema. My opinion – do watch it, but if you have watched Mohanlal starer, Drishyam, than give this one a break.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns


Tanu Weds Manu Returns
Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Kangana tera swagger Lakh ka re”….. Looks like it’s that time when Bollywood heroines have decided to not only play strong female lead roles but also turn them into blockbusters; be it Anushka’s ‘NH10’, or ‘Piku’ from Deepika, and now the masterpiece by Kangana in ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns‘.

Big cheers for the girls!!!!

Tanu Weds Manu Returns, is a comedy drama sequel of 2011’s ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, directed by Anand L. Rai. He has earlier directed the first film too along with highly appreciated ‘Raanjhanaa’. This one is also one of his best work.

Tanu_Weds_Manu_Returns_Official_Trailer_Kangana_Ranaut_R_Madhavan (1)

Tanu Weds Manu Returns (TWMR), stars Kangana and Madhavan in lead roles. Other characters who have continued their roles from the original, are, Jimmy Shergill as Raja Awasthi, Pappi Ji played by Deepak Dobriyal, and, Payal played by Swara Bhaskar. New characters introduced in the sequel includes Zeeshan Ayub as chintu, and Rajesh Sharma as Datto’s brother.


Kangana has played two roles in this movie, one is of Tanuja(Tanu) Trivedi, a feisty Kanpur girl who is appropriately called batman by neighborhood, now married to a soft-spoken doctor from London.

Another role is of Datto (Kusum), who is an equally fiery girl from Jhajjar, Haryana; an athlete with a typical haryanvi accent and determination to do something to be proud of.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Story starts where most of the Bollywood stories ends, that is, marriage. It’s been 4 years since Tanu and Manu get married to each other and now living their boring life in London. It becomes so hard for Tanu to deal with her monotonous life that she decides to leave her husband in a mental asylum and come back to Kanpur, her hometown. Divorce proceedings starts and so start Tanu’s involvement with her ex lovers from rickshaw puller deepak to Raja Awasthi.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

While Tanu is busy meeting his exes, Manu meets second Tanu – Datto. A haryanvi athlete who looks like Tanu, except for her big teeth, short hair and full on jhajjar personality. With Datto around, Manu started reliving his days when he had fallen in love with Tanu, only to realize that he actually loves Datto and wants to marry her. What happens next? Well, watch the movie, believe me you will not get disappointed.


What makes this film stand out is its perfect star cast. Everyone fits so perfectly in every role that you can not imagine anyone else. Everyone has acted so beautifully that you can not think of them outside their characters, ever. Specially Pappi Ji. Deepak Dobriyal has made Pappi ji a legend with his baraati dance and apt one liners. He is the perfect side kick. Kudos to that person who have written Pappi’s dialogues. He was the most funny and lovable character of the movie.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns


Same goes for Chintu, who was a new entry in TWMR. One of the best dialogue of the film comes from his mouth, when he tell Jimmy that he is a shoulder for girls to cry on and later be used. Jimmy Shergill has always proved his mantle in every film of his, here however he didn’t have much to do. But, he always look stylish and handsome to me. Swara bhaskar has also done justice with her role. I really liked the scene where she mimics Datto. All these theater artists, they are like a boon to Indian cinema.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Madhavan is madhavan, a gold hearted, good-looking, simple, plain, and soft-spoken common man, who wants to live a simple life. He has portrayed this character with such an ease that it looks like piece of cake. He is astonishing in his dialogue delivery and more so when he is expressing himself without saying anything.


Coming to the soul of this movie – Kangana. Just to give you an idea of what kind of performer she is, someone in the hall asked quietly to his neighbor, these two are the same girls? Same heroine?, referring to Tanu and Datto. She has played two totally different characters so distinctively that you forgot that she is the same person. They are totally different. From the walk to talk. Just to be more filmy, both have a different swagger. Kangana is a marvelous actress. She is talented, beautiful and a risk taker. She is what we need, and Indian film industry should respect this talent. 

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

It’s not like that this film has no flaws. Most annoying was the introductory scene from mental asylum. Seriously, how can that be possible? Film’s climax is also a bit cringe worthy. It has more to do with our society which treat marriages as ‘7 janam ka rishtaa’, forever kind of things. It looked like in the end, filmmakers did not want to take the risk.



But, beauty of this movie is that you will forget about all these small glitches in the mayhem of natural performances, fast paced storyline and apt dialogues. One of my best scene from the movie was when Tanu disrespect Datto for her looks and small town mannerism; and Datto replies back with pride telling her that she is a state level athlete who is taken admission on her merit basis and she is a self-made girl and proud of it.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Overall, watch this movie because it’s very rare that you will see effortless beauty of every actor synchronized together in a single movie. Watch it for its actors. Watch it for Kangana.


Gabbar Is Back

Gabbar Is Back
Gabbar Is Back

So, I watched two Hindi movies this past weekend, after a long time, ‘Gabbar Is Back‘, and ‘Byomkesh Bakshi‘; and even I couldn’t believe myself in saying that only ‘Bakshi…’ was a disappointment.

Major reason for this is that I had very high hopes from ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’, considering the TV series was and still is, one of my favorite.

And, why I was not at all disappointed by ‘Gabbar’ has more to do with the fact that it was as full of s%#t as I was expecting it to be.

See glass is always full.

Today, I will not talk about ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ though. You know just because it will pain me to write down what went wrong. So leaving it behind, let’s talk about Mr. Gabbar.

Gabbar Is Back
Gabbar Is Back

Gabbar Is Back‘, is directed by Krish and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This is a remake of Tamil film ‘Ramanna’.

Akshay Kumar is Gabbar, who is supported by Shruti Hassan, Sunil Grover, Suman Talwar and gorgeous Kareena in a cameo. Well, all the stars appears to be in a cameo considering every bit and every frame is focused on Akshay. This is so much happening with all the big stars films now that you no longer even remember the names of other stars.

Story? There is no story as such. To sum it up in one line – Gabbar is modern Bhagat Singh with a twist that he prefers to kill others (many others) before sacrificing himself for good of the nation.

He is a crusader on a mission of anti-corruption, and his screen-name (Sorry too much of online gaming…. but you get the point, right?? ) is Gabbar. To clear the air, why he calls himself Gabbar is not even explained logically. So, in reality, he is a college professor who teaches his students to become honest and idealistic nationals.

Gabbar Is Back
Gabbar Is Back


This is all in all an Akshay Kumar’s film and every frame of it will remind you of his ‘Khiladi’ time action sequences. It is a treat to watch Akshay back in his Khiladi avatar but this is also the problem with this movie. Now, when all the big stars are doing action movies with high-class 3-d action sequences, Gabbar falls short of technology and that Jaw dropping action moment. All that this movie lacked was actually – Rohit Shetty.

A special mention to Chitrangada Singh for rocking ‘Aao raja’. Babe, you look sensual, but you deserve much more than this.

Gabbar Is Back
Gabbar Is Back

My husband loved it and I hated it but still it was a good time-pass with popcorn. ‘Bakshi Ji’ if you are listening…. don’t make me write about Gabbar.

Tuesday Talkies – ‘God’s Not Dead’, and ‘The Quiet Ones’

'God's Not Dead', and 'The Quiet Ones'
Watched two movies this last week and both of them turns out – bogus. Well, one more than the other.

So, without much ado lets delve into both the stories.

First I will talk about ‘God’s Not Dead‘, which was more of a headache than I could ever imagine.

'God's Not Dead', and 'The Quiet Ones'

‘God’s Not Dead’, is directed by Harold Cronk and stars Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper and Dean Cain in lead roles. I was rather intrigued by the title of movie and this was the only reason that took a blind leap of faith to watch it, but it turned out to be a totally different kind of faith promotion. It’s a christian drama film which is made so poorly and in a preachy way to promote Christianity that after watching it, I felt relieved that I am not christian.

'God's Not Dead', and 'The Quiet Ones'


As I said, it is preachy; but not only that, its underlying agenda is like to force you towards Christianity. Theme of movie is, if you are Christian than you must be very kind and helpful, in total a good human being; but on the other hand, if you believe in any other kind of God, then you are devilish. You must be cruel and woman abuser or merciless. Well, message is something else, but if you rate this movie based on just its execution then also it’s a failure. All the scenes are artificial and novice, specially the climax of the movie with death of professor. Save us Jesus from these preachy movies.


Time to move on. Let’s talk about our second film – ‘The Quiet ones’.

I love horror movies. They offer something different and make you react. This one is good too but in parts.

'God's Not Dead', and 'The Quiet Ones'

It’s whole idea of treating a troubled girl by a professor is indeed cool and refreshing. It shows what was the perception of people towards such supernatural events and personalities. Story proceeds with the help of a cameraman who is recording all these activities and treatment experiment to help professor receive Nobel prize. In the process, he falls for the troubled girl and uncover a dark secret about her, which torments belief of professor and his whole experiment.

'God's Not Dead', and 'The Quiet Ones'


This movie has it’s fair share of chills but its shabby camera work, which is deliberate, is kind of distracting. It looks like that movie could have gone in so many direction but in the end, story take some unexplained and illogical turn. You don’t understand the reasons, as if whole motive is changed somewhere.

'God's Not Dead', and 'The Quiet Ones'
The Quiet Ones’, is directed by John Pogue and stars Jared Harris is lead role of professor. Movie is based loosely on a real life event/experiment.

Not great but fun to watch just for the sake of some horror chills.

The Imposter – When Real Life is more Riveting than Reel

The Imposter – When Real Life is more Riveting than Reel
The ImposterWhen Real Life is more Riveting than Reel

What does it take to be someone else in hope of living your dream life? What does it take to welcome a loved in your life, who was taken from you, years back? What does it take to live a lie?

A lie of being someone else. A lie to see your son, in the face of a total stranger.

After watching this documentary movie, it took me an hour going through all the articles and interviews of the persons involved, to convince myself, that this was really a true authentic story and not a fiction.

Imposter, directed by Bart Layton, is a documentary based on the 1997 case of Frederic Bourdin, french national, who impersonated a missing American boy, Nicholas Barclay. Why this case is special, I will tell you later, but why this documentary is special, because it is so far being treated like a documentary.

Bart Layton has shown this story with both main protagonists sharing their views, and at the end this makes you wonder, if the victim is really a victim here?

Story is so riveting and thrilling that you will not believe it even when at the back of your mind, you always knew that this is based on a real life event.

Nicholas Barclay, a 13-year-old Texas boy went missing in 1994, never to be found, until one day a phone call from Spain says otherwise.

The Imposter – When Real Life is more Riveting than Reel
Frederic Bourdin


Bourdin is a 23-year-old man, who makes his way through life by impersonating teenage boys and living in child shelters. His life of lies is going on too well, until one day Judge asked him for his identity or go through finger print identification system. Fearing that he may get caught and imprisoned for life, he soon blurt out a new story that he is actually American and got kidnapped from there to Spain.

Through his ultra sharp mind and super cunning convincing skills he manage to strike gold when a missing boy from Texas, America, Nicholas Barclay seems to have the same description as Bourdin. Authorities now took control and lie is now so out of control that now even the creator of these lies, Bourdin has no power over it.

He tries to go with the flow, changing his color blonde, tattooing his hands, covering his eyes with big dark goggles and hiding himself in layers of clothing. But, are these enough, to fool a loving sister who has not seen his brother for last three years?

Looks like it is.

Nicholas’s sister didn’t even flinch seeing Bourdin for the first time. Infact she shows him all the family photographs detailing on every family member possible. It was enough for Bourdin to pass the authorities and acquire a US passport and citizenship.

His so-called mother, uncle, cousins…. everyone is convinced that he is Nicholas. Is he that good an actor/impersonator? Maybe.

Gaining confidence like never before, Bourdin’s tales now encompassed torture and sexual abuse by military personnel and child traffickers, raising alarms through every section of community from media, to private investigators and FBI too.

A private investigator suspecting story of Nicholas’s escape take special interest in this case and soon share his doubt to FBI agent Nancy Fisher, that this Nicholas has different ears than the one who went missing 3 years before. Nancy took this investigation further and take Nicholas to a forensic scientist, who also confirms that this Nicholas is a fake and is not raised by an American family. Only thing now needed to do was check his DNA and confirm all the allegations.

But, Barclay family denied. Nicholas’s mother refused to give DNA samples saying, “We know who he was”.


Why would you keep a total stranger in your home, when everyone including government is saying that he could be dangerous, in fact a spy or a terrorist?

The Imposter – When Real Life is more Riveting than Reel
The Imposter – When Real Life is more Riveting than Reel


A mother/sister no matter how desperate they are to get reunited with their long-lost family member, can ignore drastic differences of physical appearances of impersonator.

Nicholas had blue eyes, Bourdin had brown.

Nicholas had blonde hairs, Bourdin had black dyed blonde. Within their 3 months of stay they couldn’t see the color of his roots.

Nicholas would have been 16 if alive, and Bourdin was a 23-year-old man.

Nicholas had tattoos when he was 13, Bourdin had them fresh.

Most importantly, Bourdin didn’t recall anything from his past life. His school, his friends, his memories all lost. His accent totally different. Everything was different.

This documentary leaves you with so many questions. Most revolting is the one who Bourdin himself raised to authorities after being imprisoned for his deeds. He told them, that Barclay family has killed real Nicholas and they accepted him in their family to hide this gruesome killing.

Who is a victim here? Who to believe?

We may not know all the answers, but this story is far more thrilling than any other film story.