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Mouthwatering Monday – Fruit n Nuts Bowl

Today, I am holidaying, so here is just a bowl of Fruits and Nuts for you. No recipe. 🙂

Fruit n Nuts Bowl
Fruit n Nuts Bowl



So, What Do You Read? Recipe Books?

So, What Do You Read? Recipe Books?

Firstly, I am really sorry for this drought of post from my side. Remember my Curious George problem, yeah, my cute sweet two year old Renne, Yes, he is the real culprit. I can never understand how those cute little small hands can have the power to destroy hard disk of a laptop. Well, Devil has never looked better.

Now when I have just explained why I didn’t write for a week, let me now come back to basic point of writing a post. So this happens at a friends place, where I was admiring their new kindle edition. I blurted out that I want one too. Next thing I heard them say was “Oh, So, What do you read? Recipe books? Cooking?”

Next two minutes I was blurting out all the books name that I have read and saying NO in every two seconds, no I do not read recipe books. I never read them. I read real books. LOL, Real books. What are real books?

On the way home, I was wondering why did I react in this way? Was it because I thought of it as a gender specific comment, like you are a woman, so all that you must be doing is cooking? Or was it because a male asked me this question, that’s why I reacted in shockingly surprise mode? Then I realized, he asked me genuinely and he wouldn’t have had any other hidden agenda than to ask me about my interest in books.

So, why did I panic? was it that bad to read about cooking? No. As long as you are reading something, It’s not that bad. As long as I am doing something interesting with my life, it’s never bad. Maybe, it hit me to be considered as normal, a Normal girl.

To be like a normal housewife who has only one agenda – cooking. I am not normal. I don’t want to be normal. some abnormality is required. Not like few extra legs or hands or maybe a tail or horns. That would be weird, really weird. But something extra, as in, a new skill, new confidence of going out, making new friends out of totally strange people, exploring the world, and cooking too. I want it all and something extra too.

God, don’t ever let me be normal. Normal is boring. Normal is like being a couch potato. I will rather be a carved out pumpkin. A scary devious looking pumpkin. Not Normal. Smile

Experimental Cookies



Experimental Cookies
Experimental Cookies



Experimental Cookies
Experimental Cookies


One Cookie….. Two Cookies…. Three Cookies


That’s how Otu (My 2 yr Old son) was counting cookies by watching a “counting for kids video” running on TV. Suddenly, I started hearing “Cookies, Cookies…. Mamma….I want cookies”.


First it was just Otu, and within seconds two more monsters Tisha and Renne joined him. Ratio of Power just got shifted to 3:1, in fact 3:0, because, I don’t have any say, when all three kids unite against me 😛


Only reasonable thing to do next was to convince them that they will shortly receive some cookies. On that note, I was wondering why do kids always want that particular food item, which just got out of stock. :O


So, I went ahead and made some plain chocolate chip cookies. But, nothing is plain when it comes to cooking. Problem being, I try something new every time I make something. So what new now? Well, you have to read more to know that.


Here is the simplest Recipe for chocolate chip cookies.




2 ¼ Cup All Purpose Flour


1 tbsp Baking Soda


1 tbsp Salt


1 Cup Butter


¾ Cup Sugar


¾ Cup Brown Sugar


1 tbsp Vanilla Extract


2 Large Eggs


2 Cup Chocolate Morsels (was out of them, so used butterscotch morsels)


1 Cup chopped Nuts


 Experimental Cookies




 Preheat the Oven to 375 degree F.


Mix Flour, Baking Soda and salt.


Beat butter, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract in another bowl. Add eggs to it, one at a time, mixing thoroughly.


Mix the flour mixture with egg mixture.


Add morsels and nuts, stir well.


Now make small rolls and place them in baking sheet.


Oven time.


Bake for 9 to 11 Minutes.


Let them rest for 2 minutes, and Ready to go.


Experimental Cookies
Experimental Cookies


But, what was new that I talked about? Well, it got more to do with presentation.


So, instead of chocolate, I used butterscotch morsels, for the one thing.


Next to do was use shredded coconut. For this, roll your small cookie dough into shredded coconut, and then bake.


Third, I used my pineapple jam, as filling. Just placed a half spoon of it in the middle. Baked and done.


Experimental Cookies


Fourth, I used chocolate syrup to do some fancy work on some of the plain cookies.


Fifth, did some mix n match.


Experimental Cookies
Experimental Cookies


After 10 minutes, Otu and Tisha were jumping and clapping seeing their cookies in different flavors. Renne as usual has by now forgotten about the cookies, and was busy destroying one of my book. Next mission, save the Books.


Experimental Cookies
Experimental Cookies


P.S. half of the cookies were finished in an hour 🙂