What will you do If your husband is cheating on you?

Queen Takes King

What will you do If your husband is cheating on you
Queen Takes King

(Review: Book by Gigi Levangie Grazer)

Queen Takes King”, with a title like that, you expect a thrilling and fast paced battle between the sexes. Alas, this book has failed on so many levels.

This one was also my unplanned venture into reading a book without any prior knowledge. Sometimes I like to randomly pick a book and look for anything interesting in it. This time it was the cover page and title of the book that did the trick. Whoever has said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, must have been talking about “Queen Takes King”.

This story is about Cynthia and Jackson Power, The Power Couple of elite and high-class society. Power couple, who were married for twenty-five long years and just when they are celebrating their big anniversary, tabloids decided to spice up their married life, by introducing a triangle called Lara to their life. Lara a successful (but not so successful in her own eyes) TV anchor/journalist. Lara is a modern woman with ambition, dreams who thinks of making it big in media world. Everything get ruined for all the three main characters when affair between Jackson and Lara became main subject of Gossip magazines.

Now, what will you expect the story to do from here? I would have expected it to go ugly. I would have expected Cynthia, the wife, to take charge of her life and diminish the third unwanted character in her life. I wanted her to take a beautiful strategic revenge on her cheating husband. I wanted Lara, the girlfriend, to control the man, Jackson. I wanted Lara to show that she is not an ordinary affair, that she can’t be taken advantage of. Above all, that she has full control over her life, job and ambitions. I wanted Jackson, the husband, to feel remorse for breaking up a marriage, but I also wanted him to come clean of it. I wanted him to give a closure to his wife,to tell her that she is not the reason(or, if she is the reason behind). To tell her, that it’s actually him who is failing. Or, to really twist the story, and fight. Fight with full passion and Power.

Oh, but I want so many things. Who cares?

Only thing that the Power couple seems interested about was getting divorce and that’s all. Some side characters are more interesting than the main ones, like Cynthia’s psychiatrist, or her lesbian daughter Vivienne, Adrian the bartender. But, the most charismatic is “the devil”, Jackson’s father. He has all the wicked and crooked characteristics of a business tycoon.

Story was pretty clumsy in the end. No one seems to have a proper closure. Only thing that this book seems worth is to turn it into a high-class divorce drama movie. In fact, sometimes it felt like I was reading the script of a movie. 🙂

It’s movie rights are already sold, and I am wondering who will play the leads in this divorce drama.

Who cares? I am not going to waste any money or time on that movie.

Please, get me another book. 🙂


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