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My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

Ever tried teaching a new thing to your kid?

There was a time; our time when we were kids, and our parents just need to say something and we used to do it, without asking why; well, this is not that time.

So, if you are asking your kid to do something, they will come up with at the very least 10001 million questions, asking why they should do it. Problem is you have to convince them for every question asked.

One slip and you lost the opportunity. 😦 

Start all over again.

My Kid Don't Need to Brush His Teeth
My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

Today, I am not telling story of, how I teach my kids to brush their teeth, but instead, how they counter me in not doing so.

It was again Otu, my baby boy, with his deep thoughtful ‘whys’.

Otu just don’t like water. Not at all.

To the extent that he don’t want to wash his face or take bath.

But if you want to brush your teeth you have to touch water.

So how to come out of it.

Here is the full story.

My Kid Don't Need to Brush His Teeth
My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

One day he decided, that he will not do brush.

I retaliated with, “If you will not do brush all the germs from your mouth will go in your tummy and make you sick. So, you need to do brush every morning.

he thought for a moment then –

Mamma. Mamma. Look at me.

See there are germs in my mouth. (showing his big cookie monster mouth)

Now, my germs are going down my neck like this (gesturing with his hands), and now they are coming into my tummy.

From my tummy they are going down in my pee pee (you know what it is).”

He rushed to bathroom. Peed. Came running.

My Kid Don't Need to Brush His Teeth
My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

Mamma I did pee pee (pee), and all my germs are gone. They all are flushed away. See, no germs now. “

See, Mamma, I don’t have to brush my teeth. Only do pee pee.” 

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages
My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

Being an Indian I have witnessed a lot of Arranged Marriages, some small scale some larger than life in all its grandeur; but few things never change in an Indian Arranged Marriage.


I have collated few such funny and awesomely amazing things about Indian Arranged Marriages in my article Inside the Great Indian Arranged Marriages. Do read. 

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

Do read my earlier article also if you want a prelude to Indian Marriages and wants to know How Indians select their Brides. 😎

If yours is also an Arranged marriage, do share what was same or different in your case; even if you have opted for a Love marriage, tell us about your experience.

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages
My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

No need to comment, if you are still single; why waste your freedom here 😛

Tuesday Talkies – Horns


The Devil is Inside”, If you want to explain Horns‘, in one statement, it will be this. But it has to be more complicated than this, and it is.

‘Horns’ is a supernatural thriller film based on novel of the same name, by Joe Hill. This film is directed by Alexandre Aja, and stars ‘Daniel Radcliffe‘ in the main lead.



Most disturbing part of this movie is to see our beloved pure soul Harry Potter play the satanic role in Horns. You know something is wrong when you see Harry without his nerdy glasses but instead with two devilish horns on his head.


Daniel is portraying the role of ‘Ig Perrish‘, the troubled soul who is accused of murdering his sweet girlfriend ‘Merrin’, played by Juno Temple. Other supporting cast includes Max Minghella as Lee, Ig’s lawyer friend, and only believer of Ig’s innocence; Joe Anderson plays Terry, Ig’s brother, who is addicted to drugs and music; Kelli Garner who plays Glenna, a childhood friend who secretly loves Ig but has made some terrible choices in life.


Ig is shunned by the society when everyone suspects that he has murdered his girlfriend. Even his parents are not sure of his innocence. One person who believes in him, is his best friend from childhood, his lawyer, Lee. Unable to clear his name from his girlfriend’s murder and frustrated of not knowing what exactly happened to her; Ig drinks heavily one night and landed on Glenna bed. Next morning he realize two strange scars on his head, which soon turn into two solid horns. Scared to death he rushed to doctor’s office and soon realizing that these horns are not some medical abnormality but instead there is something supernatural satanic essence to them.


Everyone around Ig’s horns starts behaving in a weird way, revealing a much darker side of themselves. Like a woman sitting in doctor’s office resents her screaming kid and wants to go away leaving her behind; while the kid actually wants to kill her parents; doctor wants to have sex with nurse right in front of Ig; media persons wants to kill their competition just to grab a exclusive bite. everyone is dark; everyone has an evil inside.


This is the theme of movie, which shows just how much darker we are from the inside. We want to do so many bad things so badly and the only thing that is controlling this rage inside is social norms. But, will you do it, if no one is watching you? Will you act on your darkest desires if there is no one stopping you, not even your consciousness? Will you be willing to kill someone if Satan asks you to?This is what Ig does. He notices that he can influence people in acting out their devilish desires and he use this paranormal strength of his horns, to find out Merrin’s killer.


This film could have offered so much, being a unique storyline and to have so many facets associated to it; but second half of this movie is turned into completely supernatural and absurd logic, that you kind of wonder what genre of film you are watching. It goes int so many modulations to bring that climax that a basic plot is lost. Only if it could be treated simpler, it could have been a masterpiece.


It is clumsy in the end with poor and stretchable editing. It is weird, unique and interesting but not streamlined. It has so many angles that in the end it looses the plot and you feel kind of cheated from a good sensible end. Worth a watch, just for the sake of watching Daniel performing something so out of his character, so beautifully.



Frolic Friday – My Hubby is not going to fight for me.

When you fall in Love with your Prince Charming, the love of your life; you have a vision of how he will turn out to be. Like you expect that he will take care of you for the rest of life; he will not let anyone else come between both of you; he will not give up on you, ever; he will not allow any one else to put claim on you, on your love….. etc, etc.

I was hoping the same…. alas. 😦 

My heart broke few days back, when another fellow came between us. He literally dragged me by my hand and took me away from my husband; and my strong built husband didn’t even said a single word. He just let me go, so easily. 😥

My Hubby is not going to fight for me.

It so happened, that one fine day I was watching a romantic movie with my hubby, sitting on our couch, sipping tea and laughing at the silly jokes in the movie. It was like one of those life’s small happy moments. I was cherishing all this, when suddenly my youngest, three-year old son, Renne, came to us.

‘MAMMA’, he said, literally shouting, ‘don’t sit here‘.

I asked, ‘why’?

He replied with irritable tone now, ‘Don’t sit with Papa. Come to my side‘, pointing towards our loveseat couch.

I was not surprised, Renne has always been a mamma boy. If would have been a kangaroo, he would have never come out of my pouch.

I said to him, ‘ sweetie, I am sitting with Papa here. You sit on your couch. I will come later‘.

‘No’, he replied. This time he was sort of angry, not only on me but on his Papa too. I sensed it from the way, he looked at him. ‘Come to my side. Don’t sit with Papa‘.

He was blatant about it.

But I want to sit with Papa. I love him too‘, I said.

No, you love only me‘, he replied.

By this time, I was looking for some help, some support and I turned to my husband.

My husband, the love of my life, my savior, my soulmate….. ‘Why are you not saying anything? Say something to Renne‘.

Hubby – ‘What can I say? I don’t want to come between you two. I can’t fight with him.‘ :O 


See, he gave up, so easily.

Renne won.

My Hubby is not going to fight for me.

Till movie last, he was holding my hand, as if I could have run away. He didn’t even let me go pee. Thank God! He is my son and not a possessive boyfriend/husband.

God, save the girl, he is going to marry some day.

Coming to my husband, he slept on the couch that day.

How to deal with a Cheating Husband, When You are Pregnant

How to deal with a Cheating Husband, When You are Pregnant

(Watermelon: Book Review)

When I pointed out in my last posts that I have enough of seriousness and now I wanted to read some fun stuff, I never knew that I would encounter this. I picked out Watermelon by Marian Keyes and started the story with so much anticipation of reading some trashy romantic or just a silly novel. As soon as I finished my first page, I realized I have made a wrong decision.

You know why?

Because Watermelon by Marian Keyes is story of a woman named Claire whose moronic husband is a cheater. Worst of all, he cheated on her when she was pregnant with his child. The husband “James”, first of all, he is an idiot, just because, who cheats on a beautiful woman who is soon going to be mother of his child, and that too, cheat with a neighbor. Ironically Claire refers that other woman as “big cow” everywhere in the story, I would have just called her a buffalo, a big ugly but useless kind of buffalo living in neighborhood.

James is cheating on his pregnant wife with a woman living in neighbor, all of Claire friends are aware of this affair, but none of them are friend enough to warn her on time. So that stupid fellow James declare his extra marital affair to Claire same day she delivers her beautiful girl child. She is now lying in a hospital bed all alone with a crying baby and no father in picture. She was not ready to be a single mother. She was not at all expecting it, not from James, her husband. Thought of living alone, coming back to an empty house and above all raising a kid all on her own, makes her more miserable than she ever was.

This was all in the very first pages of book. Now, you could have guessed how I wanted to put down the book and go to look for something which I can actually laugh about or enjoy in a comical way.

Not so soon. :O

I was in for a surprise. It was not at all gloomy or dark, sad or a pathetic story. It was not even about women enlightenment or some inspirational tale. Watermelon is a simple story told so beautifully and ease like your everyday emotion. You don’t feel pressured down into some deep emotional pit by going through a perfect marriage gone wrong kind of pity, but it is written like a day to day conversation which Claire have with herself and the weird but interesting kind of people around her. (By people around her I meant to say her unusual family 😛 )

After James deserted her on the same day her child is born, she move back to her parents house, which is already occupied by her two beautiful sisters, Ana and Helen. Her parents are quite conservative but her sisters are rebellious in nature which make this whole process of Claire coming to cope with her sorrows, much more intriguing. Then comes Adam, a perfectly chiseled boy (oops man, as per Claire) in Claire’s life, who she just falls in love with in their very first meeting. To top it, she thought that Adam is actually Helen’s boyfriend. To do or not to do is the game that plays thereafter.

Story took another turn too when her stupid, moronic, idiotic husband comes back and she falls for his lies. Well, for some time though. 😦

I completed the story with satisfaction of reading something good, not extraordinarily beautiful, but still a good and nice read. Now, next in line is Templar Legacy.

Till then, if you know any trashy novel that you can refer to me, I am all up for it. Till then, Templar Legacy. 🙂