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My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

Ever tried teaching a new thing to your kid?

There was a time; our time when we were kids, and our parents just need to say something and we used to do it, without asking why; well, this is not that time.

So, if you are asking your kid to do something, they will come up with at the very least 10001 million questions, asking why they should do it. Problem is you have to convince them for every question asked.

One slip and you lost the opportunity. 😦 

Start all over again.

My Kid Don't Need to Brush His Teeth
My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

Today, I am not telling story of, how I teach my kids to brush their teeth, but instead, how they counter me in not doing so.

It was again Otu, my baby boy, with his deep thoughtful ‘whys’.

Otu just don’t like water. Not at all.

To the extent that he don’t want to wash his face or take bath.

But if you want to brush your teeth you have to touch water.

So how to come out of it.

Here is the full story.

My Kid Don't Need to Brush His Teeth
My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

One day he decided, that he will not do brush.

I retaliated with, “If you will not do brush all the germs from your mouth will go in your tummy and make you sick. So, you need to do brush every morning.

he thought for a moment then –

Mamma. Mamma. Look at me.

See there are germs in my mouth. (showing his big cookie monster mouth)

Now, my germs are going down my neck like this (gesturing with his hands), and now they are coming into my tummy.

From my tummy they are going down in my pee pee (you know what it is).”

He rushed to bathroom. Peed. Came running.

My Kid Don't Need to Brush His Teeth
My Kid Don’t Need to Brush His Teeth

Mamma I did pee pee (pee), and all my germs are gone. They all are flushed away. See, no germs now. “

See, Mamma, I don’t have to brush my teeth. Only do pee pee.” 

Two and a Half Men Finale – A Painful Void


What have you done Chuck Lorre? You killed Charlie Harper, not once but twice in now.

For those who are yet to watch the series finale of ‘Two and a Half Men‘, I am issuing a spoiler alert for you; rest of you; come along.

Yesterday, on 19th February, 2015, the much prolonged but successful show of all time, ‘Two and a Half Men‘, said final goodbye to all its fan. Finale was titled, “Of Course He’s Dead, teasing enough to recollect you the time Charlie Harper was declared dead on the show, to be replaced by Walden played by, Ashton Kutcher.

Of Course He's Dead- Part Two

Coming straight to finale episode, it was teasing and emotionally draining, when all the fans were waiting for that last moment when Charlie Sheen will be seen again as the famous Charlie Harper. Alas…. the moment never came.


It happened so that our favorite stalker, Rose, has actually kidnapped Charlie in her dungeon and is keeping him there trapped more like a ‘silence of the lamb’ style; till one day he escapes. Now, Alan, our not so favorite parasitic brother, is planning to claim the $2.5 million money coming from Charlie’s music royalties. Alan began his search for Charlie’s death certificate only to get a revengeful text message indicating that it is a possibility that, Charlie is still alive. Soon, not only Alan, but his Mom and Walden himself receive threatening messages from Charlie, in his signature , read, ‘Tiger’s blood’, style. By the way, I love the one Walden got.



Everyone else in the show, however, have received money from Charlie, with a note saying ‘Buy something expensive for yourself’, including Berta, Jake, Charlie’s daughter and his ex girlfriends, all.

This show had a houseful of cameos too from the most fascinating one of Arnold Schwarzenegger, to John Stamos, Christian Slater, and, Chuck Lorre himself. One scene where Arnold repeat the storyline of ‘Men’ is so on point, that you laugh at yourself of what kind of shit you were watching over the years.


For me the highlight of this episode was to see Jake again. Jake the dumb kid of Alan, now all grown up with beard and all. It was nostalgic and fun, unlike the rest.



There was an animated sequence too, which quite explained what happened to Charlie when he was kidnapped by Rose. It was a refreshing change and it was that moment which actually made you wonder, if you are ever going to see Charlie Harper again in this show.

No, you did not.

Charlie was never shown in flesh, not for a single second. In the end, supposedly his back is shown, knocking on his Malibu beach house, when suddenly a Piano fall over him. Camera then takes you to Chuck Lorre, sitting on a Director’s chair and saying #winning only to have a large Piano fall all over him too.



It was an interesting finale but it did disappointed me not to see Charlie again. Although, Chuck Lorre released a vanity Card, stating that they have indeed approached Charlie sheen to star in the finale. Charlie Sheen however declined, saying, that he goes where Love is. True. There was no love left in ‘Two and Half Men‘, now.

Whatever this show was, it was fun to watch and it deserved a much better finale than it got. A toast to Charlie and Alan. May you b$##@#hit together, always.





Saturday Scroll – Quote

“People will amaze you, as they will speak something, and do something else. To maintain your sanity, do not believe in words but rather action of others, do not fall for pretty faces but for the ones having nicest behavior.”