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Wednesday Words – I am 1 Year now

1 Year of Blogging by Jyoti Singh
1 Year of Blogging

I have completed a whole year of writing/blogging. It is not a big achievement but indeed it is an achievement, because I had never thought that I would write, and that too for a full whole year. Phew!!!

Surprisingly, when I look back and read my past posts, I laugh at myself. Not because I am an amateur (mediocre) writer but because whatever I have written so far, does not involve any brain. It’s pure heart. Whatever I have felt, I have put in words and published to the world in my blog. Sometimes personal stuff too….. now, don’t go back to archives and try to read all my personal stuff. 😉

Writing is a great thing. If I could convince everyone, I would advise them to write. No matter what you are writing, and for whom you are writing, but do write. You need not publish it to the world, just write for yourself. Because when you are writing about how you are feeling, you are actually feeling all your feelings, and this is great way to self analyze yourself and the direction to which you are going. I was always a positive minded person, but since I have started writing I have started feeling positivity in others too. Now, I don’t react unless I put myself in others shoes and think of why they did, what they did?

It’s actually meditation too, which has made me more focused, but to tell you truly, when I am writing I am thinking. I am thinking about my life, about my family, about people around me, my friends, about where I am headed in my life. Isn’t this what we all lack a self motivated direction?

What is even more satisfying is when I get positive/negative reviews and comments from my readers and followers. It does boost confidence and motivates you to do good things in your life, to be more positive, more grateful towards your life. I really feel blessed because I have changed my life and I am going strong.

Thanks to all of you. I love you guys. ❤

Thursday Treats – Flower Handbag

Flower Handbag by Jyoti Singh
Otu Singh with Flower Handbag

Flowers flower everywhere….. who doesn’t love Flowers? Here is a Flower Handbag for my baby Otu Singh.


  • Do you know that Flowers first appeared 140 million years ago. Before that, ferns and cone bearing trees dominated the earth?
  • Do you know that several centuries ago in Holland, tulips were more valuable than gold?
  • Do you know that Broccoli is actually a flower?
  • Do you know that Bamboos produce flowers once every few years. And when they do, all flowers of the same species bloom at exactly the same time?

More Power to Flowers!!!

Flower Handbag by Jyoti Singh
Flower Handbag by Jyoti Singh