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Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should

Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should
Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should

You will never hear a girl say that she has more clothes than she should have, even when she will have more than a truck load of clothes. Never.

What you will hear, always, will be something like – ‘I don’t have anything to wear for tomorrow’s party‘, or, ‘I don’t have any matching clothes to go with my new nail polish‘, or, ‘ this dress I wore last summer too, how can I wear it again‘…. point being – A girl can never ever have enough clothes. 🙂 

Me too.

Every time I plan to go somewhere I struggle with what to wear, and everytime I tell myself that I have nothing to wear. Maybe it’s time to go for shopping. So, if you are planning to invite me to a party, there is a 110% chance that I am going to shop a dress for it. Now to think of it, maybe that’s the reason my husband doesn’t prefer to party. 

So, lets come back to our original plot. Time when I thought I had much more clothes to wear that I need.

That was the time I was packing all my stuff for our move to another city.

Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should
Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should

When I was packing my clothes, folding them, putting them in big bags, all my dresses, sarees, suits, skirts, everything from belts to scarves and counting every small to big item; realizing with every passing minute that why do I have so many things in my closet. Some dresses I haven’t even worn them twice and it would have been more than an year me buying them. Some were so old, I don’t even understand why I was still keeping them.

I decided to clean out my stuff before taking all my clutter with me to my new home. You won’t believe how difficult it is, one minute you were thinking why do you need all these stuff another minute you will attach some emotional value to your clutter and would not want to part with it.

Soon I realized that it’s not like I buy more clothes but it is more like that I do not let go of my stuff. I still had my tees from my college time still in wearable conditions lying in my good clothes section. I still have my dresses from 10 years back and I still use to wear them now and then.

Let it go… let it go…. that was the song from Frozen, playing in my mind at that time.

Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should
Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should

I did manage to separate out nearly half of my clothes. Donated them. Still had a lot to pack.

At the end, when all was packed, there were 3 big and 1 small suitcase packed just with my clothes while overall my rest of the family, my hubby and three kids, all together managed their stuff in just three bags.

Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should
Only time I thought, I have more clothes than I should

There I was having more than everyone else in my family had, and still struggling to figure out what would I wear tomorrow.

Don’t worry, my this state of mind hadn’t lasted long. Just 15 days to our new place and I did manage to buy me a pair of shoes and a nice scarf. But, scarf and shoes doesn’t count, right??

Valentine Is Like Halloween

Valentine Is Like Halloween. Don’t jump into conclusions, I don’t have any horrific experience with Valentines day, ever. This correlation of Valentine with Halloween is concluded by someone else, and she has a pretty good reason of coming to this statement.

When your four-year old daughter comes to you and asks an innocent question like, “Mamma, Do you know Valentines Day?”, what will be your first reaction?

Valentine Is Like Halloween
Valentine Is Like Halloween

My first thought was, how did she know about Valentine Day? Then, I thought, oh, who am I kidding, she goes to school, and kids today, they know almost everything, well almost, thank God. 😐  

So, instead of just saying yes, and explaining to her what Valentines day is, like any good parent must have done, but not me; I promptly said – “No”.

No, I don’t know about Valentines Day.”  
Don’t blame me, I just wanted to know, what she knows about it. Try this method, you will hear some very cute answers to life’s difficult problems.

So, I asked, “What is Valentine Day”?


Tisha, my daughter, – “You don’t know? Oh…. 😦 ”  

Valentine is like Halloween”.

Crochet Lion Hoodie
Tisha Singh


Now, this was a shocker.

Well, wait for it, she explained it to me too, once my curiosity asked her, “How”.


Tisha : “Valentine is like Halloween, Mamma. On Valentine, kids go to party, and they get candies, and they play with their friends, and everyone loves them, give them treats. Teacher will give us a party and we will play. Lots of candies, mamma!!” 😎   
Mamma, I want to go to Valentines party… plzz….plz… plz…take me to valentines party.

Valentine's Heart Basket and Roses
Valentine’s Heart Basket

I did get a pretty good laugh out of it. She is super excited about her party. Me and kids have made some pretty cool gifts, small hearts, for their class friends and teachers. All set for party.
Here is to an interesting Valentines day, which is just like a Halloween. 😛        

Valentine Is Like Halloween

Valentine Is Like Halloween


Tuesday Talkies – Horns


The Devil is Inside”, If you want to explain Horns‘, in one statement, it will be this. But it has to be more complicated than this, and it is.

‘Horns’ is a supernatural thriller film based on novel of the same name, by Joe Hill. This film is directed by Alexandre Aja, and stars ‘Daniel Radcliffe‘ in the main lead.



Most disturbing part of this movie is to see our beloved pure soul Harry Potter play the satanic role in Horns. You know something is wrong when you see Harry without his nerdy glasses but instead with two devilish horns on his head.


Daniel is portraying the role of ‘Ig Perrish‘, the troubled soul who is accused of murdering his sweet girlfriend ‘Merrin’, played by Juno Temple. Other supporting cast includes Max Minghella as Lee, Ig’s lawyer friend, and only believer of Ig’s innocence; Joe Anderson plays Terry, Ig’s brother, who is addicted to drugs and music; Kelli Garner who plays Glenna, a childhood friend who secretly loves Ig but has made some terrible choices in life.


Ig is shunned by the society when everyone suspects that he has murdered his girlfriend. Even his parents are not sure of his innocence. One person who believes in him, is his best friend from childhood, his lawyer, Lee. Unable to clear his name from his girlfriend’s murder and frustrated of not knowing what exactly happened to her; Ig drinks heavily one night and landed on Glenna bed. Next morning he realize two strange scars on his head, which soon turn into two solid horns. Scared to death he rushed to doctor’s office and soon realizing that these horns are not some medical abnormality but instead there is something supernatural satanic essence to them.


Everyone around Ig’s horns starts behaving in a weird way, revealing a much darker side of themselves. Like a woman sitting in doctor’s office resents her screaming kid and wants to go away leaving her behind; while the kid actually wants to kill her parents; doctor wants to have sex with nurse right in front of Ig; media persons wants to kill their competition just to grab a exclusive bite. everyone is dark; everyone has an evil inside.


This is the theme of movie, which shows just how much darker we are from the inside. We want to do so many bad things so badly and the only thing that is controlling this rage inside is social norms. But, will you do it, if no one is watching you? Will you act on your darkest desires if there is no one stopping you, not even your consciousness? Will you be willing to kill someone if Satan asks you to?This is what Ig does. He notices that he can influence people in acting out their devilish desires and he use this paranormal strength of his horns, to find out Merrin’s killer.


This film could have offered so much, being a unique storyline and to have so many facets associated to it; but second half of this movie is turned into completely supernatural and absurd logic, that you kind of wonder what genre of film you are watching. It goes int so many modulations to bring that climax that a basic plot is lost. Only if it could be treated simpler, it could have been a masterpiece.


It is clumsy in the end with poor and stretchable editing. It is weird, unique and interesting but not streamlined. It has so many angles that in the end it looses the plot and you feel kind of cheated from a good sensible end. Worth a watch, just for the sake of watching Daniel performing something so out of his character, so beautifully.



Tuesday Talkies – The One I Love

The One I Love
The One I Love

Those filmmakers who say that there is a dearth of good and original stories, should watch the Movie, ‘The One I Love‘. On second thought, they shouldn’t; else they will copy this one too and make it into a joke.

The One I Love

The One I Love”, directed by Charlie McDowell and starred by Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, and Ted Danson, is a drama movie with comedy in its background. It is a short budget film, with only three actors (Yes, only three), and a vacation compound consisting of two houses and a pool.

The One I Love


Spoilers Alert – There is no way to talk about this movie and not divulge its story, and believe me if you want to enjoy this movie, you should not have any slightest idea of what this movie is all about prior to watching it. So, if you are interested in watching this movie, do not read further, as it may change your watching experience.

The One I Love
The One I Love

The One I love”, starts with two couples, Ethan and Sophie, continuing their therapist session to help their dull marriage. They feel that there is no more a spark in their married life and it just seems without any excitement. Their therapist acknowledge that there is no more any harmony between both of them, so he advised them to go on a small vacation to a secluded estate.

The One I Love


They started enjoying each others company the moment they stepped into their cottage and having fun. Till, their dry season ends and they had sex in guest cottage. Problem unfolds when Ethan declares that he didn’t even stepped in guest cottage last night. Who the hell did Sophie sleep with?

The One I Love
The One I Love

At first you think of it as, Ethan is still under Marijuana effect from last night, or, maybe it was just Sophie’s dream. Comes another twist, Ethan went to guest house where he met Sophie, who is just not the same Sophie, he left in his cottage. Is he dreaming? Or, is he under the influence of some drugs? Or, is there some ghostly presence?

The One I Love

Story unfolds and Ethan and Sophie realize that as a matter of fact there are two Ethan and two Sophie, one set of them lives in guest cottage and others are they. This point forward lets use real Ethan/Sophie and Fake Ethan/Sophie to distinguish between our actors and their doppelgangers.

The One I Love

As they step into their guest cottage, they see their fake spouse in his or her best behavior. Like when Ethan goes inside guest house he saw fake Sophie cooking him, his favorite breakfast of egg and bacon. She actually looked perfect homemaker wife like 50’s. Always ready to please his husband.

The One I Love

Whenever Sophie step into guest house, she met fake Ethan who do pushups, paints and also talk about emotions and feelings with her. She falls in love with this perfect husband, who seems to understand him more than her real husband.

The One I Love


At this point you will feel the underlying idea of this whole story. We are always looking for perfection in our loved ones. We are always looking for more. So more that we sometimes start loving a totally different person from the one we started to love. In this search for a perfect spouse, what we are losing is the real person behind that mask of perfection.

The One I Love
The One I Love


We want to have fake Ethan and fake Sophie in our lives but we forget that these fake ones are only fooling us into believing in something which is not real. Life is dull with a person, with whom you can not fight because you have no differences. Instead we always seek out the one, who is just like us. We are not ready to change ourselves yet we seek out the one who will change himself as per our needs.

The One I Love
The One I Love


Enough about this philosophy, lets return back to our movie. Now, this movie could have gone to somewhere else with this philosophical point, but instead it goes sci-fi way. I guess, director wanted to explain more of why this strange doppelganger things came into effect rather than focus on human psychology.

The One I Love
The One I Love


End is good, but whole second half looks too much compacted and forced. There is a great story lost in an science fiction novel fixation. Although you will enjoy the logic too along with the irony in it.

The One I Love
The One I Love

It’s a must watch if you are interested in something new and weird. Go Enjoy!!!

My Kiddo Wants to Marry Me

Yesterday I was shopping and happen to find a beautiful three-piece suit for kids. I immediately grabbed it along with my boys and took them to fitting room. How cute they will be in a suit? I am a typical mother, you see.

So, I was trying it on Otu, my elder son; while Renne the younger one was standing beside me. Both of them are two and half-year old and are handsome twins. 🙂

Renne Singh and Otu Singh
Renne Singh and Otu Singh

So, as I was trying it on Otu, here is the conversation that took place between the three of us.

Otu: Mamma, I am a Man now??

At first I didn’t understand, but then I realized he has associated wearing a three-piece suit with being a grown up man. He is not a boy in t-shirt anymore. How smart he is? 😛  

Me: Yes baby. You are big now. You are a Man.

Otu: Mamma, I marry now.

Oh, so sweet!! my kiddo wants to get married. Time flies. 😥    

Me: Yes baby. You can get married now.

Otu grinning from one ear to another.

Me: Who do you want to get married to?

Otu: I want to marry you, Mamma. (with a little shyness)

Me: (no words coming out of my mouth because I am too busy smiling, crying and hugging my baby all at the same time)

Me: I love you baby. Yes, I will marry you. 

Me and Otu happy now. 😎

Renne Singh and Otu Singh
Renne Singh and Otu Singh

I thought of further extending my good luck and so I dared to face Renne, the twin brother.

Me: Renne, do you want to get married?

Renne: YEEESSSS!!!!!

Me: Who you want to marry to?

Renne: Princess!!!! 😛   

Me: What????????

Me: What about me? You don’t want to marry Mamma?

Renne: No. No, I want Princess.


Oh! Renne Singh, you know how to break a girl’s heart. 😦