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My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages
My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

Being an Indian I have witnessed a lot of Arranged Marriages, some small scale some larger than life in all its grandeur; but few things never change in an Indian Arranged Marriage.


I have collated few such funny and awesomely amazing things about Indian Arranged Marriages in my articleΒ Inside the Great Indian Arranged Marriages. Do read.Β 

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

Do read my earlier article also if you want a prelude to Indian Marriages and wants to know How Indians select their Brides. 😎

If yours is also an Arranged marriage, do share what was same or different in your case; even if you have opted for a Love marriage, tell us about your experience.

My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages
My Take on Indian Arranged Marriages

No need to comment, if you are still single; why waste your freedom here πŸ˜›

Tuesday Talkies – Horns


β€œThe Devil is Inside”, If you want to explain Horns‘, in one statement, it will be this. But it has to be more complicated than this, and it is.

‘Horns’ is a supernatural thriller film based on novel of the same name, by Joe Hill. This film is directed by Alexandre Aja, and stars ‘Daniel Radcliffe‘ in the main lead.



Most disturbing part of this movie is to see our beloved pure soul Harry Potter play the satanic role in Horns. You know something is wrong when you see Harry without his nerdy glasses but instead with two devilish horns on his head.


Daniel is portraying the role of ‘Ig Perrish‘, the troubled soul who is accused of murdering his sweet girlfriend ‘Merrin’, played by Juno Temple. Other supporting cast includes Max Minghella as Lee, Ig’s lawyer friend, and only believer of Ig’s innocence; Joe Anderson plays Terry, Ig’s brother, who is addicted to drugs and music; Kelli Garner who plays Glenna, a childhood friend who secretly loves Ig but has made some terrible choices in life.


Ig is shunned by the society when everyone suspects that he has murdered his girlfriend. Even his parents are not sure of his innocence. One person who believes in him, is his best friend from childhood, his lawyer, Lee. Unable to clear his name from his girlfriend’s murder and frustrated of not knowing what exactly happened to her; Ig drinks heavily one night and landed on Glenna bed. Next morning he realize two strange scars on his head, which soon turn into two solid horns. Scared to death he rushed to doctor’s office and soon realizing that these horns are not some medical abnormality but instead there is something supernatural satanic essence to them.


Everyone around Ig’s horns starts behaving in a weird way, revealing a much darker side of themselves. Like a woman sitting in doctor’s office resents her screaming kid and wants to go away leaving her behind; while the kid actually wants to kill her parents; doctor wants to have sex with nurse right in front of Ig; media persons wants to kill their competition just to grab a exclusive bite. everyone is dark; everyone has an evil inside.


This is the theme of movie, which shows just how much darker we are from the inside. We want to do so many bad things so badly and the only thing that is controlling this rage inside is social norms. But, will you do it, if no one is watching you? Will you act on your darkest desires if there is no one stopping you, not even your consciousness? Will you be willing to kill someone if Satan asks you to?This is what Ig does. He notices that he can influence people in acting out their devilish desires and he use this paranormal strength of his horns, to find out Merrin’s killer.


This film could have offered so much, being a unique storyline and to have so many facets associated to it; but second half of this movie is turned into completely supernatural and absurd logic, that you kind of wonder what genre of film you are watching. It goes int so many modulations to bring that climax that a basic plot is lost. Only if it could be treated simpler, it could have been a masterpiece.


It is clumsy in the end with poor and stretchable editing. It is weird, unique and interesting but not streamlined. It has so many angles that in the end it looses the plot and you feel kind of cheated from a good sensible end. Worth a watch, just for the sake of watching Daniel performing something so out of his character, so beautifully.



Buddhist Quote

“We live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality. We are that reality. When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything. That is all.”


~ Buddhist Quote

Saturday Scroll – A fuuny Quote for you

“If people winked in real life as much as they do in text messages this world would be a pretty creepy place.”

~ Anonymous


Tuesday Talkies – Rang Rasiya / Color of Passion

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi Verma
Rang Rasiya – Story of Raja Ravi Verma

I was waiting for the release of this film since it was screened at cans in 2008, but Indian censorship took its toll on this movie, and finally it is released. Main motivation for me to watch this movie was the film protagonist – Raja Ravi Verma. I wanted to see the story of that man who revolutionized the way we see our mythological characters. The man who was responsible for first creating the poster of Goddess Laxmi standing on a lotus flower, the way we saw her today in every Diwali poster. The man who made sari clad Indian women looked sexier and elegant at the same time. The man who made come alive ‘Shakuntala’, Damyanti, Urvashi, Menka, Saraswati and many more. The man whose imagination defined the pathway for Indian arts and paintings.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi VermaYou can write a book on Raja Ravi Verma and still you won’t be able to do justice to capture his large persona, so when it came to capturing his life in an almost 2 hour long movie, I was skeptical. But, I was not disappointed.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi Verma
Rang Rasiya – Story of Raja Ravi Verma

‘Rang Rasiya’ is an Indian film based on the life of famous Indian Painter ‘Raja Ravi Verma’. This film is directed by Ketan Mehta of ‘Mangal pandey’ fame. It stars Randeep Hooda as the famous painter himself, and Nandana Sen as his muse. Feryna Wazheir and Paresh Rawal also plays a pivotal role in the movie.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi Verma
Rang Rasiya – Story of Raja Ravi Verma

This movie portrays character of Raja Ravi Verma from childhood moment of painting elephant on a temple’s wall to his old age when he get motivation to change his course of painting and focus on common people rather than Gods and deities. The way this character rebels against the norms of society is commendable. His selfishness when it comes to painting is shown honestly. His guilt, his progression, his imagination, everything is filmed beautifully.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi VermaThe very first moment you will see the title song of the film, you will be hooked to it. It is like watching a beautiful painting taking shape in every scene of the film. But to advise you, this film is not for everyone. My husband almost dozed off twice while watching it and ultimately he left.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi VermaRandeep Hooda has proven himself again. He has aged gracefully in this film, with every scene maturing his acting skills. His progression from a clueless but passionate painter to the one who is just eager to defy everything that comes in the way of portraying true art, is commendable. He has looked every bit of Raja Ravi Verma. Most laudable were the scenes of court, or his reaction when he saw his muse for the last time.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi VermaNandana Sen is one brave actress. She has done justice to Raja Ravi Verma’s life and paintings. She has looked beautiful and acted superbly. She was vulnerable yet strong, jealous but still madly in love, she was the goddess and yet she was the earthly woman, who could only live in imaginative world of his lover. Most worthy of the praise is the scene when she discovers that her existence to Ravi Verma’s life is only in his imagination. Nandana Sen has etched a lifetime role.

Rang Rasiya - Story of Raja Ravi VermaRang Rasiya‘, as a film is not perfect, it’s not even close to that, but if you watch it for Raja Ravi Verma, than it is far more that perfect. It is a masterpiece, just like all the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma.


Note: All Photos credit to Rang Rasiya’s Facebook page.