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How to deal with a Cheating Husband, When You are Pregnant

How to deal with a Cheating Husband, When You are Pregnant

(Watermelon: Book Review)

When I pointed out in my last posts that I have enough of seriousness and now I wanted to read some fun stuff, I never knew that I would encounter this. I picked out Watermelon by Marian Keyes and started the story with so much anticipation of reading some trashy romantic or just a silly novel. As soon as I finished my first page, I realized I have made a wrong decision.

You know why?

Because Watermelon by Marian Keyes is story of a woman named Claire whose moronic husband is a cheater. Worst of all, he cheated on her when she was pregnant with his child. The husband “James”, first of all, he is an idiot, just because, who cheats on a beautiful woman who is soon going to be mother of his child, and that too, cheat with a neighbor. Ironically Claire refers that other woman as “big cow” everywhere in the story, I would have just called her a buffalo, a big ugly but useless kind of buffalo living in neighborhood.

James is cheating on his pregnant wife with a woman living in neighbor, all of Claire friends are aware of this affair, but none of them are friend enough to warn her on time. So that stupid fellow James declare his extra marital affair to Claire same day she delivers her beautiful girl child. She is now lying in a hospital bed all alone with a crying baby and no father in picture. She was not ready to be a single mother. She was not at all expecting it, not from James, her husband. Thought of living alone, coming back to an empty house and above all raising a kid all on her own, makes her more miserable than she ever was.

This was all in the very first pages of book. Now, you could have guessed how I wanted to put down the book and go to look for something which I can actually laugh about or enjoy in a comical way.

Not so soon. :O

I was in for a surprise. It was not at all gloomy or dark, sad or a pathetic story. It was not even about women enlightenment or some inspirational tale. Watermelon is a simple story told so beautifully and ease like your everyday emotion. You don’t feel pressured down into some deep emotional pit by going through a perfect marriage gone wrong kind of pity, but it is written like a day to day conversation which Claire have with herself and the weird but interesting kind of people around her. (By people around her I meant to say her unusual family 😛 )

After James deserted her on the same day her child is born, she move back to her parents house, which is already occupied by her two beautiful sisters, Ana and Helen. Her parents are quite conservative but her sisters are rebellious in nature which make this whole process of Claire coming to cope with her sorrows, much more intriguing. Then comes Adam, a perfectly chiseled boy (oops man, as per Claire) in Claire’s life, who she just falls in love with in their very first meeting. To top it, she thought that Adam is actually Helen’s boyfriend. To do or not to do is the game that plays thereafter.

Story took another turn too when her stupid, moronic, idiotic husband comes back and she falls for his lies. Well, for some time though. 😦

I completed the story with satisfaction of reading something good, not extraordinarily beautiful, but still a good and nice read. Now, next in line is Templar Legacy.

Till then, if you know any trashy novel that you can refer to me, I am all up for it. Till then, Templar Legacy. 🙂