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When We Decided To Get Married, Again


When We Decided To Get Married, Again
When We Decided To Get Married, Again

What does it feel like to have your dreams come true? Dreams that you very well know will look too weird now, if they will come true.

I was going through the same emotions when I was standing in the Church, wearing a white gorgeous dress, with a new Ring in my fingers and my hand being held by love of my life, my hubby. I had three little pair of hands too, clutching my dress tightly, at the bottom.

It’s just happen that I have a very spontaneous husband. He is romantic in his very own way. So, we were just enjoying our cup of tea, lying on our couch, watching a news show or a cartoon (I don’t remember that part exactly), when he said “I love you, yaar. Will you marry me again?”

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
We in front of state building

I laughed and laughed till he has almost asked me a hundredth time “I am serious. Tell me, if you will get a chance, will you marry me again”?

Yes. Yes, off-course yes. I want to marry you again and again, but I am already married to you.” I said, still laughing.

That’s it. End of discussion. Atleast that’s what I thought.

Next day, he came all cheery and smiling from his office (actually, he daily came cheering and smiling), and handed me some pamphlets and books, from Church.

I have booked it.” he said proudly, still grinning from one ear to another.

Me “Whaaaattttttt”?

Can you expect any other reaction? Just to clarify, we have been married now for almost five years, and have three beautiful kids too.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Church in it’s grandeur

He has booked the church, talked to the priest/father, and finalized day and date, which was actually just two days away. (Just TWO Days)

How could you do this? How are we going to manage? What are you thinking? Are you out of your mind? Believe me, what I said was much more than just these questions. 😛

He has even selected the clothes. Took me to a beautiful wedding store, picked out the wedding bridal gown (I loved it by the way). We nailed down some little tuxedos for our twin boys Otu and Renne, and one little white princess gown for Tisha. Every accessory, including rings. All in a day. Because next day was Wedding day.

Invited everyone by phone. Didn’t even had the list. So invited whoever came to mind. Then and there. Done.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Tisha and me in Capitol’s garden

Next day, or shall I say, The Wedding Day, I was panicking, nothing unusual about it. Hubby was relaxed. Friends were sorting out everything, from flowers to cake, everyone was rushing, except my hubby.

How could he be so relaxed? I was almost sure that all of this could have been a Big Prank, that he is playing on me. I was already preparing my hate speech which I would have delivered after the great unveiling of this prank.

Just then, a big black and white Limousine stopped in front of our home, and finally all the sense started sinking into me. Yes, this is happening. Really happening. I am about to get married again. My Marriage day.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
We at State Building

We landed in our big long Limo, stepped in the Church, surrounded by all the friends and well wishers. Being blessed for a Happy Married life ahead, we exchanged our blessed Rings, and took vows, again to love each other for the rest of our lives.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Our Beautiful Church

Whole thing was so beautifully arranged, all thanks to hubby and his friends. Had a grand reception at an Indian restaurant and cut the cake, which was also for our Birthday, falling on the same day.

This wedding, we enjoyed it, I was less nervous and with the company of my three kids, I was on cloud nine, still am. 😀

Sometimes, there are small small things in life which makes up for a happy day, and sometimes, a big gesture by your loved one is enough to make you smile and cherish it for the rest of your life.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Happy happy we 🙂

Love you Abhishek Singh,forever.

What will you do If your husband is cheating on you?

Queen Takes King

What will you do If your husband is cheating on you
Queen Takes King

(Review: Book by Gigi Levangie Grazer)

Queen Takes King”, with a title like that, you expect a thrilling and fast paced battle between the sexes. Alas, this book has failed on so many levels.

This one was also my unplanned venture into reading a book without any prior knowledge. Sometimes I like to randomly pick a book and look for anything interesting in it. This time it was the cover page and title of the book that did the trick. Whoever has said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, must have been talking about “Queen Takes King”.

This story is about Cynthia and Jackson Power, The Power Couple of elite and high-class society. Power couple, who were married for twenty-five long years and just when they are celebrating their big anniversary, tabloids decided to spice up their married life, by introducing a triangle called Lara to their life. Lara a successful (but not so successful in her own eyes) TV anchor/journalist. Lara is a modern woman with ambition, dreams who thinks of making it big in media world. Everything get ruined for all the three main characters when affair between Jackson and Lara became main subject of Gossip magazines.

Now, what will you expect the story to do from here? I would have expected it to go ugly. I would have expected Cynthia, the wife, to take charge of her life and diminish the third unwanted character in her life. I wanted her to take a beautiful strategic revenge on her cheating husband. I wanted Lara, the girlfriend, to control the man, Jackson. I wanted Lara to show that she is not an ordinary affair, that she can’t be taken advantage of. Above all, that she has full control over her life, job and ambitions. I wanted Jackson, the husband, to feel remorse for breaking up a marriage, but I also wanted him to come clean of it. I wanted him to give a closure to his wife,to tell her that she is not the reason(or, if she is the reason behind). To tell her, that it’s actually him who is failing. Or, to really twist the story, and fight. Fight with full passion and Power.

Oh, but I want so many things. Who cares?

Only thing that the Power couple seems interested about was getting divorce and that’s all. Some side characters are more interesting than the main ones, like Cynthia’s psychiatrist, or her lesbian daughter Vivienne, Adrian the bartender. But, the most charismatic is “the devil”, Jackson’s father. He has all the wicked and crooked characteristics of a business tycoon.

Story was pretty clumsy in the end. No one seems to have a proper closure. Only thing that this book seems worth is to turn it into a high-class divorce drama movie. In fact, sometimes it felt like I was reading the script of a movie. 🙂

It’s movie rights are already sold, and I am wondering who will play the leads in this divorce drama.

Who cares? I am not going to waste any money or time on that movie.

Please, get me another book. 🙂


When I was Sixteen…

When I was Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen

I am almost regretting my decision of picking up this title for my post. “When I was Sixteen”. It’s kind of making me look old, very old. Feeling like its been a very long time since I was sixteen. I am not old, not at all. I am just sixteen plus five years and few more just here and there. Not more than that.

So, now that I have clarified that the above title has nothing to do with my current age, I would like to go ahead on my post.

When I was Sixteen
Lamb In Love

The reason that I am going all nostalgic about being sixteen is a book. “Lamb in Love” by Carrie Brown. I picked up Lamb in Love after my read of Dan Brown’s Inferno.

Brown (Dan) – Brown (Carrie) sitting next to each other – in the Library. Funny 🙂 

If you, by any chance go by the list of books that I have read, you will notice that I have seldom read love stories. I don’t even remember the last time I have picked one. So, I was very enthusiastic about reading a love story after such a long time. But, man it was slow.

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

It was so slow. that I have never felt the urge to use my book as pillow to sleep before. It was a love story between Norris and Vida, both in their late years, around forty. They and their cute love of just waiting and looking at the other one through the corners. Shy and coy love, oh I am so over it now. So over, that I just couldn’t finish it. Just can’t.

That’s when I realized, that I am no longer that sixteen year old, who used to love this type of slow and romantic love stories. I have so much outgrown this lovey dovey stuff, it startled me a little. :O

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

How I used to think of a prince charming, riding on an ultra white horse?  I used to think of the, first sight love, butterflies in stomach and tinkling of bells. 

Saw your prince and fall in love at the same moment. I used to think of that slow pacing introductory love, which used to take months to say hello, to love of your life. How stupid I was to think of finding ones soul-mate in that first sight. That blush of cheeks and stammering of words when you saw them. Cupid struck!!!

 It was damn cute, but very funny, now to think of it. I see now some of these fifteen and sixteen years old, but I don’t see that innocence or say stupidity. I see love but no love birds. Maybe a few, but rare species now, almost extinct.

 I don’t miss that period of my life, it was silly and adorable at the same time. Now, I have my soul mate. Bells don’t ring in my ears but birds do sing and sometimes I blush too 🙂

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

On that note, maybe I’ll try reading another love story, pretty soon…..