When I was Sixteen…

When I was Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen

I am almost regretting my decision of picking up this title for my post. “When I was Sixteen”. It’s kind of making me look old, very old. Feeling like its been a very long time since I was sixteen. I am not old, not at all. I am just sixteen plus five years and few more just here and there. Not more than that.

So, now that I have clarified that the above title has nothing to do with my current age, I would like to go ahead on my post.

When I was Sixteen
Lamb In Love

The reason that I am going all nostalgic about being sixteen is a book. “Lamb in Love” by Carrie Brown. I picked up Lamb in Love after my read of Dan Brown’s Inferno.

Brown (Dan) – Brown (Carrie) sitting next to each other – in the Library. Funny 🙂 

If you, by any chance go by the list of books that I have read, you will notice that I have seldom read love stories. I don’t even remember the last time I have picked one. So, I was very enthusiastic about reading a love story after such a long time. But, man it was slow.

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

It was so slow. that I have never felt the urge to use my book as pillow to sleep before. It was a love story between Norris and Vida, both in their late years, around forty. They and their cute love of just waiting and looking at the other one through the corners. Shy and coy love, oh I am so over it now. So over, that I just couldn’t finish it. Just can’t.

That’s when I realized, that I am no longer that sixteen year old, who used to love this type of slow and romantic love stories. I have so much outgrown this lovey dovey stuff, it startled me a little. :O

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

How I used to think of a prince charming, riding on an ultra white horse?  I used to think of the, first sight love, butterflies in stomach and tinkling of bells. 

Saw your prince and fall in love at the same moment. I used to think of that slow pacing introductory love, which used to take months to say hello, to love of your life. How stupid I was to think of finding ones soul-mate in that first sight. That blush of cheeks and stammering of words when you saw them. Cupid struck!!!

 It was damn cute, but very funny, now to think of it. I see now some of these fifteen and sixteen years old, but I don’t see that innocence or say stupidity. I see love but no love birds. Maybe a few, but rare species now, almost extinct.

 I don’t miss that period of my life, it was silly and adorable at the same time. Now, I have my soul mate. Bells don’t ring in my ears but birds do sing and sometimes I blush too 🙂

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

On that note, maybe I’ll try reading another love story, pretty soon…..

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