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Cutest Bye Bye

Cutest Bye Bye
Cutest Bye Bye

Do you say Bye when you leave for the market or gym?

You may or may not be doing it everyday and to everyone. But, I am sure of one thing you would not be doing. Saying bye to your home.

My kids, do that. So, whenever they leave their home they say bye bye to everyone and everything that is left behind, like our home. And this they do every time, even when they are going away just for few minutes. Sweet right?

Yesterday, while going to gym I heard the cutest bye bye from them.

When we were leaving I heard Tisha saying – β€œBye bye Home. No crying, okay. I will come. I love you. Okay. Bye. I will come soon.”

Lucky Home πŸ™‚

Then Otu also joined her and they both sing bye bye to everything, yes everything.

β€œBye bye car (to the other parked cars), bye bye tree, bye bye dogie (dog), bye chair, bye bye ball…..”.

Guess, my home is blessed with kids having Love for everyone and everything. πŸ™‚

The Color of Love


The Color of Love
Red – The Color of Love

Have you ever wondered why Red is considered as color of love?

Every time we think of love, we think of our soul-mate, our loved ones, we think of good things in our life, we think of flowers, nature, beauty…. and If just now you would think of a color, I bet it would be Red.

I am not talking about love between two lovers only, precisely speaking not a romantic love, but love in general. Love in its selfless form. Love which is between a parent and a child, two siblings, two friends and more specifically between any two souls.

Love can be categorized into any of the above category but if you have to choose a color for depicting your love, that color would be Red.

Now, coming to the underlying foundation behind this color categorization, I hope all of you are aware of the Human Aura. Aura is the energy field, Prana as called in Hindi, the life essence. Aura or this vital energy force is what we all have, maybe some of you have also felt it. This energy force is the one which remains with us throughout our life, and will leave with the soul it is attached to. Most astonishing fact is that whatever we go through in our life, our Aura reflects that in it’s energy.

Have you, meting a person for the first time, felt a total repulsion, what we call sometimes as a negative vibe, or a strong attraction, called positive vibe? Have you ever felt, a strong distrust to someone, who has in fact not given any reason for you to doing so? Why do we sometimes make very strong first impressions, even when we didn’t get enough time to explore the other person? It’s just our energy field reacting to the other person’s energy field. Positive and negative vibes.

Every feeling and emotion that we go through, is got reflected in our Aura too. When we are feeling love, it gets reflected in our Aura, when we are feeling anger, this got reflected too. No matter how good an actor you are, when you are in presence of someone you hate, your whole body, your whole persona shows that anger (It’s totally a different thing, if the victim of your hate is smart enough to notice that). Same is for love, respect, greed, lust and every other emotion.

When our Aura shows these emotions, it does the differentiation via colors. Yes, you have guessed it right, Love is shown as color Red in our Aura. Not only our Aura, the Chakra system also shows Red as a vital color of our physical self.

A selfless and pure love is denoted by bright Red, same as the color of blood of healthy person. A love of companionship, friendship and care is bright crimson red. Love with that higher power, the one you truly believe in, is same as a bright rose tint. But add lust, anger, passion and hate, this red will get maligned and takes the various shades of dull and darker red, brownish and blackish red. Ever heard of the term, β€œRed in anger” or β€œblushing red with Love”. Try to picture both in your head, the picture of anger will be a dull and darker shade of love, while a girl blushing with love will have a soft but bright red on her cheeks.

The Color of Love
Aura Color Spectrum

There are many more colors shown by our Aura like Yellow for Intellect, like a Guru, teacher, saint wearing yellow or a shade of yellow(orange). Blue denoting religion, Green denoting greed and nature love, Purple showing religion with authority and many more such emotions. Black and White, which are totally opposite but complementing colors. It will be too much if I will write about each one of them here. Maybe in some other post . Today it is just for love, love for Red.

In case you are thinking, how do I know all of this?

The Color of Love
Aura Color

Well, I read, I meditate, I feel, I see and I write.

ILLUSION (Review): Book by Frank Peretti


(ILLUSION by Frank Peretti)

I have always loved mysteries and fiction, this one is worth the love. Illusion is one such book which will keep you engaged throughout the read. It is the first book that I have read of Frank Peretti, and I know I will be going for more. Most captivating thing about this book was, you are never sure what’s going to happen next. With so many twists and turns, taking on different genres and then mixing them all together in a single book, it’s not an easy task. But, Peretti has done it so beautifully in this book. This book is put in the genre of christian fiction, but it can easily be tagged into teen fiction, romance, science, religion and thriller, all at the same time.

The book tells the story of Dane and Mandy, the sixty year old magician couple, deeply in love with each other. After a long companionship of forty years, Dane was suddenly left devastated when Mandy die in a car crash. His world is torn apart and he decides to leave everything and go back to the place where he first met her, at her hometown. But, was Mandy really dead?

She doesn’t agree with this.

Sitting under a tree in a hospital gown a twenty year old Mandy was wondering what era is this? How does she suddenly woke up in 2010, when all she did was sleep under a tree in 1970s. Uncanny.

My typical mind, brainwashed with so many ghost and rebirth stories, quickly thought that this could be old Mandy’s soul which has captured a young girl and entered into her body. Gosh! My imagination. No, this is not the case. It becomes clear when I read it further. New Mandy met Dane while demonstrating some street magic. Yes, magic. New Mandy can also do magic. One common factor. But big disappointment for me when both Dane and New Mandy couldn’t recognize each other. So, how can she be a rebirth? No, she is no rebirth. She didn’t even have a memory loss. She remembers everything from the dress she was wearing to the name of street she lived.

Story unfolds some more. New Mandy can do weird stuff. I can’t call it magic if you can levitate yourself without any string attached, kinda like Criss Angel. She can put life to any static object like a ball, coffee in cup, mike and even a pencil to poke you. How did she get those superpowers? That is actually the main secret behind her story. Coming to Dane, poor widower, coping with his wife’s death, has new challenges to face in his life. He has met a girl who looks a lot like her Mandy, only she is not. She is a kid, so younger, stupid, and always seems to be in danger. However hard he is trying to stay away from that girl, he is getting more and more entangled in her life. My next thought was that she could be a daughter of old Mandy, which Dane is not aware of. Too filmy! I know.

No, this is also not the case, as both of them feel romantically for each other. But, she is not Mandy. Book shows a different and mature approach to teenage crush which Mandy has for Dane. Only, Dane could not reciprocate the same to her, she being a lot younger than him. This aspect is dealt beautifully in the book, never getting weird.

Approaching end, everything is answered patiently. With the big secret out (no, I am not telling you that), both Dane and Mandy’s life comes to a point of losing each other once again. Till the last page, I was hoping for a miracle. Hoping for balance of universe, for love, for eternal love of Dane and Mandy.

What appealed to me other than the story was the last note of author, Frank Peretti. When he says that this story is not only a science fiction or a love story, this one is also about finding yourself. To find out, Who you are, What are you here for? Doing, what you need to do? What you actually want from life? And, what do you believe in? Ultimately, accepting your beliefs and give yourself to that higher power.

Blessed are those who are being Loved.

When I was Sixteen…

When I was Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen

I am almost regretting my decision of picking up this title for my post. β€œWhen I was Sixteen”. It’s kind of making me look old, very old. Feeling like its been a very long time since I was sixteen. I am not old, not at all. I am just sixteen plus five years and few more just here and there. Not more than that.

So, now that I have clarified that the above title has nothing to do with my current age, I would like to go ahead on my post.

When I was Sixteen
Lamb In Love

The reason that I am going all nostalgic about being sixteen is a book. β€œLamb in Love” by Carrie Brown. I picked up Lamb in Love after my read of Dan Brown’sΒ Inferno.

Brown (Dan) – Brown (Carrie) sitting next to each other – in the Library. Funny πŸ™‚Β 

If you, by any chance go by the list of books that I have read, you will notice that I have seldom read love stories. I don’t even remember the last time I have picked one. So, I was very enthusiastic about reading a love story after such a long time. But, man it was slow.

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

It was so slow. that I have never felt the urge to use my book as pillow to sleep before. It was a love story between Norris and Vida, both in their late years, around forty. They and their cute love of just waiting and looking at the other one through the corners. Shy and coy love, oh I am so over it now. So over, that I just couldn’t finish it. Just can’t.

That’s when I realized, that I am no longer that sixteen year old, who used to love this type of slow and romantic love stories. I have so much outgrown this lovey dovey stuff, it startled me a little. :O

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

How I used to think of a prince charming, riding on an ultra white horse? Β I used to think of the, first sight love, butterflies in stomach and tinkling of bells.Β 

Saw your prince and fall in love at the same moment. I used to think of that slow pacing introductory love, which used to take months to say hello, to love of your life. How stupid I was to think of finding ones soul-mate in that first sight. That blush of cheeks and stammering of words when you saw them. Cupid struck!!!

Β It was damn cute, but very funny, now to think of it. I see now some of these fifteen and sixteen years old, but I don’t see that innocence or say stupidity. I see love but no love birds. Maybe a few, but rare species now, almost extinct.

Β I don’t miss that period of my life, it was silly and adorable at the same time. Now, I have my soul mate. Bells don’t ring in my ears but birds do sing and sometimes I blush too πŸ™‚

When I was Sixteen
When I was Sixteen

On that note, maybe I’ll try reading another love story, pretty soon…..