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Chakra Balancing by Michael Hadfield

Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

 We spent so much money and time in medicines and all alternative healing methods that sometimes we forget to treat the basic underlying problem. What we are really doing is actually just treating the symptoms. When we take medicines for fever or cough or constipation, we are actually trying to cure these symptoms, while the problem which actually causes this problem in the first hand remains untouched and unexplored. Chakra Balancing is one such method which focuses not on the problem but on root of problem and tries to make our body and soul in balance.

We have seven major Chakras in our body governing our emotional, physical and as well spiritual self. Out of these seven Chakras, six are placed in six locations of our body, seventh one the crown Chakra is placed at the crown, just above our head. Each Chakra is represented by seven different colors and seven lotuses of different numbered petals.

Coming to the book, Chakra Balancing, this book started on a great note, exploring on the idea of why western medical science can not treat the illness and other psychological diseases. Why do we need Chakra Balancing science? This book gives a brief description of all these seven Chakras, their location, their color. It also tells you how you can balance an unbalanced Chakra. But, everything this book tells you is nothing new. Any person who knows a little bit about Chakras, knows this much. All this information is readily available on internet.

This book tells you nothing new that you didn’t new before. Only new thing that this book has is where you can purchase every item listed here. It annoys you when you are reading a book and in between you are getting links to buy a particular DVD or a healing mantra audio or a pendulum. This could have been part of a different section in the book.

Nevertheless, keeping these little things aside, I think the idea behind Chakras could have been explored more in the book. Like what are the foods that can boost up the energy of a particular Chakra or a specific Mantra healing of a Chakra. These are not covered in the book. Still, if you are a beginner and do not know about Chakras than you can pick up this read.

Go Read and Get Healed. Happy New Year.

ILLUSION (Review): Book by Frank Peretti


(ILLUSION by Frank Peretti)

I have always loved mysteries and fiction, this one is worth the love. Illusion is one such book which will keep you engaged throughout the read. It is the first book that I have read of Frank Peretti, and I know I will be going for more. Most captivating thing about this book was, you are never sure what’s going to happen next. With so many twists and turns, taking on different genres and then mixing them all together in a single book, it’s not an easy task. But, Peretti has done it so beautifully in this book. This book is put in the genre of christian fiction, but it can easily be tagged into teen fiction, romance, science, religion and thriller, all at the same time.

The book tells the story of Dane and Mandy, the sixty year old magician couple, deeply in love with each other. After a long companionship of forty years, Dane was suddenly left devastated when Mandy die in a car crash. His world is torn apart and he decides to leave everything and go back to the place where he first met her, at her hometown. But, was Mandy really dead?

She doesn’t agree with this.

Sitting under a tree in a hospital gown a twenty year old Mandy was wondering what era is this? How does she suddenly woke up in 2010, when all she did was sleep under a tree in 1970s. Uncanny.

My typical mind, brainwashed with so many ghost and rebirth stories, quickly thought that this could be old Mandy’s soul which has captured a young girl and entered into her body. Gosh! My imagination. No, this is not the case. It becomes clear when I read it further. New Mandy met Dane while demonstrating some street magic. Yes, magic. New Mandy can also do magic. One common factor. But big disappointment for me when both Dane and New Mandy couldn’t recognize each other. So, how can she be a rebirth? No, she is no rebirth. She didn’t even have a memory loss. She remembers everything from the dress she was wearing to the name of street she lived.

Story unfolds some more. New Mandy can do weird stuff. I can’t call it magic if you can levitate yourself without any string attached, kinda like Criss Angel. She can put life to any static object like a ball, coffee in cup, mike and even a pencil to poke you. How did she get those superpowers? That is actually the main secret behind her story. Coming to Dane, poor widower, coping with his wife’s death, has new challenges to face in his life. He has met a girl who looks a lot like her Mandy, only she is not. She is a kid, so younger, stupid, and always seems to be in danger. However hard he is trying to stay away from that girl, he is getting more and more entangled in her life. My next thought was that she could be a daughter of old Mandy, which Dane is not aware of. Too filmy! I know.

No, this is also not the case, as both of them feel romantically for each other. But, she is not Mandy. Book shows a different and mature approach to teenage crush which Mandy has for Dane. Only, Dane could not reciprocate the same to her, she being a lot younger than him. This aspect is dealt beautifully in the book, never getting weird.

Approaching end, everything is answered patiently. With the big secret out (no, I am not telling you that), both Dane and Mandy’s life comes to a point of losing each other once again. Till the last page, I was hoping for a miracle. Hoping for balance of universe, for love, for eternal love of Dane and Mandy.

What appealed to me other than the story was the last note of author, Frank Peretti. When he says that this story is not only a science fiction or a love story, this one is also about finding yourself. To find out, Who you are, What are you here for? Doing, what you need to do? What you actually want from life? And, what do you believe in? Ultimately, accepting your beliefs and give yourself to that higher power.

Blessed are those who are being Loved.

What will you do If your husband is cheating on you?

Queen Takes King

What will you do If your husband is cheating on you
Queen Takes King

(Review: Book by Gigi Levangie Grazer)

Queen Takes King”, with a title like that, you expect a thrilling and fast paced battle between the sexes. Alas, this book has failed on so many levels.

This one was also my unplanned venture into reading a book without any prior knowledge. Sometimes I like to randomly pick a book and look for anything interesting in it. This time it was the cover page and title of the book that did the trick. Whoever has said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, must have been talking about “Queen Takes King”.

This story is about Cynthia and Jackson Power, The Power Couple of elite and high-class society. Power couple, who were married for twenty-five long years and just when they are celebrating their big anniversary, tabloids decided to spice up their married life, by introducing a triangle called Lara to their life. Lara a successful (but not so successful in her own eyes) TV anchor/journalist. Lara is a modern woman with ambition, dreams who thinks of making it big in media world. Everything get ruined for all the three main characters when affair between Jackson and Lara became main subject of Gossip magazines.

Now, what will you expect the story to do from here? I would have expected it to go ugly. I would have expected Cynthia, the wife, to take charge of her life and diminish the third unwanted character in her life. I wanted her to take a beautiful strategic revenge on her cheating husband. I wanted Lara, the girlfriend, to control the man, Jackson. I wanted Lara to show that she is not an ordinary affair, that she can’t be taken advantage of. Above all, that she has full control over her life, job and ambitions. I wanted Jackson, the husband, to feel remorse for breaking up a marriage, but I also wanted him to come clean of it. I wanted him to give a closure to his wife,to tell her that she is not the reason(or, if she is the reason behind). To tell her, that it’s actually him who is failing. Or, to really twist the story, and fight. Fight with full passion and Power.

Oh, but I want so many things. Who cares?

Only thing that the Power couple seems interested about was getting divorce and that’s all. Some side characters are more interesting than the main ones, like Cynthia’s psychiatrist, or her lesbian daughter Vivienne, Adrian the bartender. But, the most charismatic is “the devil”, Jackson’s father. He has all the wicked and crooked characteristics of a business tycoon.

Story was pretty clumsy in the end. No one seems to have a proper closure. Only thing that this book seems worth is to turn it into a high-class divorce drama movie. In fact, sometimes it felt like I was reading the script of a movie. 🙂

It’s movie rights are already sold, and I am wondering who will play the leads in this divorce drama.

Who cares? I am not going to waste any money or time on that movie.

Please, get me another book. 🙂


Either “Never tell a Lie” or don’t throw a Yard Sale

Never tell a Lie
Never tell a Lie

(Review of Hallie Ephron‘s book – Never Tell a Lie)

There are thrillers and then there are some thrillers which are disturbingly weird. Yes, it’s the class of weirdness where Hallie Ephron’s novelNever Tell a Lie” falls to.

Story is about Ivy and David, happily married couple who are expecting their first child in few weeks. Being kicked by nesting spirit of pregnancy, Ivy decides to get rid of clutter and arrange for a yard sale. Everything was going on smoothly, until an old, not so friendly friend, Melinda shows up. Everything comes upside down when Melinda goes missing and her last known sight was at Ivy’s home. Story unfolds in such a way that it becomes hard to trust anyone around.

Underlying idea behind this book is, should you share every secret with your partner, every mistake and every truth? A lie told to protect a relationship or a person, can it resurface from the past and shake your present and your future.

While I was reading that book, a pregnant friend of mine ask me to suggest a good book to read. I was just about to say, “Never Tell a Lie”, and then I realized that, it’s so much disturbing story, of a pregnant woman, that no other pregnant woman should have to go through reading it.

On a lighter note, the female lead, Ivy in her last month of pregnancy, seems to have the strength of wonder woman, fighting and rescuing herself, all alone. She is also a detective, who likes to enter into weird people’s abandoned houses and look for hidden evidence. One more peculiar thing, a lab can ring you at four in the morning to get your appointment. 🙂

End was a bit disappointing for the feminist in me. Considering that Ivy, forgive everyone involved. Whatever happened in the past, and whoever did that, was a crime and a punishable one. Leastways, the author should have tried to explain the consequences.

Now, that I have finished the book, I am feeling relieved that I don’t have any weird friend. At least not that I know off. 😦


9 things you may not know about me….

9 things you may not know about me....(I am second from left in the bottom row, only girl wearing full length leggings)


Here are the 10 Things that you may not know about me.

  1. I used to be a nerd during my school days. Just don’t have glasses on my eyes, but I was always immersed in my books. I had very few school friends, and I am not in touch with almost anyone from my school days.

  2. My family once thought that I got kidnapped or lost somewhere, and they searched the whole neighborhood. All this time, I was sleeping peacefully under the bed.

  3. I used to write a lot of poetry in my school days. No one has read my poems, still have them, but I don’t write anymore.

  4. When I was in my fourth standard, my father promised me a bicycle, if I would come first in my class. I achieved that, and since then I was always among toppers. I am very stubborn when I want something. I have gone to great lengths to get what I wanted, and still do so.

  5. My friends in my college life are very precious to me, they are the ones who introduced me to my social side. My teachers used to call me a chatterbox in college. I was friendlier to everyone and now I am in touch with almost all of them.

  6. My father has always been my  idol and my inspiration. I always wanted to be like him, but when I gave birth to my kids and started raising them, I realized that I am actually a carbon copy of my mother. However, this realization came very late in my life.

  7. I have always loved myself. Every bit of it. I like to put myself first then others. Mantra of my life is – If I am not happy, I can not make you happy. Maybe that’s why I have never had any regrets in my life.

  8. Biggest turn on for me: intelligent conversation, wholeheartedly laugh and good sense of humor. Biggest turn off: fake laugh, too much pleasing nature, self praise.

  9. I don’t like girly girls. I don’t like makeup. Don’t like over dramatic and fake people. I like girls who are self-dependent ( does not mean financially, but emotionally and physically too), girls who are ambitious and practical too. Girls with identity of their own.

  10. Out of all the statements, one is not true. I would like to keep some of my secrets from the world.   🙂