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Lucky Are Those Who Have Twins

Lucky Are Those Who Have Twins
My Twin Boys

I am Lucky. In every phase of my life, I have felt that way. God has given me everything more than what I have ever expected (rather deserved). There are so many things which make me feel blessed, one, or should I say two of the reasons are my twin boys, Otu and Renne.

I do not come from the family of twins, but I always wished to have twins, that too, preferably non identical. Two different personalities, just growing together. Not only me, my hubby too, used to say to me, how good it would be if we will get twin babies. We were so obsessed by twins, that when we went for ultrasound, for the very first time, we bluntly asked the technician, “Is it Twins?”. She also responded in the same blunt way, “No”. We the stubborn one, asked “Can you check again, Please? :)”

LOL…. at that time, we didn’t knew that, Tisha, our first born, has already made a setting with God, to send her two little twin brothers, only after she has amply enjoyed the full love and attention of her parents, for some time. She did enjoyed a lot of attention back then, still does, being the only Princess of her Papa’s heart (now, her brother’s heart too).

It didn’t take long for our Twins blessing to reach us. This time, our ultrasound technician, smiled and said “I don’t know if this will help you or not, but this time, you have Twins.”

Then their were Heartbeats, two of them, running strong, so fast and loud, and there we were, all laughing, giggling and with teary eyes. Rejoicing the moment, as we got what we asked and then nearly forgot about it, but someone up there who always keeps track of our wishes, delivered.

Lucky Are Those Who Have Twins
Messy messy boys 🙂

Every mother will say, that first pregnancy is special; for me, my first was special because it was The First, and second became more special because of my twin boys. If you are lucky enough to experience motherhood of twin babies, then you will agree, that there is never a dull and quiet moment, when you are pregnant with twins.

One is sleeping, other is awake, one is pushing, other is kicking. Oh… I loved that. It was a special feeling to be aware of two individuals nurturing inside you. I could actually feel them, fighting with each other, pushing each other, trying to poke my tummy with their feet, sometimes. My Renne used to be a full time boxer in their. He still is.

Even our ultrasound time was fun. Once we saw them kicking and hitting each other with their legs, as if they were playing around in their very own personal playground. From our ultrasound tests, we always used to come out crying and laughing at the same time.

Most of the women say to me, how do you handle three kids, specially twins? How did you managed twins? Every time, I recall that first moment when I heard their heartbeats, two different heartbeats. Then I try to recall, when did I feel overwhelmed by having twins? I didn’t. Never.

They were and are, always a blessing and I will tell this to everyone, don’t ever feel that twins can be a burden, they are fun, lots and lots of. Actually double the fun. I loved the time, when I was pregnant with them, and I love it now, when I saw them running around me, fighting, playing, doing every possible crazy thing possible, and then giving me their precious wickedly cute smile. Two different heartbeats, two different individuals, united in so many ways still very different, My Otu and My Renne 🙂

Lucky Are Those Who Have Twins
Lucky Are Those Who Have Twins

Either “Never tell a Lie” or don’t throw a Yard Sale

Never tell a Lie
Never tell a Lie

(Review of Hallie Ephron‘s book – Never Tell a Lie)

There are thrillers and then there are some thrillers which are disturbingly weird. Yes, it’s the class of weirdness where Hallie Ephron’s novelNever Tell a Lie” falls to.

Story is about Ivy and David, happily married couple who are expecting their first child in few weeks. Being kicked by nesting spirit of pregnancy, Ivy decides to get rid of clutter and arrange for a yard sale. Everything was going on smoothly, until an old, not so friendly friend, Melinda shows up. Everything comes upside down when Melinda goes missing and her last known sight was at Ivy’s home. Story unfolds in such a way that it becomes hard to trust anyone around.

Underlying idea behind this book is, should you share every secret with your partner, every mistake and every truth? A lie told to protect a relationship or a person, can it resurface from the past and shake your present and your future.

While I was reading that book, a pregnant friend of mine ask me to suggest a good book to read. I was just about to say, “Never Tell a Lie”, and then I realized that, it’s so much disturbing story, of a pregnant woman, that no other pregnant woman should have to go through reading it.

On a lighter note, the female lead, Ivy in her last month of pregnancy, seems to have the strength of wonder woman, fighting and rescuing herself, all alone. She is also a detective, who likes to enter into weird people’s abandoned houses and look for hidden evidence. One more peculiar thing, a lab can ring you at four in the morning to get your appointment. 🙂

End was a bit disappointing for the feminist in me. Considering that Ivy, forgive everyone involved. Whatever happened in the past, and whoever did that, was a crime and a punishable one. Leastways, the author should have tried to explain the consequences.

Now, that I have finished the book, I am feeling relieved that I don’t have any weird friend. At least not that I know off. 😦