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I Thought My Husband Was Going Deaf

I Thought My Husband Was Going Deaf, Abhishek Singh
I Thought My Husband Was Going Deaf

A normal day to day conversation between me and my hubby, Abhishek Singh.

Me: When do you want to have dinner?

Hubby: Hmn.

Me: Shall I bring the food?

Hubby: Hmn. (while watching TV)

Me: I am bringing the food. Okay?

Hubby: Hmmn. What? okay….

I have served food and now waiting for him to eat. Kids are already circling around like vultures, just not for eating but to topple everything and create a mess.

Me: Come, it’s getting cold.

Hubby: Hmn. okay.

Me: (after 5 minutes) Come and sit. (In a high pitch voice now, actually little higher than high)

Hubby: (as if he has just woken up) What? Why did you served it? I don’t want to eat right now?

Me: WHAT??? (I don’t have to tell you, what was my voice pitch at that point)

Hubby: I told you. Not now. I am not hungry.

Me: You could have said it to me earlier. When I asked you, I think just a hundred times. Angry smile

Hubby: Oh, didn’t I say it. Oh. Okay, I will eat later. Sorry yaar. (With a smile on his face. Not helpful at all)

I am now babbling so many things at once. Putting back everything, before kids get any chance to ruin whatever is left.

After 5 minutes.

Me: So, when do you want to eat? After how much time?

Hubby: Hmmn.

I Thought My Husband Was Going Deaf, Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh

I thought there must be some problem with my hubby Abhishek Singh’s ears, but later when I share my ordeal with my friends, I realized this disease is pretty common and incurable. 😦

It’s called Being Husband.


P.S. Abhishek Singh, DO Read This Post.


How to Celebrate Woman’s Day?

Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day

Hurray! Today is The Woman’s Day. Big shout out to that. Yippee, I got a whole day dedicated to me. So, what should I do on my day?

Here are few things which are popping in my mind for the celebration 🙂

Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day

  1. Let’s start my day with a hot cup of Tea in bed. Hmm. Good, I would love that. But,who would make this tea? My husband, off course. Let me persuade him to make a cup of tea for me. But, on a second note, why would I want to start my special day with a bad (not bed) tea. He can not even boil water, just imagine what his tea would taste like? 😛 Nobody should go through that torture. Idea dropped.

  2. Next, I was thinking about not cooking anything. No Cooking. Well, I was actually thinking about asking my husband to cook something, but revisiting my first issue with tea, it is in best approach if I’ll drop this idea too. Wait, I can always order something. Yes, lets do that and relax. Wait, what my kids would eat for the whole day? Pizza? Burger? Oh God, no. But, if I have to cook something healthy for kids, why not cook for all? Idea dropped.

  3. Lets Sleep whole day. Yes, this is what I want. A whole day relaxing, spent sleeping or just lying in bed. So, I will cook food first and then I’ll go and rest for the whole day. Wow, I am feeling so good, just thinking about this. Wait, but I can not even go to bathroom alone. Every other second one or the other kid of mine keeps checking on me. They won’t even let me take a bath in peace, how will I sleep for the whole day? Idea dropped.

  4. What if, I’ll leave everyone at home and Go Out, enjoy a nice long drive in car, a short takeaway lunch, for sure a caramel sundae, go to library and hunt for a cracking fiction book, watch a movie in theater and then come back to home sweet home after spending my whole day like this. Wait, but what will happen to my hubby? Pity, how will he handle three kids all by himself? Oh, he is not equipped well. I can’t leave him alone with three kids all by himself. That would be a third degree torture on him. Idea dropped.

  5. What if rather than me going out, leaving all them behind, for a change, let them (hubby and kids) go out for some fun, and stay behind all alone, and do whatever I want. Or maybe do nothing. Well, sounds good. You must be thinking why not all go out and have fun. Well, that’s like everyday, than what would be different on this woman’s day. It won’t be special, if I won’t do anything special. Is it?

Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day

Oh god. Woman’s day is not supposed to be so full of planning and work. Leave this whole plan. Why not just enjoy this day like any other day of my life. Just be myself and enjoy, being me.


What does being Dead means?

What does being Dead means?
What does being Dead means?

No, I am not being all dark or over inspired by death. I am not built the pessimistic way. It’s just some events and a writer’s theme inspired me to think about it. You now must be knowing it well enough, that what I think, I write.

So, the thought process started with, what it would be like to be a dead person? What would happen to me one day (not soon hopefully), when I will die?

Strangely, have you ever noticed, when someone dies we actually never think about that person. Yes, it’s true. We rather talk about how was that person in the past. We say, oh he was such a nice man, he was very kind, so lovable. Why it happened to him, he was so full of life?

Or we will think about what would have been his future, only if he hasn’t met this fatal end. We will say, oh he was so bright, he was just about to open up a new business. Or he could have been married next year.

Mostly, we talk about the family, which was left devastated by the loss. We will think about them, their future, like what will happen to them now? How will they cope? How will they move on? What will happen to the kids, to the wife?

We are always worried about the living.

Has anyone thought about it the other way, like where is that person now? Is he seeing us, worrying about his family? Is he around us? Is he crying over his own death, or thinking about the crisis that his family is facing? How is he coping with all this loss? Every one else has lost one important person from their life, but him, he has lost everyone, in just a second. He has lost his mother, father, wife, kids, his aspirations, ambitions, future, everything.

What it would be like if someday I’ll be dead? What would happen to me? What if there is no hell or heaven? I will not go anywhere and will stay here with everyone, just invisible. Not like a ghost, or maybe a ghost just without any demonic powers. What if I’ll be just like an invisible person which can do nothing other than watching everyone going on with their daily routine in few days, weeks, or months.

What it would feel like if after a year of my death (hopefully no sooner), I will be sitting on the same couch with my hubby, but he won’t even notice my presence, or what if he is with someone else? What if he is happy and back to his lively self? What if he is same, like the way he was when I was alive? What if my parents who gave life to me, would not even think of me in their prayers? What would it feel like when my own kids will forget about me. They will adapt to their new life, move on. A life of which I am not a part of. Maybe they won’t even know what their mother was like. Would that hurt me? Hurt me more than the death? Yes, it will hurt me. More than the death itself.

What does being Dead means?
What does being Dead means?

But, what it would feel like if after a year of my death, I will be sitting on the same couch with my hubby, but he would be all miserable, depressive because of my death? What if he is no longer that laughing, cheering, and full of life person that I fall in love with? What would I feel? What if I’ll saw my parents losing faith in God, because their precious child is taken away? What if I will see everyone in my family secretly crying and hiding their tears, so that they will look strong in front of others? What if I will see my kids still waiting for their Mamma to come back. Come back from somewhere, but just come back. What if they are still waiting? Would that hurt me? No, it will not only hurt me. It will tear me down. It will break me the way no death can ever do. It would be the worse.

I would prefer to go to hell for eternity than see my family like this.

I now know for sure that I would be content even with my death, if my family will move on. If they would live a life, which is full of Life. I would want them to move on. Maybe, I would be able to move too.

I am not dead. Not yet.

Thus I pray to God, that no one loose their loved ones.

I just pray…


The Human Aura Astral Colors And Thought Forms


The Human Aura Astral Colors And Thought Forms

The Human Aura Astral Colors And Thought Forms

(By William Walker Atkinson)

It’s hard to finish a Non Fiction, specially harder when you redevelop your fetish for watching television shows. Still, I can say proudly that despite all the above hindrances I completed three non fictions this month. Namely “Chakra Balancing”, “The Secret” and now “The Human Aura Astral Colors And Thought Forms”. Strangely, I have to read all three of them simultaneously, as all are related to each other in some way or other. In order to understand the one, you should know about the other. That’s why it took me so long to post a book review. (Read my blog post on Chakra Balancing here).

Nevertheless, here I am. I completed “Chakra Balancing” and “The Secret” first. Human Aura I read about on and off, as required while studying the previous ones. Today, when I completed it, I realized just how much wisdom there is just lying in plain sight around us. So much energy and life, meaningful things that we completely ignore and rather focus on some trivial materialistic things.

Coming to the book, it begins with revealing what is actually Human Aura or Prana or Aabha as we call in Hindi. Prana is the Vital essence, The Life Force. This Prana Aura does not only reflect our being, but it reflects on what we are? What we are thinking? What state we are in? More importantly, how we are communicating with the universe?

 When we feel something or are going through a particular emotion we are projecting that feeling through our Aura. This is mirrored in so many different colors, each corresponding to various feelings out there. I have dealt with the same in one of my previous post The Color Of Love. This topic is so vast though that it can not be covered in a single post. In the book, each color is explained with its corresponding state. Even the hue, tint and shade of a color make a huge difference towards the Aura visualization.

But, what is the so called Feeling that gets projected in these Aura’s colors. It is our Thoughts. Our thoughts who are manifested in our Aura in the forms of colors and vibrations. Vibrations that we send to our universe. They not only affect us, but also the persons who come in contact (not necessarily touching) with us. Have you ever thought how you feel sad in someone’s company, or why a Hospital always feels like a Morgue, or a playground feels like freedom? Have you thought, why did you label someone as a positive person and some as dull and boring or a pessimist? Most of the times what we feel about others is what their thoughts are projecting about them to the universe.

Another interesting aspect that this book talks about is about healing through Aura Magnetism. Healing with the help of a strong magnetic Aura is pretty old phenomenon. I have heard of many saints and god souls who have helped others by just touching them or giving them the life energy; Prana. This works on the same concept as Aura Projection. I have tried my hands at this too, and that too successfully. Cheers!!!

This book has dealt with many such concepts related to Human Aura, but still this subject is too vast and knowledge is so ancient that one can not fully capture it in one book. For a beginners sake this book is pretty good in answering some of the basic questions. Good introspective read. 🙂

Chakra Balancing by Michael Hadfield

Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

 We spent so much money and time in medicines and all alternative healing methods that sometimes we forget to treat the basic underlying problem. What we are really doing is actually just treating the symptoms. When we take medicines for fever or cough or constipation, we are actually trying to cure these symptoms, while the problem which actually causes this problem in the first hand remains untouched and unexplored. Chakra Balancing is one such method which focuses not on the problem but on root of problem and tries to make our body and soul in balance.

We have seven major Chakras in our body governing our emotional, physical and as well spiritual self. Out of these seven Chakras, six are placed in six locations of our body, seventh one the crown Chakra is placed at the crown, just above our head. Each Chakra is represented by seven different colors and seven lotuses of different numbered petals.

Coming to the book, Chakra Balancing, this book started on a great note, exploring on the idea of why western medical science can not treat the illness and other psychological diseases. Why do we need Chakra Balancing science? This book gives a brief description of all these seven Chakras, their location, their color. It also tells you how you can balance an unbalanced Chakra. But, everything this book tells you is nothing new. Any person who knows a little bit about Chakras, knows this much. All this information is readily available on internet.

This book tells you nothing new that you didn’t new before. Only new thing that this book has is where you can purchase every item listed here. It annoys you when you are reading a book and in between you are getting links to buy a particular DVD or a healing mantra audio or a pendulum. This could have been part of a different section in the book.

Nevertheless, keeping these little things aside, I think the idea behind Chakras could have been explored more in the book. Like what are the foods that can boost up the energy of a particular Chakra or a specific Mantra healing of a Chakra. These are not covered in the book. Still, if you are a beginner and do not know about Chakras than you can pick up this read.

Go Read and Get Healed. Happy New Year.