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How to Celebrate Woman’s Day?

Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day

Hurray! Today is The Woman’s Day. Big shout out to that. Yippee, I got a whole day dedicated to me. So, what should I do on my day?

Here are few things which are popping in my mind for the celebration 🙂

Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day

  1. Let’s start my day with a hot cup of Tea in bed. Hmm. Good, I would love that. But,who would make this tea? My husband, off course. Let me persuade him to make a cup of tea for me. But, on a second note, why would I want to start my special day with a bad (not bed) tea. He can not even boil water, just imagine what his tea would taste like? 😛 Nobody should go through that torture. Idea dropped.

  2. Next, I was thinking about not cooking anything. No Cooking. Well, I was actually thinking about asking my husband to cook something, but revisiting my first issue with tea, it is in best approach if I’ll drop this idea too. Wait, I can always order something. Yes, lets do that and relax. Wait, what my kids would eat for the whole day? Pizza? Burger? Oh God, no. But, if I have to cook something healthy for kids, why not cook for all? Idea dropped.

  3. Lets Sleep whole day. Yes, this is what I want. A whole day relaxing, spent sleeping or just lying in bed. So, I will cook food first and then I’ll go and rest for the whole day. Wow, I am feeling so good, just thinking about this. Wait, but I can not even go to bathroom alone. Every other second one or the other kid of mine keeps checking on me. They won’t even let me take a bath in peace, how will I sleep for the whole day? Idea dropped.

  4. What if, I’ll leave everyone at home and Go Out, enjoy a nice long drive in car, a short takeaway lunch, for sure a caramel sundae, go to library and hunt for a cracking fiction book, watch a movie in theater and then come back to home sweet home after spending my whole day like this. Wait, but what will happen to my hubby? Pity, how will he handle three kids all by himself? Oh, he is not equipped well. I can’t leave him alone with three kids all by himself. That would be a third degree torture on him. Idea dropped.

  5. What if rather than me going out, leaving all them behind, for a change, let them (hubby and kids) go out for some fun, and stay behind all alone, and do whatever I want. Or maybe do nothing. Well, sounds good. You must be thinking why not all go out and have fun. Well, that’s like everyday, than what would be different on this woman’s day. It won’t be special, if I won’t do anything special. Is it?

Woman’s Day
Woman’s Day

Oh god. Woman’s day is not supposed to be so full of planning and work. Leave this whole plan. Why not just enjoy this day like any other day of my life. Just be myself and enjoy, being me.


Anyone Up for a Late Night Tea Party?

Late Night Tea Party
Late Night Tea Party With Tisha, Otu and Renne

Nights are always pleasant. It’s the only time when there is quiet in our home, silence, everywhere. Having three toddlers, I can vouch that there is nothing like a peaceful and quiet home. But, only if it’s for a short time, else, I will go crazy in that silence. It’s their giggling, which make my home lively 🙂

My babies have very good sleeping habits.(Don’t Jinx it) They can’t help it, it’s kind of enforced on them. By me. 🙂 No Joking. I believe that it’s an integral part of their development to have a proper sleep schedule. But kids are kids, and they are smart enough to know when they can break the rules.

So, a few nights back, I took my kids to their room for sleep. Otu, my two year old boy, was as usual saying “NO” to top of his lungs. Tisha, my three old girl, cutie pie is now intelligent enough to understand the sleeping time, so she, very convincingly, went to sleep on her bed. Renne, twin to Otu, did some fake crying, but like Tisha, knew that there is no other option, goes to sleep too. Finally, after some coaxing, Otu also went to the bed. After a while, when I was sure they are fast asleep(Me Idiot), I came back to my room. So foolish of me. 😦

Some ten to fifteen minutes passed and I heard noises coming from the living room. I do believe in ghosts, but this time I knew poor ghosts are not behind these slow murmurings. It was Otu with Tisha, yes my sweet little angel daughter, who was pretending to sleep sometime back. First thought that came to my mind was to go there and again take them to sleep. But, then I thought, there is nothing to do for them in night, so they will be bored in few minutes and probably will go to sleep on their own. Also, they must be tired, really tired after playing all day.

But, God I was wrong, so wrong. 😦

Some time passed, and then, they were not even whispering. They were cheering and giggling, must be thinking that their mamma is asleep and they have the whole house to themselves. I was listening to them. Making all the noises in kitchen and living room, ransacking all the cupboards, throwing food packets, picking up plastic boxes, playing with plastic cups and mugs. (all the cupboards within their reach have only plastic stuff, good thinking on my part). It was like a late night party going on in my kitchen, only I was not invited. 😦

After a while, Tisha came by my side to sleep, must be tired. I was still pretending to sleep. And here came Otu, calling her back “Di, come on”. “Di, Di” (He calls her Didi or Di sometimes). Tisha must have got her energy back, jumped on hearing that little voice saying “Come On”, and rushed back to Otu.

Again my kitchen and living room were going through all the ruckus. This goes on for a while, to be precise for more than half an hour. They were still not tired enough to sleep, and here I was about to move to dreamland. Finally, I decided to go back and restore the peace back to the universe. I put on the lights, and there it was, all the sofa cushions on floor, lying around the center table in a circular fashion. Tisha and Otu sitting on them at opposite side of the table, having a tea party with all my coffee mugs on the table. Rest all my kitchen pots were on the kitchen floor, with some of their stuffed animals. As if teddy bears, monkeys and puppies were having a party of their own. 😦

What was the first reaction of Tisha and Otu, when they saw me? Nothing. Blank. And then they gave me their silly mischievous smile. I started laughing. They laughed and we all had a small tea party. 🙂

So, next time you want to have some tea at the middle of the night, and don’t know where to go? You are invited, just bring along some new tea cups.

Point to note, all this time my husband was sleeping peacefully, ignorant of whatever was going on. 🙂