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A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie
A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

My baby Tisha turned three, and all that she was bothered about, was her birthday Cake. So, we booked a Tinkerbell Cake for her Birthday party, which was on Saturday. Big Problem : Her birthday was on Friday, 27th December.

We wished her, pampered her in every possible way on Friday, but she was still not in the Birthday mood. We took her to an animated movie, got new clothes for her, gave all the attention that she deserved on her special day. Still, she was like β€œNo, It’s no Birthday”.

What’s a birthday, without a cake? She was right. So, I decided to bake a small cake for her. Small because in my family no one seems to have a sweet tooth. We don’t like eating cakes. Even my kids don’t like eating sweets much. All that Tisha wanted on her birthday was to cut the cake, not to eat it.Β  😦

I have baked cakes before, but this time I wanted to try something which is quick and easy to make, taste doesn’t matter. (I am not gonna eat it, so why does it should matter πŸ™‚ ). I was going through all the cake recipes, when I stumbled on this easy to make 3 minute chocolate mug cake. Voila!!!!

A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie
A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

Recipe is down below.


All Purpose Flour (Maida) – 4 tbsp

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Cocoa Powder – 2 tbsp

Egg – 1

Milk – 3 tbsp

Butter/Oil – 3 tbsp

Vanilla Extract – ΒΌ tbsp

Choco Chips – 1tbsp (I was out of them, so didn’t use)


Add and mix all the dry ingredients.

To this add Egg and mix really well.

Pour in milk and oil as well to make it smooth.

Make sure there are no lumps.

Add Choco chips and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Put this mixture in a Microwave safe Mug. (I have used a bowl, to have a small cake shape)

Microwave it for three minutes on high.

And done. πŸ™‚

I used some M&Ms and chocolate for decoration. All it took to make this cake was 5 minutes.

Some friends also joined in the small celebration and Tisha cut the cake happily. Icing on the cake, it was not bad in taste. Although, it was not as good as a cake baked in Oven for half an hour, but still it was a quick fix. Tasted okay, looked more than okay. Happy Ending. πŸ™‚

A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie
A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

Happy Birthday My sweets.

Anyone Up for a Late Night Tea Party?

Late Night Tea Party
Late Night Tea Party With Tisha, Otu and Renne

Nights are always pleasant. It’s the only time when there is quiet in our home, silence, everywhere. Having three toddlers, I can vouch that there is nothing like a peaceful and quiet home. But, only if it’s for a short time, else, I will go crazy in that silence. It’s their giggling, which make my home lively πŸ™‚

My babies have very good sleeping habits.(Don’t Jinx it) They can’t help it, it’s kind of enforced on them. By me. πŸ™‚ No Joking. I believe that it’s an integral part of their development to have a proper sleep schedule. But kids are kids, and they are smart enough to know when they can break the rules.

So, a few nights back, I took my kids to their room for sleep. Otu, my two year old boy, was as usual saying β€œNO” to top of his lungs. Tisha, my three old girl, cutie pie is now intelligent enough to understand the sleeping time, so she, very convincingly, went to sleep on her bed. Renne, twin to Otu, did some fake crying, but like Tisha, knew that there is no other option, goes to sleep too. Finally, after some coaxing, Otu also went to the bed. After a while, when I was sure they are fast asleep(Me Idiot), I came back to my room. So foolish of me. 😦

Some ten to fifteen minutes passed and I heard noises coming from the living room. I do believe in ghosts, but this time I knew poor ghosts are not behind these slow murmurings. It was Otu with Tisha, yes my sweet little angel daughter, who was pretending to sleep sometime back. First thought that came to my mind was to go there and again take them to sleep. But, then I thought, there is nothing to do for them in night, so they will be bored in few minutes and probably will go to sleep on their own. Also, they must be tired, really tired after playing all day.

But, God I was wrong, so wrong. 😦

Some time passed, and then, they were not even whispering. They were cheering and giggling, must be thinking that their mamma is asleep and they have the whole house to themselves. I was listening to them. Making all the noises in kitchen and living room, ransacking all the cupboards, throwing food packets, picking up plastic boxes, playing with plastic cups and mugs. (all the cupboards within their reach have only plastic stuff, good thinking on my part). It was like a late night party going on in my kitchen, only I was not invited. 😦

After a while, Tisha came by my side to sleep, must be tired. I was still pretending to sleep. And here came Otu, calling her back β€œDi, come on”. β€œDi, Di” (He calls her Didi or Di sometimes). Tisha must have got her energy back, jumped on hearing that little voice saying β€œCome On”, and rushed back to Otu.

Again my kitchen and living room were going through all the ruckus. This goes on for a while, to be precise for more than half an hour. They were still not tired enough to sleep, and here I was about to move to dreamland. Finally, I decided to go back and restore the peace back to the universe. I put on the lights, and there it was, all the sofa cushions on floor, lying around the center table in a circular fashion. Tisha and Otu sitting on them at opposite side of the table, having a tea party with all my coffee mugs on the table. Rest all my kitchen pots were on the kitchen floor, with some of their stuffed animals. As if teddy bears, monkeys and puppies were having a party of their own. 😦

What was the first reaction of Tisha and Otu, when they saw me? Nothing. Blank. And then they gave me their silly mischievous smile. I started laughing. They laughed and we all had a small tea party. πŸ™‚

So, next time you want to have some tea at the middle of the night, and don’t know where to go? You are invited, just bring along some new tea cups.

Point to note, all this time my husband was sleeping peacefully, ignorant of whatever was going on. πŸ™‚

A Diva in Making…

A Diva in Making
Tisha – A Diva in Making

I was on phone, when I heard the sobbing. It was Tisha, my soon to be three year old girl. I put down the phone, excusing myself, and rushed to the kids room. (It’s a very good excuse though, to put down phone and save yourself from long boring phone conversations.Β Oopsie!!! spilled my secret. )

Coming back to my girl, Tisha. She was crying in her room with her hand covering her mouth. She is full on drama, and when she wanted to add some extra special effects to her crying, she would put a hand over her mouth and nod her head slowly, in every possible direction. Even if there will be no tears, she will close her eyes and pretend that she is crying hard.

This time she was really crying(with tears), actually sobbing, with her hand covering her mouth. 😦

I was confused, as to why was she crying? She doesn’t looked hurt. Even boys were asleep in their room. No one to hurt her or tease her. Then why?

So, I asked her.

Me: What happened, Tisha? Why are you crying?

Tisha: I don’t have any pant.

Me: What?

Tisha: I have no pant.

I looked at her cupboard, which was all upside down by the way.

Me: Who created this mess? And what happened to all of your pants?

Tisha: I don’t have any pant. (this time louder)

I picked out a black pant from the mess, which was a neatly foiled clothes rack earlier. By the way, she has more clothes than both of my boys have combined. Still….

Me: You wanna put on this black one?

Tisha: No. I don’t like it.

Me: (Picked another one), You want to try this red one.

Tisha: No. I don’t like it. I want new pant.

(Crying more louder now)

Tisha: I have no clothes. I want new.

Me: blank………


She finally agreed to wear one, but only when I promised to buy some new clothes for her. Good thing is that kids forget about promises very soon, bad thing, my girl is growing fast, and soon she will be a three year old lady.

God, help me, and please send some cash next time along with your blessings. πŸ™‚




Mamma!!! What’s this?

Mamma!!! What's this?

Β My two-year old boy, Otu while reading his book….

Otu: Mamma, this? (points to a butterfly in the book)

Me: It’s a butterfly, Otu.

Otu: Mamma, this?

Me: It’s a dog.

Otu: Mamma, this?

Me: It’s a boy.

Again, comes back to butterfly.

Otu: Mamma, this?

Me: Butterfly.


and again, and again….. and again. So, after reading out Β wholeΒ page around ten times.

Me: Mamma is tired now. Go play with your toys.

Otu: NOOO……… book. Mamma, this??? (Translation: No, I want to read book. Points again to something in the book)

Me: (cursing under my breath all of those who have invented books, language and questions.)

Me: Otu, look Renne (his twin brother) has your car. Renne is playing with your car.

Otu, now running after Renne to get his car back.

Me: (Relieved, with evil smile on face)

Point to Note:Β Don’t ever take parenting advice from me. J

Sickness Cravings

Sickness Cravings
I am Sick

Yes, this is to tell the world that I am sick today. So, please sympathize with me and send me loads of get well soon wishes. (Money is also accepted)

My running nose and feverish body is telling me to relax and go to sleep. But, even sleep is eluding my eyes. So, what better way to pass the time then to write about something you are craving for.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

What do you crave for when you are sick?

Some crave for hot cup of coffee, some a warm hug, some a nice cozy touch and some for peace and quiet. I crave for all the above and more. Too demanding πŸ™‚

Β When I was little (little as in a kid), I used to eagerly wait for this time. Time when I would get a small fever or catch a cold. Reason was my Mom. She used to just left every house work to take care of me and pamper me. Ohhh… I so much crave for that pampering.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

She would have gotten me a full glass of hot milk and would have rubbed vicks vaporub all over me. Yeah, seriously all over me. Sometimes she’ll put that in my hairs too and I used to scream at her the very next day when getting ready for school. J

She used to push down all the medicines through my throat. She knew the moment she will look the other way, I will throw them in the sink. πŸ™‚ I was a very unmanageable kid. Hmmnn…. my kids have turned out much better then me as a kid. Thank God and thanks hubby for your genes πŸ™‚

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

Β Now that I don’t have my mom to pamper me, I feel that getting sick is no more fun. Its bad, really bad. As not only everything hurts, also I have to take care of my three kids, still taking care that they do not catch it.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

Craving never ends. So, now I am craving for my hubby to get home and take care of me. Or at least take care of kids, so I can make a hot cup of ginger tea and go to bed with a book on my side, peacefully.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

Come soon and come fast, dear.