Mamma!!! What’s this?

Mamma!!! What's this?

 My two-year old boy, Otu while reading his book….

Otu: Mamma, this? (points to a butterfly in the book)

Me: It’s a butterfly, Otu.

Otu: Mamma, this?

Me: It’s a dog.

Otu: Mamma, this?

Me: It’s a boy.

Again, comes back to butterfly.

Otu: Mamma, this?

Me: Butterfly.


and again, and again….. and again. So, after reading out  whole page around ten times.

Me: Mamma is tired now. Go play with your toys.

Otu: NOOO……… book. Mamma, this??? (Translation: No, I want to read book. Points again to something in the book)

Me: (cursing under my breath all of those who have invented books, language and questions.)

Me: Otu, look Renne (his twin brother) has your car. Renne is playing with your car.

Otu, now running after Renne to get his car back.

Me: (Relieved, with evil smile on face)

Point to Note: Don’t ever take parenting advice from me. J

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