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Mindless Conversations of My Mind

Mindless Conversations of My Mind
Mindless Conversations of My Mind

Have you ever wondered about all the silly conversations that you have with yourself? I do.

Me trying to sleep, in the hustle of random thoughts going on in my mind. Me and my Mind 

Me: Am I spending too much time on Facebook?

Mind: Noooo, I don’t think so. It was just for ten minutes.

Me: Ten minutes or more. It was more than ten minutes.

Mind: Well, maybe fifteen but not more than that. Plus think of all the friends and family members, you stay in touch with.

Me: Yeah, you are right. I wished a friend for his anniversary, another one for birthday. God, how much they have changed since their marriage.

Mind: Time flies.

Me: But, they are changed, a lot. Hmmn… have I changed?

Mind: Nooooo, I don’t think so. Still the same.

Me: No, I think I have changed.

Mind: Well, maybe a little. But, it’s for good.

Me: Yeah, you are right.

Mind: Time flies.

Me: How much time have passed? Years and months? ….. Why I am not good with dates and years?

Mind: Not at all good with dates. Can’t remember them.

Me: That’s why my history was so weak. How difficult that time was? Why teachers expects from us to remember all those crazy dates? Who cares?

Mind: Remember social study teacher?

Me: Yeah, what was her name?

Mind: Ohhh… I forgot. But, she was so sad and old.

Me: Hmmn… I saw her crying once, in staff room.

Mind: What was she crying for?

Me: Maybe, because of us. We were so bad. None of us paid any attention in her class.

Mind: Hmm… but she was so sad. Sad and boring.

Me: I don’t like boring.

Mind: Hmmn…

Me: I must sleep. Babies are sleeping.

Mind: Remember last week at doctor’s office.

Me: What?

Mind: When office assistant asked you about  Renne’s date of birth?

Me: Yeah… I forgot. I mean, not forgot… forgot. But, yeah, I was completely blank for a minute.

Mind: Then you told her, he is twin to Otu. Both have same date.

Me: She was not looking for this answer. What she must have thought of me?

Me: Am I losing my memory?or my Mind?

Mind: Noooo…… you are fine.

Me: Hmmn… I am raising three kids. I think, I am allowed to go nuts, once in a while.

Mind: Maybe. But you are fine. Go to sleep.

Me: Hmmn… I think I should sleep.

Mind: ………..

Me: or maybe, I should read a book. Where did I kept it?

Mind: It’s on kitchen top.

Me: What’s it doing in kitchen?

Mind: I don’t know….. go get it.

Me: No, I don’t want to go. I am sleeping.

Mind: OK.

Mindless Conversations of My Mind
Mindless Conversations of My Mind


Sickness Cravings

Sickness Cravings
I am Sick

Yes, this is to tell the world that I am sick today. So, please sympathize with me and send me loads of get well soon wishes. (Money is also accepted)

My running nose and feverish body is telling me to relax and go to sleep. But, even sleep is eluding my eyes. So, what better way to pass the time then to write about something you are craving for.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

What do you crave for when you are sick?

Some crave for hot cup of coffee, some a warm hug, some a nice cozy touch and some for peace and quiet. I crave for all the above and more. Too demanding 🙂

 When I was little (little as in a kid), I used to eagerly wait for this time. Time when I would get a small fever or catch a cold. Reason was my Mom. She used to just left every house work to take care of me and pamper me. Ohhh… I so much crave for that pampering.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

She would have gotten me a full glass of hot milk and would have rubbed vicks vaporub all over me. Yeah, seriously all over me. Sometimes she’ll put that in my hairs too and I used to scream at her the very next day when getting ready for school. J

She used to push down all the medicines through my throat. She knew the moment she will look the other way, I will throw them in the sink. 🙂 I was a very unmanageable kid. Hmmnn…. my kids have turned out much better then me as a kid. Thank God and thanks hubby for your genes 🙂

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

 Now that I don’t have my mom to pamper me, I feel that getting sick is no more fun. Its bad, really bad. As not only everything hurts, also I have to take care of my three kids, still taking care that they do not catch it.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

Craving never ends. So, now I am craving for my hubby to get home and take care of me. Or at least take care of kids, so I can make a hot cup of ginger tea and go to bed with a book on my side, peacefully.

Sickness Cravings
Sickness Cravings

Come soon and come fast, dear.