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Wednesday Words – If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

Perfectionthe condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

Is it possible to be perfect? Specially, is it possible to have a Perfect Spouse/Partner?

Even if you have a perfect Spouse, will your life be Perfect?
If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

If you are thinking that I have gone mad, thinking about Perfection then No – I was already Mad, before I asked these questions. 😛  
The One I Love

I watched a movie recently – ‘The One I love’. It had a very peculiar concept. A husband and wife goes to a vacation retreat to help their doomed marriage by spending some quality time with each other. They didn’t knew however, that this vacation home had an extra guest house with some strange powers.

Whenever any one of them entered the guest house alone, they would meet their spouse already present there, but he/she was just a perfect version of them, not the real spouse.

The One I Love

So, when husband entered the guest house, he saw his wife’s fake avatar, perfectly clad in skimpy clothes, making egg and bacon for him and inviting him for a joint shower session. What more a man can ask for? 😎  

The One I Love
The One I Love

When wife entered the guest house, she met the perfect looking chocolatey romantic husband of hers who wants to talk about her feelings, her dreams, her aspirations. A husband who actually talk more than just asking for a sandwich. 😀 Miracle

I am not going to talk about the movie. I have already done that in my earlier post here.

Today, I will just share my thoughts on this concept of having a perfect spouse.

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

How do you think your life will change, if your spouse just turn perfect. Perfect in a way that he will do as you wish (I will use He instead of she, just because I wanted it to).


If Only We Had Perfect Spouses


He looks Perfect, always. Have a look at those six-pack abs and those killer eyes, and that boyish smile. Looks to die for and wit to live for. Every time he open his mouth to speak to you; you feel like an angel from heaven is stroking your hair with light wind and that aroma of rose and lavender is filling up your nostrils. Before you say something, he will understand you.

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses
Like you wanted him to throw the trash or just put the toilet seat down; whoosh…. where is trash? When was the toilet seat up? Done.

Done, before you say it. No need to repeat everything. Yes, he will listen in one time.

He will not only listen, he will understand you.

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

Please don’t cry. 😥 Not yet. I know this is hard to believe. Just stay with me for some more time.

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

He will take you to shopping, even if there is a major league match coming on the television. His friends are calling him on phone, which he has just switched off, so that he can look in your dark brown eyes and compare them with stars of night sky. He is showering you with expensive gifts – jewelry, fancy dresses, dinner in a top-notch restaurant, long vacations to some secluded island…. list is too long, but he has only one mission in his life; to fulfill all your wishes.

If there is anything more that you wish for, include that too. Basically, what I want to say is that he is Perfect.

Just Perfect!!!!!

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

Now, how is your life?

Is your life perfect?


It may be Perfect.

But, isn’t it Boring?

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

Perfection is Boring.

I guess, I will manage with my near to perfect husband. Can’t take a chance with having a boring life. 🙂

If Only We Had Perfect Spouses

Frolic Friday – How to Pee? Lesson #101

How to Pee? Lesson #101
How to Pee? Lesson #101

Warning: This post contains some beep beep words like ‘Potty’ 😮 and ‘Pee Pee’ :mrgreen: so if you are drinking Gatorade or eating mashed potatoes – Stop. Stop Eating!

Life is beautiful and simple. So simple till you got our little bundle of joy. After that, your life is beautiful but Difficult. See how I emphasized difficult. 😎

You devise new ideas and tricks to ease out these difficulties. One of my trick was to have more than one difficulty at one time. Oops!!! I meant to say, I have more than one kid. Actually three, two twin boys and a Girl, one year apart.

How did it make parenthood simpler? Well, when you have kids who are almost of same age, you only need to teach one, and other will follow. Smart!!

Every Superiority tactics that I have applied, I did it on Tisha, my girl. For boys, Tisha was the headmistress. She taught them what she learnt from me. 🙂

How to Pee? Lesson #101

When it comes to potty training, I just have to bought a fancy Potty seat for Tisha, and she started using it in course of time. Point to note boys, Give girls something fancy and they will do anything for you. 💡

Boys started early with the whole potty training thing. As they see their big sister using her Potty seat, they followed and next thing I saw, they were doing Pee Pee in their Potty seat. Sitting down. 😛

How to Pee? Lesson #101
How to Pee? Lesson #101

Coming to think of that, now I am kind of understanding, why their Pee was all on floor, when they were doing it sitting on their seat. 😐 I am a tubelight.

So, one fine day, my husband, Abhishek Singh, saw the boys, doing Pee, sitting down in their Potty seat. All hell broke loose.

Why are they Peeing like a Girl? 😡

God, I am really a tubelight. I didn’t teach my boys how to Pee standing up. 😮

How to Pee? Lesson #101Comes Papa to rescue. So, one thing that my husband has taught my kids, is how to Pee standing up. 😐

How to Pee? Lesson #101
How to Pee? Lesson #101

Well, the job is done. They now Pee standing up, straight in the toilet. Sometimes, they do try to make Pee Pee art on walls. But, I guess this is part of being a boy.


A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie
A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

My baby Tisha turned three, and all that she was bothered about, was her birthday Cake. So, we booked a Tinkerbell Cake for her Birthday party, which was on Saturday. Big Problem : Her birthday was on Friday, 27th December.

We wished her, pampered her in every possible way on Friday, but she was still not in the Birthday mood. We took her to an animated movie, got new clothes for her, gave all the attention that she deserved on her special day. Still, she was like “No, It’s no Birthday”.

What’s a birthday, without a cake? She was right. So, I decided to bake a small cake for her. Small because in my family no one seems to have a sweet tooth. We don’t like eating cakes. Even my kids don’t like eating sweets much. All that Tisha wanted on her birthday was to cut the cake, not to eat it.  😦

I have baked cakes before, but this time I wanted to try something which is quick and easy to make, taste doesn’t matter. (I am not gonna eat it, so why does it should matter 🙂 ). I was going through all the cake recipes, when I stumbled on this easy to make 3 minute chocolate mug cake. Voila!!!!

A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie
A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

Recipe is down below.


All Purpose Flour (Maida) – 4 tbsp

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Cocoa Powder – 2 tbsp

Egg – 1

Milk – 3 tbsp

Butter/Oil – 3 tbsp

Vanilla Extract – ¼ tbsp

Choco Chips – 1tbsp (I was out of them, so didn’t use)


Add and mix all the dry ingredients.

To this add Egg and mix really well.

Pour in milk and oil as well to make it smooth.

Make sure there are no lumps.

Add Choco chips and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Put this mixture in a Microwave safe Mug. (I have used a bowl, to have a small cake shape)

Microwave it for three minutes on high.

And done. 🙂

I used some M&Ms and chocolate for decoration. All it took to make this cake was 5 minutes.

Some friends also joined in the small celebration and Tisha cut the cake happily. Icing on the cake, it was not bad in taste. Although, it was not as good as a cake baked in Oven for half an hour, but still it was a quick fix. Tasted okay, looked more than okay. Happy Ending. 🙂

A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie
A Three Minute Cake for My Sweetie

Happy Birthday My sweets.