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Happy Birthday My Darlings – Otu & Renne

Time flies….and when it comes to your kids… time flies faster than a rocket towards moon.

It was just yesterday when my twin bundle of joys, my twin boys Otu and Renne, were first came in my life and now it seems like, they are running my whole life; or, I am running after them, all the time.

On your third birthday, I wish that you grow up to be gentlemen and always be honest and respectable.

I Love you, boys, and here is a little dedication to you from me and your Papa, on your third Birthday.

Frolic Friday – How to Pee? Lesson #101

How to Pee? Lesson #101
How to Pee? Lesson #101

Warning: This post contains some beep beep words like ‘Potty’ 😮 and ‘Pee Pee’ :mrgreen: so if you are drinking Gatorade or eating mashed potatoes – Stop. Stop Eating!

Life is beautiful and simple. So simple till you got our little bundle of joy. After that, your life is beautiful but Difficult. See how I emphasized difficult. 😎

You devise new ideas and tricks to ease out these difficulties. One of my trick was to have more than one difficulty at one time. Oops!!! I meant to say, I have more than one kid. Actually three, two twin boys and a Girl, one year apart.

How did it make parenthood simpler? Well, when you have kids who are almost of same age, you only need to teach one, and other will follow. Smart!!

Every Superiority tactics that I have applied, I did it on Tisha, my girl. For boys, Tisha was the headmistress. She taught them what she learnt from me. 🙂

How to Pee? Lesson #101

When it comes to potty training, I just have to bought a fancy Potty seat for Tisha, and she started using it in course of time. Point to note boys, Give girls something fancy and they will do anything for you. 💡

Boys started early with the whole potty training thing. As they see their big sister using her Potty seat, they followed and next thing I saw, they were doing Pee Pee in their Potty seat. Sitting down. 😛

How to Pee? Lesson #101
How to Pee? Lesson #101

Coming to think of that, now I am kind of understanding, why their Pee was all on floor, when they were doing it sitting on their seat. 😐 I am a tubelight.

So, one fine day, my husband, Abhishek Singh, saw the boys, doing Pee, sitting down in their Potty seat. All hell broke loose.

Why are they Peeing like a Girl? 😡

God, I am really a tubelight. I didn’t teach my boys how to Pee standing up. 😮

How to Pee? Lesson #101Comes Papa to rescue. So, one thing that my husband has taught my kids, is how to Pee standing up. 😐

How to Pee? Lesson #101
How to Pee? Lesson #101

Well, the job is done. They now Pee standing up, straight in the toilet. Sometimes, they do try to make Pee Pee art on walls. But, I guess this is part of being a boy.


Silent Sunday – Cricket Yesterday with Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh, Abhishek Singh USA, Abhishek Singh Sultanpur
Abhishek Singh(hubby) and Jyoti Singh (Me)

Wednesday Words – Do Not Marry a Tall Guy


Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh

Marrying a tall guy is like marrying your Prince Charming, but even Mr. Charming comes into your life with pros and cons…. remember snow white’s love struggle. 😮

Point taken. So, once you decide to get married to a tall guy, there will be some pros and many cons too…. I will not share much of the details, just one interesting one or should I say, most irritating habit of my tall hubby – Abhishek Singh. ❤

I became a victim of it, in the very first few days of our married life, when I asked him to hang a small mirror for me, near the basin. You know, I love mirrors, specially when I am in it 😀 He obliged. Such a good husband. Right?? 😉

Wait for it……… and there it was…. A mirror on the wall, only problem, it was only showing my forehead. just my forehead…. rest of me was nowhere in the mirror. 😦 Yes!!!! He placed it as per his height. “I can clearly see my face. Look! What else you want?”, he said, seeing my dissatisfied (more like angry wife) look. 😡

I understood at that time, that it’s going to be long road ahead.

Now, my car keys are over the fridge top, my phone somehow get landed there too, along with mails and my watch…. just within the reach of my hubby, and out from me. His wallet too. I can understand the car keys and the rest. I can live with or without them… But, His wallet??? Are you kidding me? How many tricks I have to do now, to get a hold of his wallet, daily? Is he playing smart? I doubt. :-/

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Everything in my home, is now placed at the topmost shelf. Sometimes I use chair, table or my kids toys (I just throw the toys at things, till they fall down 😐 or something else falls. You can always blame kids if anything goes wrong). Whenever I  confront him, he would say, ‘I have put it on the top shelf so the kids don’t reach’, But, that much higher?? seriously? Leave kids, even I can not reach there. 😡

Height of it was, when he put all of my shoes in top shelf of our shoe cupboard. Actually he used three cartons and put all of my beautiful sandals and shoes to the top. Reason – ‘kids create a mess with your shoes.’ 😦

Sometimes I use it to my advantage too. Like when he ask me to give him car keys, or his credit card. I would just say, ‘Oh, It’s so high, I just couldn’t reach, Please help yourself’ 😉

Or, ‘ Can you please bring me my shoes. It’s at the top, you see.’

I am smart too. 😛

Thursday Treats – Crocheted Rakhi

Rakhi (Rakshabandan), just went by, and this time I decided to make Rakhis by myself. Time to use your hobby, right??

Milk Peda
Crocheted Rakhi in Pooja Thali
  • Do you know that traditionally only a Kalawa (thread/dora) was used as a Rakhi?

  • Do you know that Rakhis comes now in various designs like toys, stones, cartoons, musical and bracelet form?

  • Do you know that Punjab is famous for it’s Resham Rakhis, while Mysore for Sandalwood Rakhis?

  • Do you know that Pavitropana a festival symbolic to Rakhi, is celebrated in Gujrat, where people, tie threads of cotton to shiva-linga?

I will leave you with some pics of Rakhi celebrations by my kids. Enjoy!!!

Crocheted Rakhi
Crocheted Rakhi