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Papa Push, Baby is Coming

Papa Push, Baby is Coming
Tisha – Papa Push, Baby is Coming


Do you remember what you wanted to be, when you were a kid? I don’t.

No, I don’t have a memory loss or something. It’s just that I wanted to be so many things that now I don’t even remember if there was something special that I wanted to be.

My kids are also going through the same phase where one day they want to be Police, other day teacher. Specially Tisha, her desire to be something changes by every hour.
So, yesterday she was the Doctor. She decided to be a doctor cause her Papa, being tired, told her that he has some back pain. Liar!!!!

He just didn’t wanted to be a Horse. Actually, every day when he comes from office, all three kids would jump over him and he has to oblige their love by being their ride. So he would be a horse with all three on his back, riding, till they find something else to amuse them. Coming back to point, he didn’t wanted to be a horse, so he decides to say, that he got some pain in back and leg.

Tisha, being the Papa’s angel, decided to take care of him. So she came running to him and said Papa, I am Doctor.

Papa: Oh my doll…. You are a Doctor? (very proudly, as if she has just passed her MBBS exam 😛 )
Tisha: Yes. I am Doctor. You hurt Papa?

Papa: Yes, baby. I am hurt. I got pain in my leg.

Tisha rushed to her play room to get a handkerchief, a crayon and water in her sippy cup.

Dipped her handkerchief in water, started cleaning Papa‘s hand (forgot that he complained about his leg).

Tisha: Don’t make it dirty. Clean it.

Then she used her crayon as if giving an injection.

Tisha: Don’t cry, OK. Mamma is here. Good babies don’t cry. Okay.

Papa: (crying) No, Doctor. I don’t want injection. I want to go. (crying louder now)

Tisha: (In a very bossy way, now), Don’t Cry. Don’t be a bad baby. Look Mamma is here.

Otu too came up jumping up and said “Bad Boy”, to Papa.

Papa: crying….. 😦

Tisha: Papa, Push…. Push… Baby is Coming.

Papa: (speechless….. looking at me).

Me: (Laughing so hard… I don’t remember when I stopped).

Tisha later gave a teddy bear, all wrapped up in her handkerchief, to Papa.

See, here is your baby.” 😀

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