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Thursday Treats – Crocheted Rakhi

Rakhi (Rakshabandan), just went by, and this time I decided to make Rakhis by myself. Time to use your hobby, right??

Milk Peda
Crocheted Rakhi in Pooja Thali
  • Do you know that traditionally only a Kalawa (thread/dora) was used as a Rakhi?

  • Do you know that Rakhis comes now in various designs like toys, stones, cartoons, musical and bracelet form?

  • Do you know that Punjab is famous for it’s Resham Rakhis, while Mysore for Sandalwood Rakhis?

  • Do you know that Pavitropana a festival symbolic to Rakhi, is celebrated in Gujrat, where people, tie threads of cotton to shiva-linga?

I will leave you with some pics of Rakhi celebrations by my kids. Enjoy!!!

Crocheted Rakhi
Crocheted Rakhi