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My Last Day


My Last Day
My Last Day

Every morning we woke up and go on with our daily routines, school, college, work, office, market, breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on…. We are living same life again and again. Daily going through the same routine, same tasks, same problems and sometimes same emotions.

But what if, someday you will just come to know that today is your Last Day. I know, no one would like to imagine that, or to live that. But, just think about it, if one morning when you woke up, and you just somehow came to know that today is the last day of your life, and in the night when you will sleep, there will be no tomorrow.

Β What will you do then? What will you do on your very last day?

I have heard so many versions of this Last Day from friends, families and sometimes total strangers. Largely people say that they will do only good deeds on their last day. They will try to help other people, they will give food, clothes, money, love to everyone who is seem to be in need of it. Why? Because if they will do good deeds than their place after death will be secured in heaven. As if Satan will impart them just because they were good on their last day. Maybe it’s true. How would I know? Satan haven’t discussed it with me. 😦

One of my friend has a total different opinion. He said that if he will know about his Last Day, he will do every bad thing that he wanted to do, but hadn’t done because he was apprehensive of the consequences. Now on his last day, he could do any sort of thing? What worse could happen, he is going to die nevertheless. He has a point. But, doesn’t it mean that over the years he was just wearing a mask of being good. Well, I think most of us have that mask over us, and will probably be in our worst behavior if not for the sake of this mask.

My Last Day
My Last Day

Again coming back to the Last Day, one lady who is a housewife said that if she would know about her last day, she will live that day more adventurously. Maybe she will leave everything behind and just drive to some unknown place, or will try to befriend a total stranger, or will just live her life for the very first time, for the very last day. But, if she wanted to run away than why didn’t do it now? Why to wait for the end to start something new?

Few have said that they will drain their sorrows of last day in drinks and will party whole day and night till their last breath. That’s a really good option for those who want to just forget every pain, every happiness around them and will just immerse themselves in something which will fade away even their last memory.

What will I do?

My current state of mind says that if today will be my last day, I will probably do nothing.

I will just have my same old hot cup of Coffee in my favorite black large mug, and will sit on my favorite spot at the corner of the sofa near the large open window of my living room, will look at the same tree in front of my home; tree that sometimes seems to consume the little Sun in the orange blue sky of morning; tree that sometimes throw out so many black birds chirping and gushing out like they are late for their office work. I will probably try to soak everything. Then in all likelihood, I will hold my current read and will sip the hot coffee while immersing myself in someone else words of wisdom. After having this long ‘Me Time’ I would prefer to lie cuddled in the arms of my love, my hubby, and watch the two most naughty boys of this world tease the sweetest girl by breaking her dolls and pulling her hairs. I would love to see all three of my kids fighting and then come running to me complaining about each other. I would love to spend my last day just like this, doing nothing, just observing and doing nothing in particular. But then coming to think of it, I am living my every day just like I would have lived my Last Day. I am among those lucky ones who are living what they have ever dreamed of.

My Last Day
My Last Day

That was how I would live my last day.

How will You spend your day, if it will be your Last Day?

I have a Curious George Problem


I have a Curious George Problem
I have a Curious George Problem

Being a Mom you don’t have a choice but to watch their favorite cartoons once in a while. Problem with being a Mom of three is that, you have to watch cartoons three time more, as each one of them as a different favorite cartoon. Good thing is that I know now almost each cartoon character, bad it’s hard to come back to real life.

I was watching one of their favorite show, Curious George. This one is liked by each one, maybe because it’s about a monkey or well, there can not be any other reason more compelling than having a curious monkey.

So, this curious monkey is named George and he is a pet owned by The Man in the Yellow Hat. Yes, the man is always referred like β€œThe Man in the Yellow Hat”. Weird thing is that he not only has his hat yellow, but his whole suit is yellow, a bright lemony yellow. Why didn’t they named him β€œThe Man in the Yellow Suit”? Why only Yellow Hat? There must have been an interesting answer to that. Alas! my limited knowledge. I am not aware of it.

While watching that show I thought, why would anyone living in a posh apartment and having all the luxurious things around his home, would like to have a freely roaming pet monkey. (doesn’t want to say that monkey should be chained though. Strongly disagree with this notion.) But think of it in this way, that why not a dog? Or rather a cat? Why a monkey which is as mischievous as George.

I have a Curious George Problem
I have a Curious George Problem

Problem with George is that he is curious, way too much curious. His curiosity is such that he is always creating problems for the people around him, specially for The Man in the Yellow Hat. Like this one time he create a mess in the home by splashing water all over the place, one time bringing a cow and once few pigeons to his home, or once bringing muddy feet to the whole building. Once he even lost some important documents and delivered all the packages at the wrong address.

Notion is who would want to own a pet who is always creating problems?

I have a Curious George Problem
Me ans my Curious George

Well, I was just thinking about that and then I saw my cushion covered in crayons art, my toiletries all mixed up and on the floor, kitchen boxes in the play room, newspaper pieces in the clothes cupboard, clothes in the living room, pillows on carpet and toys, well toys were everywhere. Then I just looked and I can look only at one person, my two year old son Renne. He is a saint of a child, it’s just that when he is around, everything just starts to crumble. He would be happily running around and somehow the room walls will come on their own in front of him. Sometimes, he will just go in the kitchen and all of a sudden all the boxes would come and join at his feet. He would walk in an shopping aisle and all the food cans would just come rolling on the floor. It just happens. He don’t do any such things.

I have a Curious George Problem
Papa with Renne

Well, I am not saying that. His Papa believes that. And want me to believe that too. πŸ˜›

Now, I know what does it mean to have a monkey in home. Also, you must have guessed who is the Man in the Yellow Hat, in our home.

Anyone Up for a Late Night Tea Party?

Late Night Tea Party
Late Night Tea Party With Tisha, Otu and Renne

Nights are always pleasant. It’s the only time when there is quiet in our home, silence, everywhere. Having three toddlers, I can vouch that there is nothing like a peaceful and quiet home. But, only if it’s for a short time, else, I will go crazy in that silence. It’s their giggling, which make my home lively πŸ™‚

My babies have very good sleeping habits.(Don’t Jinx it) They can’t help it, it’s kind of enforced on them. By me. πŸ™‚ No Joking. I believe that it’s an integral part of their development to have a proper sleep schedule. But kids are kids, and they are smart enough to know when they can break the rules.

So, a few nights back, I took my kids to their room for sleep. Otu, my two year old boy, was as usual saying β€œNO” to top of his lungs. Tisha, my three old girl, cutie pie is now intelligent enough to understand the sleeping time, so she, very convincingly, went to sleep on her bed. Renne, twin to Otu, did some fake crying, but like Tisha, knew that there is no other option, goes to sleep too. Finally, after some coaxing, Otu also went to the bed. After a while, when I was sure they are fast asleep(Me Idiot), I came back to my room. So foolish of me. 😦

Some ten to fifteen minutes passed and I heard noises coming from the living room. I do believe in ghosts, but this time I knew poor ghosts are not behind these slow murmurings. It was Otu with Tisha, yes my sweet little angel daughter, who was pretending to sleep sometime back. First thought that came to my mind was to go there and again take them to sleep. But, then I thought, there is nothing to do for them in night, so they will be bored in few minutes and probably will go to sleep on their own. Also, they must be tired, really tired after playing all day.

But, God I was wrong, so wrong. 😦

Some time passed, and then, they were not even whispering. They were cheering and giggling, must be thinking that their mamma is asleep and they have the whole house to themselves. I was listening to them. Making all the noises in kitchen and living room, ransacking all the cupboards, throwing food packets, picking up plastic boxes, playing with plastic cups and mugs. (all the cupboards within their reach have only plastic stuff, good thinking on my part). It was like a late night party going on in my kitchen, only I was not invited. 😦

After a while, Tisha came by my side to sleep, must be tired. I was still pretending to sleep. And here came Otu, calling her back β€œDi, come on”. β€œDi, Di” (He calls her Didi or Di sometimes). Tisha must have got her energy back, jumped on hearing that little voice saying β€œCome On”, and rushed back to Otu.

Again my kitchen and living room were going through all the ruckus. This goes on for a while, to be precise for more than half an hour. They were still not tired enough to sleep, and here I was about to move to dreamland. Finally, I decided to go back and restore the peace back to the universe. I put on the lights, and there it was, all the sofa cushions on floor, lying around the center table in a circular fashion. Tisha and Otu sitting on them at opposite side of the table, having a tea party with all my coffee mugs on the table. Rest all my kitchen pots were on the kitchen floor, with some of their stuffed animals. As if teddy bears, monkeys and puppies were having a party of their own. 😦

What was the first reaction of Tisha and Otu, when they saw me? Nothing. Blank. And then they gave me their silly mischievous smile. I started laughing. They laughed and we all had a small tea party. πŸ™‚

So, next time you want to have some tea at the middle of the night, and don’t know where to go? You are invited, just bring along some new tea cups.

Point to note, all this time my husband was sleeping peacefully, ignorant of whatever was going on. πŸ™‚